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Lucky Dreams

I didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose me


Aspiring children's author who loves writing about ponies and sparkly things. Also an occasional artist.


Art stuff! · 4:21pm Oct 28th, 2021

Sorry, it’s been a while, huh? I very sincerely hope that 2021 is treating everyone better than 2020 did.

Anyway, just a little blog post to say that I've started an art twitter account if anyone wants to follow me there. It’s not all ponies, but there will certainly be more ponies to come -- I forgot how much fun they are to draw!

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November -- The Starlit Promise







November -- Shine *
October -- Fly Before You Run
August -- Daring Do Bakes a Cake
August -- Action Pony goes to Space Camp
August -- The Hoofprints in the Snow
July -- The Forest in the Living Room *
June -- The Adventure of Silver Lining
May -- Paint the Night with Stars
May -- Unicorns Can't Fly! *
April -- It's Not a Cold Dark Place
March -- Sweetie's Letter
March -- Scootaloo and the City of Gods †‡
March -- Development Hell †‡
February -- There is Always a Way †‡
February -- The Cutie Mark Crusader's Present,
My Little Pony: Spookiness is Magic! †‡


December -- The Filly and her Ghosts *‡

* Cancelled
† Permanently deleted
‡ Originally published on my old account

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Thanks for responding! You should definitely go to the site help and development channel in the FimFiction Discord server and ask knighty and co. to see if they can get you your stories back. They should be able to!

Thank you so much! I’ll check it out when I can!


Yikes, I’m so sorry, I never responded to this! I know this is 6 months later than it should’ve been, but for what it’s worth, the answer’s below.


I've been trying to remember this myself, but I genuinely can't! The account was very short lived, and I was going through a reeeeal rough patch at the time. Then one night I decided I was done, deleted literally everything from it, changed the name to 'I'm never coming back!!' or something dramatic, and that was that.

(I then created this account about a week later, so go figure.)

Anyway, it's the reason why most of those stories are lost to time. I don't even know what happened in them -- they simply exist as a set of mysterious titles, now. But I included them on the list of stories anyway, if mainly for my own benefit.

The one that did survive (The Filly and her Ghosts) was a story I poured my heart and soul into, but in retrospect I think it's pretty much a disaster, not to mention it's unfinished. I was planning to rewrite it a few years ago, but gave up when I realised how much work it was gonna take, and that my heart just wasn't in it anymore :applejackunsure:

Anyway, sorry, this was kind of a long answer to a simple question. If you still wanted to check out The Filly and her Ghosts, the unpublished chapter password is just password. But I promise you're not missing out on much.

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