The Buffalo Telegraph told Clyde that a stranger was coming to call. It did not tell him that she was carrying something dangerous, or that evil people were close behind her.

And it certainly did not tell him how much she would someday mean to him.

* * *

Audiobook by ShadowOfCygnus.

Special thanks to Themaskedferret and Reia Hope, for editing on short notice.
Written for Jake the Army Guy's Horse Word Extravaganza.

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I actually liked this! It was cute... I would have liked the adventure to be longer and more in depth. Character growth and whanot. The implied romance was a bit rushed, but it was epilogue style and implied passage of time, and I do enjoy odd pairings. Enjoy a like!

Wait, Clyde? Don't you mean Troubleshoes? (I haven't read the story yet)


According to the episode description, his full name is Troubleshoes Clyde. I figure, in his mind he is simply Clyde, given the baggage associated with "Troubleshoes."

Well, that was a nice piece of headcanon wrapped up in one chapter.

I think this excellent adventure short with a good setup for a romance. I'd like you to actually follow this up and turn it into a series where Clyde keeps getting roped in around the world with Daring and Yearling learning how to open up. It certainly convinced me the pairing would work. I'd just like to see more about the nuzzling XD

I think it's a very well done action/adventure story and I like the "American Folk Tale" feel to it.

I have to say that this story comes off as 99% action/adventure and 1% shipping which comes at the end. It's as if Daring Do suddenly realized 'Oh, shit! We're down to a few paragraphs and this is a shipping story. Quick, emergency confession!'

“Your five senses can’t find radiation,” Clyde said, “but it can kill you.”

Heeeeeeeey. Clyde's going to make a great straight man.


Tempting, but first I would need to know more about how romance actually, you know, works. See below.


You're right, and I hope it doesn't completely disqualify it. Full disclosure: this was me trying to get over my cynicism about romance by packaging it in adventure and friendshipping. Call it a form of exposure therapy. Obviously, I have a lot farther to go...

Thank you both for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

There aren't enough stories with a posse.

Well, a common romance failure mode is having two characters act all shmoopy at each other without ever actually establishing what makes them interested in each other. (See: chuckfinley's posts on "Alien Shipping Syndrome" and/or bookplayer's posts on the topic.) Adventure romance at least has the benefit of putting the characters in a situation where they have to team up and/or bond over shared experiences, so it feels less brainwormy.

The actual romance part of this did feel rushed, but at least it spent some time laying the groundwork for it, which a lot of stories don't.


Quite right. And when you're new to something and want to avoid common pitfalls, the tendency is to compensate too far in the other direction and stumble into all different pitfalls.

It's as funny as it is sad--I've seen so few relationships work out for people I personally know that I had to do research on fandom couples just to have the faintest idea where to start. Any time that it worked, they started out as platonic friends. So I friendshipped them... and then ran out of time.

I maaay have also been listening to the audiobook of Thou Goddess, wondering over and over, "How did he do that?" Clearly, more research is necessary. :twistnerd:

Human's Hand as Monkey's Paw? Perfect.

A most enjoyable adventure with some nice life philosophy to go along with it. And if you were implying what I think you were with Daring's family... wow.

As has been noted, the actual romance is rather glossed over, but this was still a fun and engaging read with a very novel pairing. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.


Full disclosure: I wasn't trying to imply much of anything, but now I see how it came across that way. Details in my stories tend to take shape out of whatever's on my mind at the time of writing, and I have family issues similar to DD's... though not as bad as you're no doubt imagining.

Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

I've been excited to read this story for awhile, though it's been sitting open in my browser since you published it.

It's an enjoyable enough adventure story. Uncomplicated, and a bit rushed, but enjoyable. The characters also worked well with each other, even if I don't feel that Daring Do matches her show character especially well. As for the romance, my complaint matches everyone else's: there really wasn't any. The characters worked well together, but I thought that it's a short enough story that there's just enough there to hint at a future friendship, perhaps, but not really a full relationship. Adventure stories naturally lead to relationships between the characters because the characters spend so much time interacting with each other. It becomes easy to see why the characters can become accustomed to having the other around, and for that to lead to romance. Since this story was so short, it doesn't get that easy way out. The ending just left me saying, "Well, okay, I guess that could work."

Adventure romance is pretty much my favorite genre, so I'd 've happy if you gave it another shot.


I had been hoping you would grace this one with a critique, especially since it's one of my few offerings for people who aren't into Horror. Your criticisms are all fair, and par for the course given the story's troubled production. It seems that whenever there is a writing contest for which I have an idea, events conspire to pull me in every direction except toward my writing desk.

Worse, the characters refused to cooperate, wanting to be friends but not much else. I admit, this probably has to do with my having had plenty of friendship in my life, but almost no romance. Previous stories often required research, but this time that wasn't possible.

So in the end, with no time left, I was forced to tack a romantic angle on so it wouldn't be disqualified. But who knows--perhaps I'll be able to do some research and try again. If so, I'll keep your advice in mind.

Thanks for the feedback! :twilightsmile:

“Now what, I say what is all this about?” 


Cannot. Unhear.

Bell Lock

Please stop being so damnably clever. I only came with two lungs for laughing; I'm going to need them later.

I absolutely adored this. Neighsayers may say nay, but coming off the rest of your history, it's a nice little blend of myth, warmth, and well-rounded characters that feels very much at home in your pantheon. The interactions are brilliant, the dialogue is flawless, the jokes are subtle and on-point, and in its current form, for what it wants to do, it's absolutely perfect. Would it benefit from being a 50K-word novella, dedicated to the burgeoning relationship between these two, and the kooky adventures they find themselves in along the way? I think so. Would I read it if you wrote it? Hell yes. But Christ on a bike, I'd never presume to ask it of you. That would just be cruel. xP

On the lighter half of that note, though, I'm dead impressed. You've actually managed to take two of my least favourite beta-canon characters and turned them into a likeable couple that I actually want to read more about. Which is both wonderful, because I now have a little warm place in my heart for them, and terrible, because now I'll need to go see whether I can find any more obscure scribbles with this pairing. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, when next we exchange letters? Remind me to ask you something about this story.


:twilightsmile: My editor caught that as well. Between this and...

I only came with two lungs for laughing; I'm going to need them later.

... this, I think I may need to write comedy more often. But I'm just surprised I'm the first to come up with that pun.



I would be tempted to write a second part, if more than 129 people had read it by this point. :ajsleepy: But this is my third dud in a row, popularity-wise. Still, the contest I wrote it for will supposedly have another installment, and perhaps I can write a stand-alone sequel as my entry...

As for whether these two team up in other stories--the contest prompt was to ship two characters who have never (or almost never) been shipped before, so I checked, and this is the only other one.

I love the skepticism of Daring Do. She should join the Skeptics Guide to Equestria. . Daring Do and Clyde talking about radiation reminds me about something, but I cannot remember what.

[ ¡ Cough ! ] The writing on the Wall [ / ¡ Cough ! ]


Thank you! Finally, someone gets that reference!


⸘How can readers not get the reference‽


Maybe they came in late, maybe they thought it was too obvious. It doesn't help that so few people read this one. :ajsleepy:

I like this story. I especially like the skepticism of Daring Do.

Author Interviewer

The shipping needs work, but the rest of this absolutely fantastic and you need to write more stories like it. :D

Awwwww! :raritystarry: I liked these ponies immediately, and I figured they would probably end horribly but at least it would be a hell of a ride.

This was so nicely adorable! Thank you for using your powers for adorable now and again :raritywink:


Thank you! :pinkiehappy: It was such fun playing against type, I'll have to do it again some time... I hope. :scootangel:

You might say there's a reia hope :raritywink:

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