• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Chapter Five

I was wondering, before you guys get started reading, if anyone would be willing to make cover art for my story? You would be given full credit, but I would like that to come from the fans. If you express any interest, shoot me a PM. Thanks you guys.

Fast. That’s all I could think about. Those ponies, I knew from how much I watched the show, were not fast. The way I figured it, I was the fastest around, and no one could match me, so I flew. I flew as fast as my wings would carry me, hoping that I might find something in the forest. I don’t know how long I flew, a couple hours probably, but I had no way to tell. From what I noticed, these ponies only had one clock tower. No watches or phones to tell time, just that tower. Dad would have helped these ponies... Dad. I had to push that thought out of my head for now; there was no time for sadness. Only speed, I had to get to somewhere that I could think and find out how to go home. I don’t care what those ponies say, about where I belong. I don’t care what world I live in, as long as I am with Pops, life was good.

I wasn’t paying attention to how fast I was going, and that’s when I noticed the air friction increasing. The sonic rainboom...That would get Dad’s attention! If he could see it, anyway. I pumped my wings as fast as they would go, pushing me through the air barrier. I felt the resistance building, but I was determined. I felt myself punch through the barrier, the rainbow forming around my mane. My body was speeding up, and a whistling sound was deep in my ears. I pumped my last bit of energy into my wings, and I exploded forward, rainbow tail behind me, the massive color circle spreading ever wider, covering this forest. It was easily the biggest one I had performed yet. The circle expanded for miles, at least from what I could tell, since I only glanced back for a moment. It was large enough that not only did it clear clouds; it smashed them together to form a massive rainstorm. I halted myself, and flew back towards the rain. To me, sitting on top of a thunderhead sounded like something to take my mind off current events.

I hovered above them for just a moment and let my wings collapse against my body, and I fell several feet. My hooves landed with a small thud. ‘That’s strange,’ I thought to myself. ‘When I was in that cloud castle, when I ran through the clouds, I made no noise. Come to think of it, the only time I made noise walking on clouds was...’ I glanced down over the edge. Below me was a massive tree, easily protecting the ground underneath it from the rain. My heart started rising fast, and I leaped off the cloud, unfolding my wings to slow my decent.

I hit the ground, and landed on a twig that cracked under my hoof. The sound almost made me jump, but something about it seemed familiar and calming. I looked around, searching for anything familiar. There was not a single thing that looked the same, other than the large tree. I trotted over, and sat down, letting my hooves slowly slide until I ended up lying down. I was alone in this jungle, no person or pony here with me. I felt like crying again, but this time I let myself. I don’t know how long I cried, but I must have cried myself to sleep because I had a dream where I saw my dad again. At first it seemed real, but then I could also see myself there with him. I saw me ask him if he still loved me, and he told me of course. How could I have been so foolish back then? Of course he loved me; he had raised me for ten years before that. If I ever see him again... no, when I see him again, I will be sure to apologize for that.

In the dream, I saw him stroke my mane and hold me close. I tried to lean in on the hug, but I couldn't will myself close enough, until I felt a sharp pain in my wing. That’s what woke me up. I shot up out of the position I was in, checking myself for any visible damage. Other than a missing feather I seemed alright. This is where I sit now, having no idea where one of my feathers went, and am currently under a tree hiding from rain. Some pegasus pony I am.

“Rainbow where are you?” came a voice through the trees. I could hear the voice of the orange one, what was her name, Applejack? They were out looking for me, but I had no intention of letting them take me back to have my memory wiped again. I stand up, trying not to make too much noise. I trot off slowly, knowing that the flying one, Fluttershy, I think, is probably up there watching for me. Hoping to slip away under the cover of the night, I jump into some bushes off the side of the trail, waiting to see if they move past. Trying to control my breathing, I peek out of the bushes. I see the white one first, Rarity, followed closely by Applejack. I look up and see a faint shadow of a flying figure above me.

After sitting still for several minutes, I lose sight and sound of them. I slowly move back through the woods, making sure not to give my position away. After several seconds of this, I felt my flank rub up against something soft. A living being, it felt like. I whipped my head around, and was staring right into the eyes of another creature. I felt its emerald eyes scanning me, observing me. My eyes adjust to the darkness, and I see a cloaked figure. It had black and white stripes, it was a zebra.

“Ah, Rainbow Dash, it is good to see, that you have not forgotten me?” said Zecora. The zebra had a big smile on her face, clearly happy to see me. She was about to have a big surprise. When I didn’t respond, her smile turned into a frown. “You do remember me, do you not? Or am I someone you have forgot?” She asked concerned.

“The only reason why I know your name is because I have seen the show,” I say cautiously. The one episode of the show that I actually saw the Zebra in was about where she cursed us, I mean them. “And, if you don’t mind, I’m going to leave now.” I unfold my wings to make a quick break, until the Zebra bit my tail and held on.

“Wait, Rainbow Dash, do not go, for what is wrong, I must know,” Zecora says through clenched teeth. She obviously wasn’t going to let go, so I let myself fall back to the ground and fold up my wings. “Please come back to my home, for in the dark, you should not roam,” she warned me. I let out a sigh and nodded, having her lead the way. She was right, I had no idea what was out here, and a house would be nice after being stuck out in the rain for so long.

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