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Fourteen authors, one story. I foresee precisely zero problems.

This is the culmination of a round-robin event in which a whole bunch of neato folks whose words you may have read before wrote a chapter each in one big story, with the proviso that they were only allowed to see the preceding chapter. This was totally a cool idea, like, a year ago.

This is the story that they wrote, and these are the people who wrote it:

Lucky Dreams
Whatever Rusty's Fimfic Name Is
Ponydora Prancypants
Cold in Gardez
Wanderer D
Dawn Scroll
Pen Stroke

There are no elephants.

Chapters (14)
Comments ( 440 )

We are go for pony. I repeat we are go for pony.

I have no idea if the name is a joke on Boatmurdered, but I'll probably know if that had any impact on this.

The fun starts but never ends. This is the story of ponies and wayward friends.

2850158 Yes it is, and no it doesn't.

All your questions answered for the low low price of $9.99

That was the most epic chainsaw ninja fight I have ever read.


She looked about her, taking in the atmosphere, and smiled, wondering what her friends were up to.

And then the town hall exploded.

Now have to make the mandatory comment for this chapter.

"verisimilitude " one of my favorite songs :pinkiehappy:
"rather than a ball of flame" Agreed :ajsmug:
This is going to be epic

Weee!!! Explosions! 8D
*Debates whether or not to bet that it was Trixie or not*

I wonder if the shopkeeper has any resemblance to dexter morgan :derpytongue2:
My plan would've been just set a bomb off in a party

Romance Dark Comedy Random Adventure, Teen, Gore
Sure, why not? :facehoof:

"AJ or Fluttershy" NO NOT MAH FLUTTERSHY! Aj go ahead, fuck AJ.
What the fuck was that?:rainbowhuh:

Liked and faved for the concept alone, this is going to be good .

“Am… am I dead?” She finally brought up the courage to speak, her voice echoing around the macabre scene. “Was that it?”
“No my faithful student.” Twilight turned as the figure of Celestia appeared from thin air beside her, wrapping a comforting wing around her side. “This is but a glimpse of the future that can happen – will happen – if you fail in your mission.”

Talk about an enterence:twilightoops:

Ya dun goof'd who she was supposed to keel.:raritydespair:

HEY! Ponyville stores only ever sell TWO things! Chainsaws, Quicklime and Binbags is not natural. THE STORE IS A LIE!

Oh how quickly this has derailed... I LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Wait, kill her friends...who's the author, I think I've read a story like this before...

Are the Author's Notes going to be just as entertaining as the actual story, because that would be amazing.

im mad at myself and im mad at the authors
1) the authors for having chapter names full of spoilers :pinkiesad2:
2) MYSELF FOR READING THE CHAPTER NAMES!! :flutterrage: i havent even read the story yet lol :facehoof:

And don’t yourself killed this time.”

Yeah, come on, Twi! Don't yourself killed! :trollestia:


Fun fact, the chapter names do not directly correlate with the events of the chapter.

interesting fight...but why doesn't twilight just vaporize her?

I.....I love you all. I don't actually know what else to say. What else can be said?

This enemy is surely foul. So foul that I like it! EVERPONY GONNA DIE!!!!!

I am oddly reminded of Naruto with that last scene.... Except Naruto doesn't have PONIES! AND CHAINSAWS! AND PONIES WITH CHAINSAWS! THAT KILL OTHER PONIES!


... Wow. The last few chapters have actually made some sort of strange sense. It even passes off the first chapters as having been part of the dream! (That, or I'm dimensional. Woohoo! :pinkiecrazy: )

I think you mean Delusional, Fluffy, not Dimensional.

I've heard it both ways before, Brian...

Wow...umm...maybe you should've let the authors in on two chapters, but hey, random is funny...except for when it's strange, and this is a bit strange...NEXT CHAPTER!!

I pass out for a few hours and I miss this.

Go figure. Reading to follow shortly.

~Skeeter the Lurker

Celestia x Twilight forever!

Oh, and I am going to just be insane and say that her "friend" is Zecora. Or maybe it would be funnier if it were Sweetie Belle? OH GOD, it HAS to be Cranky Doodle!

There are no Elephants. :raritydespair:

But is there miasma? Is the countryside scourged into a barren, charred waste? Do they pull the lever! ?

Just as this was starting to make sense, WD turned it into a guitar battle with giant robot bunnies.

I have no problem with this.

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