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  • How do hooves work exactly?
  • Do ponies have electricity?
  • How long is a moon?
  • What exactly does Princess Celestia do all day?
  • Does Princess Luna also move individual stars?

You may have asked these questions. So did we. And if you wanted answers, you’ve come to the right place. We go through the episodes frame by frame with a magnifying glass. Collectively, we remember every panel of every comic. We will treat chromatic hippology – that is, the study of colored horses – as a science, and you can’t stop us.

We’re the Quibble Pants of the world, hear us nitpick and cite sources!

Of course, pony fandom has never been quite as married to its canon as most others – pony universe is murky and full of mysteries. Many of these questions don’t have answers. Even asking the show staff usually only gets you one or another form of “We hadn’t thought about it.”

But knowing which questions have answers and which don’t helps immensely when writing – it shows you which parts of the map are blank, which are gray, which have “here, there be dragons” written underneath a coffee stain, and which will look best painted over in your own colors.


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