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Audiobook/Readalong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIljqBNLhtg. Very professional and well made. Voices for each character, sound effects, and background music. Highly Recommended.

After being touched by the great story My Little Dashie written by ROBCakeran53, I wanted to give the story an ending, something that would bring closure to all. Rainbow has finally returned back to the lands of Equestria, but things did not go as well as the ponies were hoping. Meanwhile, Dad is having a brash confrontation with magic and other-worldly situations.

UPDATE: EpicBG has decided to continue on with my continuation (lol), but in his story, my Epilogue never happened, so go into his story knowing that. His is about the adventures of Dad and Dashie in Equestria, go check it out, its quite good. Here is the Link!

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very good. only one small problem. in my opinion the chapters are too short

I have read the story My Little Dashie and thought it was simply perfect. A well-written sad story. It made me tear, indeed it did. This, however, is....really good. You have reached the same writing level as the person who made My Little Dashie. Good job to you sir, 4.5/5 stars. Do continue writing as I'll favorite this. :twilightsmile:

I'm liking this so far, hopefully this gets around more. A sequel might actually finally stop the sadness, a little. :(

This story is really good, even if the chapters are short. I look forward to seeing more chapters, tracking and faving this story.:rainbowdetermined2:

I am really liking this so far,:pinkiegasp: I am honestly surprised that it is as good as it is

Anyone who was reading chapter three, after reading some comments of my chapters being too short, I took the liberty of adding some extra words so please be sure to check that you read all of it. Thanks everyone for reading and following, and for the criticism

This is really good, I'm tracking and I'm a give ya five stars for now

Nice, terrorists.


That was beautiful. I like your writing style, and you've managed to pull off continuing the story. I just want to thank you for offering some solace to the readers of that story... :pinkiesad2:

I sense a sonic rainboom... I hope Dashie gets to go back home. To Earth, I mean, not Equestria. I know that she belongs in the latter, but she wants to be in the former.

hmmmmmmmmmmm, this is a great continuization of my little dashie
lol look at the word i made up......
keep it coming....keep it coming

Are you posting more chapters?
It's short, but loving it so far.

Oh god... this story is gonna be so awesome! :rainbowkiss:
The chapters are kinda short though... -tracks-

Love it so far. Just hope Rainbow Dash gets comfortable in Equestria, with all her friends...

I know she wants to be on Earth so badly, but the thought of her sitting there alone with her dad just wounds me. At least in Equestria, she'd have friends to play with all the time.

please continue this, i swear this is opening up the wounds left by my little dashie, the only piece of fiction that i shed manly tears over, even "marely and me" wasnt as sad, i hope you do the series justice.

He was going to take her to see the Blue Angels?

The BEST military and possibly best overall avation team in the world?

I are Jealous.

Well anyways, back to the manly tears.

just got out of my little dashie and i'm looking forward that this story will ease the pain.

i sense something about a certain human being transformed and dragged to a different world.

Now now Talow, don't try guessing you will have to wait like everyone else for the next chapter

Great chapter, I hope Dash gets to be with or see her father again. Only time will tell

i want a little dashie.. :fluttercry: or a fluttershy. but thats irrelevant right now. honestly i hope she goes back with her daddy.

I like it so far, but I'm a little confused, why would she panic if, in the first one, she accepted the fact that she had to go back? I guess I could see the memory spell erasing the entire incident of her departure from Earth, but I don't know. Sorry if I'm sounding a little critical but it seems like a big plot-hole to me. Once again, sorry if it rubs of on you wrong, I'm just curious.

As the wise saying goes:
"Don't cry because good times are over. Smile because they happened."
Rainbow's dad respected this saying in the original story, as so did Rainbow Dash. But now, they are both tangled up on their sadness as they hang on to a reality that no longer exists. Prisioners of chaos.
I know that without the chaos there wouldn't be a story to tell, but for me, My Little Dashie shouldn't have a sequel; it's perfect as it is.
(Still, I don't hate it. Keep writing.)

I think... we're getting some Discord later on and this is really cute. It almost perfectly goes with the actual story MLD even though they are a little short still

I'm reading this on the 25, but it says it was published on the 26. Are you a Time Traveler? :rainbowhuh:

No, you're in different countries :twistnerd:

loved the story and love it's possible endings, now I can't help but wonder about what is the best that could happen, I mean, the best for WHO, Equestria needs it's elements of harmony reunited, and her friends want Dash back, but Dash can't help but feel alone and threatened (at least now).
Her friends should note that unless some MAJOR magic is casted, their relationships won't ever be the same.

I'm excited and waiting for the next one!

Thanks to everyone for supporting me thus far, I will try to incorporate all questions you guys may have into the story, like the comment above about dashie freaking out. I tried to make it more noticeable when applejack is talking to her friends. Thanks everyone, another chapter should be up by Wednesday.

87866 *Sigh* Too cliched.
Done to death. I mean, have nothing against transformation itself, I am actually a fan of it.
But every story I have seen thus far has the human protagonist abandon their human roots.
It is as if the human body is a walking time bomb that needs to be jettisoned as soon as Celestia possible.

87873 I cried so hard in these three chapters...

i demand MOAR! that is all.....

Very nice, my only complaint is the tense, you're mixing present and past. But still, I like I like I like!

I hope she stays in Equestria. While she may love her other home, in Equestria she can truly live.

I hope she can meet her Dad again, I'd be sad if she doesn't. Fus Ro Moar!

Guys, I'm his assistant writer, helping him come up with ideas (in also his younger brother) so I'm going to try to clear some things up. The reason for the anger is because they are both suffering from a loss and the 5 stages of loss can happen in any order, so even though they both have went through acceptance, they've both also gone through bargaining, so they still need through depression and anger which is what you are seeing.

you show this to rob yet? i wonder if he read it I'll ask him when i see him in chat :) I'm about to dive into it in a few mins and by the reviews i see I'm excited :raritywink:

88417 well not rly reviews i mean comments XD :derpyderp1: i derped

I'll admit, I didn't have high expectations going in with the word "sequel" in it, but after reading the first chapter, the feelings I felt in the original came back up, and the stories seamlessly integrate to me. I'm crying to this story as well. Where My Little Dashie taught the value of love, this sequel is giving much-needed closure for the readers. I think that you're doing a fantastic job so far. Keep up the excellent work, and I think it definitely took a bit of courage to try to expand on a widely-adored fic. You have a brohoof for that :twilightsmile:

i always wanted to see this story progress tracking

Hmm, this just gave me an idea for another similar story.

What if 2 years after 'my little dashie' the conversion bueruo's are opened up?

(is this a good idea? Feel free to make it if you think so :derpytongue2:)

P.s. <3

Before reading: I'm somewhat skeptical at the moment... While I hope that this is good, I must say that making a sequel to "My Little Dashie" is a bit... though. Many people will expect a lot from this, but I hope that it will somewhat fulfill its purpose.
I. Will. Be. Back. :coolphoto:

After reading: Not bad, not bad. I must admit that this is pretty good. While the style of writing is a bit different from the original, it certainly sounds like it. The only thing that I didn't really like about this, is actually because of MLD itself. Seeing as he actually came to terms with it all and admitted that his life was now changed for the better, and then reading this, makes it all seem like he didn't change at all.
But enough of me being a reviewer, I HAVE only read a single chapter so far, and it didn't exactly disappoint me, so I look forward to reading the next chapters and seeing how it all works out.

Any doubt I had in the previous chapter has been flooded(?) away, this sounds pretty damn good! Will continue! :ajsmug:

*clap clap clap* This is getting real good, real fast!
If you, as a reader, can submit to not everything adding up to MLD, like what they felt and so on, this is a really good read.
Keep 'em coming! :twilightsmile:

MORE, MORE I SAY!:pinkiehappy:

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