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Entry 4: Least Favorite Ponies · 2:09am Jun 14th, 2013

And this is the entry where I risk vilifying myself in this fandom.

Many bronies have a favorite pony to call their own. Quite a few less have any ‘least favorite’ ponies.

I have two.

Bon-Bon, and Prince Blueblood.

Now, while I note quite a few others with similar distaste for Blueblood, there are quite a few out there who view him with some amount of sympathy. I believe that their argument for Blueblood’s character goes something like this:

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Hey man, are you awake? Are you active? Are you gonna come out to chat? :) I hope you do.

I hope he's not dead! :fluttershysad: I really hope not...
Oh I don't know! Respond to somepony! Respond! DON'T BE DEAD! :fluttershbad:

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