• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Well now, I never said that I wouldn't make an epilogue did I? I just said no more new chapters. Also, epilogues come "after" the story is complete do they not? Thank you everyone for supporting this fan fic. Thanks again ROB for making this story and to Athanix for helping me!!


The smell of a small fire pit filled the room with the pleasant scent of campfire. I was sitting in a chair that I fashioned together after a long while of hard labor. Houses won’t build themselves you know? And they don’t build themselves with only one person either, I might add. Or in this case, not with only one pony.

I’m not implying that I’m a pony of course, no that would not be possible. What I meant by that is my little Dashie was here help. Her and even a friend, Pinkie Pie. When Rainbow Dash had brought Pinkie Pie to visit me at first, I had almost gotten angry. It was very much a secret that I was here, and I wanted to keep it that way, as much as I wanted to say something to that goddess horse.

But after Pinkie “Pinkie” promised me that she would never, ever in a million bazillion years’ tell anyone about me, I was glad to have her over. We had the house built in only a couple days. Where it is not very large, it made up for it in spirit and love. It had a bedroom and a makeshift kitchen. At first the kitchen was just a fire pit and a tub of water from the lake nearby, but Pinkie Pie and Dashie had managed to quietly move some furnishings from Ponyville to my home. A real bed. Not some thin blanket and pillow. An actual bed like the ones back at home. They also brought some cooking utensils, a small cupboard, and a type of cooler that I could store my food in. The cooler was almost filled to the brim with produce of all kinds. That is one thing that I still very much need to get used to. No meat. I thought about trying my take at hunting, but I know whats in the forest. It’s not that big of a deal to me, not having meat. I never had a problem with vegetables and fruits and things like that, but I still liked meat. Time to time, Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie would bring me eggs and or some baked goods or things like that. It was always nice to have them around. It was convenient too because I was only a mile out of ponyville, but I was still well hidden. I was nestled into a small clearing right on the edge of the forest, right on the other side of the lake where I found Dashie. I had just recently finished putting together another bed from a mattress Pinkie Pie dragged in one day. I had asked her where she got it, she told me that would ruin the surprise.

Oh, that silly, pink mare. The first time she saw me, she had wanted to throw me a welcome party, but I had to quickly stifle that idea. When she brought up the point about where I said “Next time,” I told her that once I was finished with my house, I would let her throw me a small house warming party. I told her she could invite herself, Dashie, me, and gummy. When I told her that, I dont think I have ever seen her more excited about something, ever. She also said the same thing, except the time where she first met me, but who could top that. What a silly mare. But I am grateful for her, she comes and visits me almost everyday. She always comes with that ear to ear smile that brightens up the darkest days. Dashie, on the other hand, is here every day.

And I am so glad for that. There are times now where I wish I was a pegasus, just so I could fly with her. Now, where I can’t fly with her in real life, I can sometimes in my dreams. There was a side effect of the teleport. We sometimes share dreams, whenever she stays with me for the night. I feel myself flying low over the trees, struggling very hard to keep up with her. She takes it easy on me, but I still have issues keeping up with her. From my understanding of things, Dashie now had the memories of her past self, and her current self. I had no idea how she was handling it, but I’m sure she was doing great. She was, after all, Rainbow Dash.

So, this is now my life. I wake up, I do some work on my house, I go foraging a bit, I shower with water from the lake, and then I wait for my two friends to come and see me. No, not two friends, my friend and my daughter. I would never trade it for anything, no matter what.

Pinkie Pie, Dashie, and I were sitting around the fire, just relaxing. We had a big day tomorrow. It was my house warming/welcome party! Pinkie, in her standard relaxing mode, was spouting words faster than a gun, but I didn’t mind. These two mares were the first “people” I had ever had over in my house since I moved out of my parents old house. It felt good to finally have company. This was all I wanted, and needed. A brony and his ponies, just like good ol’ times.

The sun was beginning to set, and Pinkie Pie had just gotten up and left, assuring me that she would be over bright and early tomorrow. Dashie had stayed behind to help me mount something on the wall. My mothers painting, the only thing I had brought from home. We hung it just above the fireplace, a suiting spot. It was the centerpiece of the room now and, other than Dashie herself, was the most colorful thing in here.

“It’s beautiful dad,” she said to me, leaning her head on my thigh. I rested my hand on her mane and stroked it gently, staring at the picture.

“I agree, and I agree because its you,” I said quietly. She looked up at me for a moment, her big rose eyes looking into mine, wondering what I meant by that. She smiled when she understood, and I returned the smile back. “Dashie, wanna’ stay the night with me?” I asked her. She smiled even bigger.

“Thought you’d never ask! Race you to the beds!” She yelled and was gone in a flash. “I win!”

“Yes, Dashie, you win. You always do!” I called back to her. “I’ll be right there, I just need to do one thing,” I say, my voice getting quieter as I said it. I walk up to my moms painting, and I rest a hand on it. “I did it mom, I’m finally happy, just like you wanted,” I said quietly, a small tear slid down my face. I stood there for a moment, realizing what I just said. ‘I’m happy now, and I always will be because of-’ my thought was cut off.

“DAAAAD! Are you coming or what?” Dashie called from the bedroom.

“Yes, Dashie, I’m coming!” I shouted back, “because of her,” I continued my thought out loud.

“Huh? You say somethin’ pops?” Dashie said, poking her head out the door.

“No Dashie,” I smiled, “I didn’t. Here I come!” I turned and ran for the doorway she was sitting in. Her face instantly had a grin on it, and her eyes were angled right at me. She bolted back into the room, me hot on her rainbow tail.


Laughter could be heard through the small window in the bedroom as Dashie and her father played and wrestled deep into the night. When they turned out the lights, they connected in their dreams again. They were flying over the lake just outside of their home. Something had changed in her father, he was keeping up with her. She looked back and to her surprise, found “pops” right next to her. She opened her wings and pulled up into the sky, he followed her up, no more than a foot behind her. Together they looped and rolled in their dreams together, deep into Luna’s brilliant night.

The End.

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