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Unfinished story bit · 8:50pm Jun 12th, 2019

Hey guys. I found a story I started towards the end of my writing. Figures someone here might be interested in reading what little I had. Here 😁Link to chrome

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"last seen Oct 27th, 2020"

Hey mate, are you OK?

I'm just popping in here to say that, when I read your My Little Dashie sequel, I was very moved. So moved that I regard it as my favorite piece of writing, and I've read quite a bit. Roll over all the long, "professional" novels; your fanfiction was IS beyond words!

It's sad to see you so inactive. I hope that you might one day return to writing.

And... just between you and me... I prefer your sequel over the original. :twilightblush:

i just want to say i love your my little dashie sequel because of it it fixed my broken heart when i list to my little dashie:fluttercry: thank you:twilightsmile:

goddamn it would suck to lose my comp. I hope you have a good one if you read this

Contact: Apple Harvest? :fluttercry:

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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