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Due to a typo on her permit to build a new barn, and the meddling of a recalcitrant bureaucrat, Applejack is stuck running a bar, at least until Mayor Mare gets back to town. So sit down and have a drink in Ponyville's least likely watering hole!

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A story inspired by a typo in Rainbow Sparkle's A Jewel of a Problem.

wait, AJ runs a bar? holyshit i can't wait to read it :rainbowlaugh:

That was, without the shadow of a doubt, the best typo-related pun I have ever had the great pleasure of experiencing, ever.

I thank thee, kind sir, for bringing a smile to my face and a chuckle to my throat.

Oh yeah, and a great story as well. Toodles. :scootangel:

I laughed. Mustache for you good sir! :moustache:

Hahaha. Favourited!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh god, that was glorious :pinkiehappy:
Aj was exactly like her. Stubborn but stil willing to do what it takes.
The ending was FANTASTIC! I am happy to see that fluttersy's bats got adopted :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

6 of 6 spikes, a green thumb and a star from me. why? It was long enough, but not too long. You had a good grammar, and a perfect pacing. The ending of the story was downright glorious!

And take an applejack for the ending :ajsmug:

Favorite lines: “What do you know about a busy day?”
Her mood soured as she considered the evening of non-work facing her.

“You should see how many mares wanted to come when I mentioned I was planning on putting your brother in a tuxedo.” - Picture or it didn't happen.

Eek! Baths on my face! :pinkiegasp:

That ending was a great serving of just deserts. Great work

Called it in featured.
Oh wait it already is :rainbowlaugh:

I have a feeling that this is the first time I've ever been glad to have made a typo. Not only was this story absolutely glorious and funny, but it's likely to increase views of my own story! Which means more criticism of my skills, :yay:
Personally, I have to wonder, after that successful night, just how successful were they? Because I could theoretically see them keeping the bar if it did really well that night. It would also leave open an excellent possibility for a sequel (in both the literal sense, and a story occurring after this happens but in the same continuity.)

Have some moustached Spikes for your efforts!


use them wisely!

Best. Payback. Ever.

And this Berry Punch line (“You know Pinkie Sense? It's like that, except for booze”) seals the deal.

First time in the sidebar.

Then first time in the featured box.


oh god do a sequal id love to see one :)

1045586 That final night was successful thanks to Applejack's friends and a community that respects her (and who can't resist a party). If she were to try to run the bar going forward, the novelty would soon wear off. If you want a drink, you're going somewhere that's easier to walk to (or stumble home from, in Berry Punch's case).

Besides, they built the new barn because they needed a new barn. It needs to be returned to its proper use.

Great story, I love the concept alone, but the execution was spot on as well.:ajsmug:
For some reason I can see AJ as a bartender really easily. Only thing I would've liked to have seen is maybe a reference to how bad Dash's hangover was the day after. :rainbowwild:
On an unrelated note, I found the perfect music for the last night at the bar.
Excellent job, you earn my mustache. :moustache:

This should be an episode. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1045668 I thought about having Rainbow Dash still sprawled on the barn's floor, hung over, when Applejack opened for the third night.

Don't worry, Applejack won't be letting Rainbow Dash forget that anytime soon.

Fun! And quick enough to read in my cubicle that I can pretend I was going over yet another boring spreadsheet.

Congrats on the feature. This is perfect.

Revenge is a dish best served with a stack of lime margarita cupcakes. This story was excellent! I can totally see Granny Smith going through some bawdy bar tunes.

1045588 So does that mean that a twichy tail on Berry Punch would mean "A BAR FIGHT IS GOING TO START!"?:pinkiecrazy:

well I guess there will be some other senses for "somepony is going to trow a chair", "Somepony is going to flip a table", "Somepony is going to break a bottle or a glass", " somepony is going to puke his stomach out" and so many other and more with the combos like "Someponies are way too drunk that they will try to make out with each other" and many more...:rainbowderp:

I guess this hability probably will be usefull to get out of the harms way even when you're plastered:applejackunsure:

Very funny. :rainbowlaugh: Well worth reading.

This was a fun read!
Berry Punch! Fruit vs Vegetable puns! Berry Punch!

a story about Applejack Runing a Bar?!
Im ready to read this! XD

Red Tape's glorious comeuppance was a perfect ending to a great story. Well done. :ajsmug:

MAN, this was a fun funny story. I mean AJ running a Bar...a BAR full of alcohol drinks and weird customers. :ajsmug:

Truly a funny story idea indeed from start to finish. I"m glad I read this tale of yours and I cannot wait to hear more from you in the future. :pinkiehappy:



That was a fun little read :)

Although... Keen Eye, eh? :ajsmug:

Brilliant concept. Read later = added!

The next day Red Tape find Bat Mare in his bat room. :rainbowlaugh:

YAY. :3 applejack daniels? Yus. :3

This was an enjoyable read; a simple idea well executed, quick and enjoyable.

Also, pegasi so don't have any tolerance for booze. :rainbowwild:

I'm don't drink, but if Applejack ran I bar i would become an alcoholic.:ajsmug:
I've dealt with city inspections and things of that nature and you portrayed it beautifully; It truly is one of the biggest pain in the asses you will ever come across in your entire life.:ajbemused:

With a name like Applejack she should be running a bar anyways. Or at least brewing and distilling apple derived beverages.

Fuckin' awesome.
I was expecting a bloody bar fight, but a drunk Rainbow isn't so bad.:rainbowkiss:

I love the interaction between Carrot Top and Applejack. Big Mac in a tux :rainbowlaugh: Berry Sense, rofl. And a Bat Room? The Batmane is rising :moustache:

I'll have me a shot of apple-schnappes

Excellent one-shot. Loved the ending there as well. :rainbowlaugh:

...I would adopt Fluttershy's bats! Poor things, nopony likes them... :fluttercry:


they should keep the liquor license to date, maybe not a bar but a casual social every once in a while could bring in money.

Definitely worth some chuckles, especially the end :rainbowlaugh:

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