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Lucky Dreams

I didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose me


Aspiring children's author who loves writing about ponies and sparkly things. Also an occasional artist.


Another change to the update schedule · 7:50pm January 1st

I’ll be honest: I thought I would be finished writing by now, but I simply haven’t found enough time to properly write/edit this story these past two weeks. Long story short, my girlfriend’s visa expires halfway through January, so we’re trying to spend as much time together as possible before she moves back to the US.

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February -- ?







November -- Shine *
October -- Fly Before You Run
August -- Daring Do Bakes a Cake
August -- Action Pony goes to Space Camp
August -- The Hoofprints in the Snow
July -- The Forest in the Living Room *
June -- The Adventure of Silver Lining
May -- Paint the Night with Stars
May -- Unicorns Can't Fly! *
April -- It's Not a Cold Dark Place
March -- Sweetie's Letter
March -- Scootaloo and the City of Gods †‡
March -- Development Hell †‡
February -- There is Always a Way †‡
February -- The Cutie Mark Crusader's Present,
My Little Pony: Spookiness is Magic! †‡


December -- The Filly and her Ghosts *‡

* Cancelled
† Permanently deleted
‡ Originally published on my old account

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This was honestly the most incredible surprise -- I don't think I've ever been so flattered! There are a few things I'd like to respond to in it, but it's almost 3 in the morning here in the UK and I need to get to bed, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. But for now, thank you so, so much for this :raritystarry:

We can always dream.

Get it?

Still no, "It's Not A Cold Dark Place*

Oh well:

Wanderer D

2453579 did you expect any less? :duck:

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