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Strange discoveries. Mysterious twitching. The curious feeling of being watched. And a sudden urge to sing. Something's happening to Applejack, and no matter how often she laughs, this is no laughing matter!

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Just an idea that came to me while I was reading another Pinkie Pie story. What it some other pony had Pinkie Pie's ability to ignore the laws of physics and common sense? Sorry, Applejack, you're it.

This story will probably run five chapters, though if commenters give me some good ideas, it could be expanded.

What's this? It's not ponyearthverse?

Wow... an original concept. :pinkiegasp:

I shall favorite this and read it later.

I call foul!! Piknie's birthday is in the spring! (Other than that, it's an okay story...)

I call foul on your calling foul! It's never specified when Pinkie's birthday is, except that it's after Gummy's. Judging by the scenery from that episode, it could just as easily be summer or early fall! Your argument is invalid, and so is logic when applied to Pinkie Pie in any way but indirectly!!!!

Party of One aired in the spring, and the Hub ran a birthday advertisement for Pinkie on the aniversery of the episode. (The Adventure Ponies one) Proof enough for me.

1640397 The series isn't all that good about placing events sequentially. We go from the end of winter to the running of the leaves, and speaking of the end of winter, how come no episodes that year actually showed winter?

Interesting enough idea. I'll be tracking this.

My name is The Kings Man, and I approve this story. *thumbs up with a big smile*

... Damn it, why isn't there a bigger smile icon then this => :pinkiehappy:? This does not accurately represent my love of what I am seeing!

Original didn't see any grammar errors faved and upvoted

This is an original, brilliant idea. I can't wait to read more.

This looks good! FAVED!


................ Let me reply to your reply with someone else's reply.



1640486 Rats I never knew they did such a thing, maybe next year they'll do a better job advertising it and perhaps give us a marathon of Pinkie Pie episodes to celebrate. :pinkiegasp:

The horror, the horror. Tracking.

The concept is really funny. Not sure who she thinks is watching her rump though?

Applejack suddenly appearing in Twilight's pantry? She tapping into Pinkie's powers already!

Also, I cannot fathom what will happen to Equestria with two Pinkie Pies on the loose.... :rainbowderp:

1641149 We are watching her, of course!

1641249 We saw one example in the last episode. :pinkiehappy:


Mother of Celestia... If the curse spreads, we can only pray... lol!

Mien gott... Equestria ist toten. Mien vote: Ja.

As you can see, I'm learning German, aren't I clever.

Neither statement is true.

1641342 Fortunately, those Pinkie Pies had an oversimplified thought process (seek out "fun"; they didn't even appear to have a survival instinct, unlike the real Pinkie Pie), evident from the very first imitation. It's why the damage was constrained to Ponyville, and Equestria didn't fall into the Eternal Party. But here... here, we have two possible Pinkie Pies, with full access to complex thought. Equestia is f:pinkiehappy:cked. The fourth wall is doomed. We're just as f:pinkiecrazy:cked.

On this subject, cue the storm of fanfics following this one's lead. Imagine one where Celestia finds herself turning into Pinkie Pie...


Pinkie Pie is a most unusual Earth Pony. She has a slew of magical abilities that defy normal magical classification and explanation. She can do things she shouldn't be able to do and know things that she ought not know. Yes, she is most unusual pony indeed.

Or is she?

What if, instead of unusual, she is simply so unburdened by others' definitions of 'normal' that she has access to powers that all Earth Ponies have but most do not use, perhaps are not even aware exist? Pinkie, however, does not do preconceptions of reality. She doesn't trust such things, possibly due to her parents' conservative teachings being exposed as hopelessly incomplete and misleading. Applejack has been forced to go beyond the limits of her world quite a lot since she first met Twilight Sparkle. She's been places and done things that lie so far outside her definition of 'normal' that her preconceptions of the world must have been shaken.

Maybe she was simply suddenly open to abilities that she didn't know were there before.

She isn't becoming Pinkie Pie; rather, she is becoming what an Earth Pony could be and that, of all the ponies she knows, only Pinkie Pie has ever come close to being. Yeah, the spontaneous musical composition thing is disturbing but Twilight and Fluttershy can do it, why can't she? As for the crumbling Fourth Wall? Well, that's something else altogether. However, if there was anyone who could sense the true nature of reality, it would be The Element of Honesty.

Dude... It's like you somehow read my mind or something.

I swear, I had this idea for a story almost exactly like this a week back, but didn't take up on it because I wasn't sure how it would work.

Are you a mass conscience psychic?

1647800 You may be right! I have another great story idea. My OC, an alicorn, will go to Ponyville and make friends with the Mane 6.

Or is that too mass conscience? :pinkiehappy:

That'd be more like mass cliche. Although there was one who actually pulled it off really well, but only because the protagonist was a pessimistic, narcissistic jackass of a human-turned-alicorn that hated everything around him. I can't remember it's name anymore because it hasn't updated since... April, I think?

In a multi-pony shouting match/argument when it all quiets down AppleJack will be saying "An' told that feller that ya can't make applesauce like that it's just downright unsanitary."

Everypony looks at Applejack

Applejack: "What? I got sum'thin' on mah face?"

Rainbow Dash: "Oh Applejack, you're so random."

Cue canned laughter.

Such a brilliant fic, with such an immaculate like ratio. How on Earth is that not featured yet? Is there justice in this world?

1650363 I wish it did get featured, since that would make it reappear in the featured box when new chapters get published. I was watching the number of favorites and upvotes, and was hopeful, but other fics appeared to jump it and make the feature box.

I don't profess to know how the feature process works. I want to get a second chapter published tonight. Maybe that will help, but I'm guessing probably not.

1650597 I've heard that it is a function of time elapsed from posting, like ratio, number of comments, favorites and possibly some other unknown variables, that's why it sometimes doesn't match the sidebar. Also, it compares to a fixed number of concurrent stories, so they say posting time is crucial too.
Well, at least I'm doing my part by commenting. :pinkiesad2: I wouldn't have seen this story if not for the link you posted over at non-pol chat.

This right here is sheer brilliance.

I've often wondered about this actually.

I promise singing in the next chapter.

“And what if this is contagious?”

Oh Celestia, that would spell the end of the world.


Hmm... not sure if want.

Sweet Celestia...AJ BROKE THE FOURTH WALL! Wait, I did the same to Twilight, meh who cares then?

i'm meant to be studying damn you!! :flutterrage:

but i like it anyway :twilightsmile:

DoingyDoing! [That is a combo word I use that means I think this could be bad]

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