• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Chapter Three

“Oh dear, oh dear!” panicked Twilight. She had stayed up all night trying to find an explanation for the Princess about what happened. Pinkie Pie had opted to stay and help her find something. All she had found so far was teleportation from one side of the planet to the other, nothing about world crossings or anything of the sort. In all of pony history, there was nothing about world crossings involved. The only remote thing she found about the world crossings was something about time shifting and time convergence, but as far as she was concerned that didn’t matter at the moment. She was poring over a glossary of a book when there was a knock at the door. “Pinkie, could you answer that?” asked a twitching Twilight.

Pinkie nodded her head ferociously, and bounced over to the door. She opened to see the Princess and Dashie. “Dashie!” yelled Pinkie, who proceeded to tackle her best friend. She was greeted by a shove.

“I don’t know who you are, so BACK OFF!” yelled Dash, tears in her eyes. Pinkie’s poofy pink hair deflated, just like last time. “What happened? Princess, why doesn’t she remember me?” Pinkie whimpered.

“I don’t know Pinkie Pie, that’s what I have come here to find out, may we come in?” Celestia asked politely.

“Oh, sure, come on in.” Pinkie had said, back to her cheery self in no time.

“Twilight Sparkle, my pupil. What have you discovered in your studies? We may have a problem.” Celestia asked her student. Twilight hung her head low in shame.

“I haven’t found anything about worlds crossing over. The closest thing I found was that one pony had perfected teleportation and had gone from one side of the world to the other, but that was it. I’m sorry Princess, I let you down. What’s wrong with Rainbow Dash?” she questioned, still hanging her head.

“Let us worry about your investigation later; for now, Rainbow Dash’s memories are still about the man from the other world. It seems that the memory spell used on her was ineffective. What do you have to say?” Celestia asked.

At the sound of this, Twilight picked her head up immediately, concerned. She thought she did it exactly the same as she had done it during the Discord incident. “I dunno, should I try again?” she asked her mentor. Celestia nodded, and walked over and held Rainbow Dash. “Hold still, please.” Twilight was about to lower her horn to Dash’s head again, but this time Rainbow jumped away.

“Oh, no, not this time, the last time this happened you ruined my life! I’m not going to let you do that again!” yelled a furious Rainbow Dash. She squirmed out of the hold of Princess Celestia, and soared through an open window. She quickly glanced around, looking for somewhere to hide. She saw a forest not far off, and with memories of Daddy, she bolted toward it, hoping that he would be under one of trees like he was that one day long ago.

“Why doesn’t Rainbow remember us? And why does she still remember that man?” bounced Pinkie. “I thought when you used that memory spell it would replace anything that happened before?” She was bouncing around the room, looking through Twilight’s books.

“I don’t know, Pinkie, I thought the same thing. I still feel bad about the first time, but after I saw how scared she was this time, I just wanted to help. Now she is off in the Ever Free Forest.” Twilight let out a sigh of fatigue. She had been up for almost 24 hours, trying to find out what had happened to Rainbow when she had gone to the different world, and now discover what had happened with her memory spell. Princess Celestia had gone back to Canterlot to talk to her unicorn advisers to see what they could figure out. Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy were out in the forest looking for Rainbow Dash. Pinkie had opted to stay behind and help Twilight, much to the dismay of Fluttershy. “Gah, this is useless. There is nothing about world teleportation or memory prevention!” She had started skulking around the room in self-pity when Pinkie threw a book at her.
“How about this one? It’s called, ‘The Effects of Teleportation on Memory,’ that sounds promising!” said an ecstatic Pinkie Pie. Twilight just shook her head in awe.

* * *

“Rainbow! Where are you! It’s your friends! We’re here to take you home!” yelled Applejack. They had begun their search about an hour after Rainbow Dash had bolted away from Twilight’s library, and had been searching for a couple of hours since.

“Applejack, if she really doesn’t remember us, why would she be willing to let us take her? I mean, really, use that brain of yours,” snapped Rarity. And then, “I’m sorry Applejack, it’s just that being in these creepy, dirty woods has been really irritating me. Fluttershy, do you see anything?” Rarity yelled up to Fluttershy, who was following closely above the tree line, hoping to get a sight of Rainbow.

“No, nothing. In fact, I haven’t seen any form of flying animals since we got in here, this is really scary. Can we go back now?” Fluttershy said timidly. You could tell she was nervous. She was flapping her wings rapidly, her eyes were shifting back and forth, and her ears were flat against her head. “Besides, it’s getting dark, and it isn’t safe out here in the d-d-dark,” she gulped.

“We gotta’ keep searchin’. If she really doesn’t have her memory back, then she has no idea what’s in these here woods,” Applejack stressed to her friend. “Let’s think about her position here. She has a happy life with a great man for 15 years, and then six ponies trot into her house, tell her that she needs to leave, and, more or less, ponynap her back here. Now don’t get me wrong, I think she is better off here, but is it what she truly wants? Anyways, she wakes up the next morning to find herself somewhere completely different, without her old memories, and does what any other pony would do, panics. Also, I don’t have the darndest idea as to why she doesn’t have her old memories, so don’t ask.” grunted Applejack.

“Continuing on, she manages to escape the strange place, the cloud palace mind you, and runs right into one of the ponies that ponynapped her, the biggest one of all, Princess Celestia. Now, obviously, Dash doesn’t have any idea who Celestia is, but goes with her to see Twilight under the assumption of help. They get there, and she gets, what probably seems to her, assaulted by Pinkie Pie for the second time in days. I’m sure that disturbs her a bit, then she hears Celestia tell Twilight to try and change her memories again. Now, don’t tell me that wouldn’t make you shiver in your galoshes. She freaks out, and runs to the nearest place that reminds her of her home, the forest. She has no idea what is out here, so Fluttershy, until it is actually dark, we keep searching. I don’t even care if she remembers us right now or not, I just want to see her safe and-” She was cut off by a large explosion.