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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.


Rainbow Dash can’t find her sunglasses. Rarity can’t find her fainting couch. Pinkie Pie can’t find, well, everything. Something’s wrong with the space where ponies store their favorite belongings, but will Twilight Sparkle be able to figure out why?

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So who's your favorite wielder of hammerspace, from any universe?

I'm partial to Akane Tendo from Ranma ½.

3482995 Akane, in the manga, doesn't use hammerspace as much as in the anime.

My favorite wielder of hammerspace is pretty much any Final Fantasy game. You can have 99 tents, cottages, potions, hi-potions, etc. stored away, and it doesn't even slow you down. :pinkiehappy:

3484185 But not 100. Because that would be silly.

3484194 Depends on the game. Some FF games let you have more than one stack of an item.


Super Robot Wars, nothing like storing mechas from 10 different series in one spaceship with some of the mecha being canonicaly thrice the size of the ship.


My favorite would have to be Bugs Bunny due to the comedic purity of how he handles it.

Pinkie of course! :pinkiehappy:

This was adorable. I myself am a huge fan of Pinkie hiding her brilliance behind a veil of insanity, and this played it up perfectly. :heart::pinkiehappy:

3482995 Any Bethesda Rpg Character.
Seriously I mean a hammer is one thing but keeping a library of books, a pantry of food, a Wardrobe of Outfits and armor, and an arsenal of weapons on your person at all times with no visible means of carrying it all.


And despite that, some thugs still try to rob you.:rainbowlaugh:

“It’s not that this energy is not understood, it’s just that it’s considered so basic that few scholars consider it worthy of study.”

Facehoof. :facehoof:

“...it is often ignored by scholars as unimportant.”

Double Facehoof. :facehoof: :facehoof:

Yeah, it's basically the only explanation that makes this story work, but those scholars are idiots. And I had to google your authors notes to understand why the last line was supposed to be funny. Anyways, nice short piece of comedy. I especially like the completely normal logic of Pinkie having a normal storage space.

3484551 The life of an RPG thug is nasty, brutish, and short.

when you first started talking about self storage i was thinking "I wonder if the author will wirte some sort of storage wars spinoff/parody

Next time, on Storage Wars: Equestria....


"Well, it looks like I've found some ancient artifact with 'Yendor' written on it buried in the middle of a bunch of junk. Fortunately I have a friend in the amulet analysis business, so let's go there and find out how much it's worth..."

Another question for everypony: for what purpose will Pinkie Pie use that bushel of kumquats, anyway?

3485004 :trixieshiftleft: Can it be used to get back at Twilight Sparkle? :trixieshiftright:

3485106 I'm not sure we want to know. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, that was a genuine bit of fun, thank you. Have a like. :moustache:

Hilarious yet world-building. A great combination! :pinkiehappy:

I'll say for now the story idea of "Storage Wars: Equestria" is free for the taking.

Please make an actual Storage Wars: Equestria sequel.

Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica. All them guns, missiles and explosive.

3485396 I've only seen a few episodes of the show. I'd need to watch a lot more to get the personalities down for the casts' ponysonas.

You know, I should hate this story. It's random so as to be detrimental :applejackconfused:, the concept is ridiculous in and of itself :facehoof:, and it takes one of the most innocuous metafictional topics and takes it far too literally. :flutterrage:
So why did I enjoy it? :rainbowderp:

ive know about hammerspace since i was 7 so this intresting to me:rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2:

its fun when concepts are given names and explanations

I just thought of something... what if Spike's fire is related to Hammerspace? :rainbowhuh: Maybe teleportation is related to it as well?

There are so many fics you could write with the in-depth research of Hammerspace involved. I might write one myself, if I ever find the time between all these fics I read...

Anyway, 5/5 mustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

3482995 Ramona from Scott Pilgrim.

Also, greetings fellow troper!

3482995 Gordon Freeman
or really any protagonist of old school fps's

NO NOO NOOOO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW PINKIE CANT BE Randomly pulling stuff out of nowere She loseing her randomness

3485866 Don't worry, she always has a week's worth of randomness at her hooftips.


Same series, different character.

Mousse, obviously. Not even Pinkie Pie can match him when it comes to sheer volume of stuff crammed into small places.

Twilight Sparkle’s eye twitched. “You... you use regular, normal storage?” she said.

Silly Twilight. Pinkie's crazy, not stupid.

Homestuck's sylladex system's pretty nifty, especially with a fun modus like John's Queuestack modus or Jade's Pictionary one. But out of all the characters from Homestuck, I'd say Dave Strider uses his sylladex best.

3482995 Akane Tendo. Before her, 'hammerspace' was only used by American cartoons.

3485994 I'll admit, Mousse is pretty great with hammerspace. I mean, the infinite volume of tools is interesting enough. But. There are way too many Hammerspace Users for me to decide my favorite.

3485106 Kumquats are delicious, though sour. She'll probably eat them...or use them for a gag.


Comment posted by Verbose Soubriquet deleted Nov 14th, 2013

MEGAS from Megas XLR. Pretty sure it almost never uses the same weapon twice in an episode.

3486525 Not to mention the whole car becoming a mecha thing....

3486035 Upgraded to Array/Deque, because Array on its own is just boring. If I had a sylladex, I'd want a heap fetch modus, in which everything is inserted at a given priority, and only the thing with highest priority is accessible. That way, I'd always have exactly what I needed and only that, no complicated selection criteria to worry about. Flawless inventory management plan! Also, heapifying a dirty heap is like magic, shuffling your captchalogued gear around the way it does, and in log time too! Mmm...

As for my strife modus? Fisticuffskind. Because reasons.

3482995 Amy Rose. The perfect combination of emotionally unstable female and hammerspace. I particularly loved the scene in Sonic X where she's throwing hammers at Eggman's ship.
"She's got more hammers than a hardware store!"

Whatever it is, I blame Mork.

Twilight Sparkle blinked. “But this doesn’t work. You divided by zero here. You can’t do that!”
“Sure you can!” Pinkie Pie chirped.

And Pinkie breaks physics. Again.
As to my favorite hammer space users, while I love the more subtle use made by countless cartoon characters over the years, particularly Looney Tunes, I always loved Ramona Flowers' hammer space, especially when she hid Scott Pilgrim in her purse. Special shoutout to Joker and Batman, for using it as semi-realistic characters, and Amy Rose, for creating hammers out of thin air when the audience could clearly see her hands. There's also Steve from Minecraft, who can carry along enough material at any one time to build the Titanic.

Snake from Metal Gear Solid. he can every single weapon you can think of.

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