• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Chapter Six

A quick shout out to my editor and cover artist Athanix. This guy has recently become my chief editor and my cover artist. Thanks a bunch man, that picture is perfect!

It has been a little more than a month and a half since I’ve seen Dashie so it must have been only a couple hours back in Equestria. I was sitting in my TV room, relaxing after a long day of work, and I figured I could reward myself with a little down time. I was flicking through the channels on the TV when I came across some NASCAR reruns and I figured I would try and watch it to see what Dashie saw in it. I know it was in her blood to go fast, but I was curious as to what she liked in particular. After about an hour of watching NASCAR, I was getting dizzy of watching the cars go around in a circle for so long. I personally didn’t find that very entertaining, so I got up to pour myself a drink.

After fumbling around in the dark for a while, I almost tripped out of the kitchen. One of the floorboards had been coming up and it snagged my foot. I caught my balance and sat back down and figured that NASCAR required a little bit of alcohol to enjoy, so I sipped on a beer. Normally I don’t drink, but after watching NASCAR I felt it was necessary. I set my drink on the side table next to my chair, all the while watching the screen.

I found myself rooting for the number 16 car which was a lighter blue. I thought to myself, ‘Like Dashie in the episode where she was competing for the Best Flyer's Award.’ I suddenly found my eyes drawn to the blue feather that I found several weeks ago. It was resting on top of the TV cabinet, next to the picture book. I averted my eyes back to the screen and started yelling, “Go Dashie, Go!” The Number 16 car was fighting hard for first place, struggling to get around the other car ahead of it. Then something happened. Number 16 got up really close to the first place car, then did some swerving motion, and snuck ahead of the other car. I launched out of my chair in excitement. I was standing now, cheering at the top of my lungs. One more lap to go, sweat was dripping down the side of my cheeks. The cars rocketed past the finish line, with Dashie just ahead of the pack. I was dancing and screaming and cheering. I knew that it wasn’t actually Dashie, but it felt good to cheer for her again anyways.

An interview crew ran up to the driver, and began flashing their cameras and asking questions. One interviewer asked the question, “How do you explain what you did back there? Getting past the forward car, I mean?”

The driver took his helmet off, “Well, to be honest, I have no idea. I thought I was giving my car all she had, but then she seemed more determined to win than I was, and bolted ahead. It was almost like magic. Ha, magic moves in mysterious ways I guess,” he looked at the camera and winked. I reeled back from the screen in awe, as if he was talking to me.

Celestia said that once, I’m pretty sure, and my eyes bolt back to the feather. I walk over slowly, staring at it intently. Magic, something that wasn't in my world, but in theirs it was everything. My mind racing, I was trying to think of something, some explanation. This is almost impossible, because I’m a human; I don’t know any real magic, just cheap card tricks.

My eyes shot back up to the feather again. I reached up and grabbed it, ever so slowly, and brought it close to my eyes. Other than the fact that it belonged to Dashie, there was nothing remarkable about it. I turned it over gingerly in my hands, treating it like a baby. The feather had a very large column running up the length of it, just like most feathers. I still knew enough My Little Pony lore to know that a pegasus’ feathers were thicker than bird feathers to carry their weight, but I couldn’t tell much of a difference. I gently put it back where it was, starred at it for a few moments longer, then pulled away. I stared at the TV for a moment longer and then powered it down. The room went dim, with the only light now trickling in from the hallway light. I walked to the light switch and flicked it down, cutting off all light to the television room.

I passed the walls that separated the room from the hallways, methodically walking for I was in deep thought. I headed towards the kitchen again, going to grab a glass of water. Thoughts were racing through my mind, but I was having difficulties focusing on a single one. ‘Is there a way for her to come home? Where did that feather come from? Is there a way for me to go to her? What can a human do as far as magic? Do humans even possess the ability to control magic? Is there a way to learn? Could something science-y cause something to happen…was Dashie alright? ’ All of these thoughts were fighting for the spotlight for my brain to focus on, that I wasn’t aware of my surroundings.

The plank that had caught me by the ankles last time had managed to trip me up again, only this time successfully making me fall. I hit the ground with a loud Omph, the glass shattering against the hard wood floor. “God dammit,” I sighed under my breath. With a sluggish movement I pulled myself up off the floor, limping back to the kitchen for a towel and a broom. I hobbled back out into the hallway, my towel and broom in my hands. I dropped the towel over where the glass hit, soaking up the water. I began sweeping up the broken shards of glass in a pile for me to vacuum up. A large piece of glass had slid into the television room. I rested the broom against the wall and, with a slight twinge of pain in my left ankle, walked to grab it. I was bending down when something caught my eye. A faint glow came from above the TV. I stood up, unaware as to what was going on. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. The glow was cyan in color, radiating out of the feather that was perched above the TV.

I felt like I was in a trance. My body moved without me telling it to. Gradually I made my way towards the cyan feather. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, like I was drawn to it. It drew ever closer to me, slowly but surely. I felt my foot bump against the furniture that held the TV and feather. At first, nothing happened it just sat there, glowing. But then, the unnatural happened. It rose slightly off its perch and halted, just floating. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had control of my body again, and I bent down to get a closer look. It was hovering about an inch off of the wood, not moving, just floating. I slowly reached up to touch it. As soon as my fingers brushed against it my vision was consumed by darkness.

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