• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Chapter Seven

Big shout out again to Athanix, he helped me get through my writers block and get this released on time. Thanks again man, you have been invaluable to me!

“Twilight please go to bed! You have been up for almost three days now! Besides, you won’t be any use to us if you can’t even stand!” Pinkie Pie shouted up to Twilight, who was perched on the edge of her over hang where her bed was. Twilight’s mane had snares and split ends, and was getting dirty from not showering. She had very droopy bags under eyes, and she was having issues keeping her balance on the edge. Her tail was wrapped around her legs, and that too was messy. She was reading the book Pinkie had found, looking for an explanation as to what was happening to Rainbow Dash.

“No Pinkie! If any one of us was in trouble, Rainbow wouldn’t rest until she figured out a way to help,” Twilight said with a slurred, tired voice. She was rocking back and forth, flipping pages frantically with her magic, looking for any sign or hope. “All I have found is that memory spells, when combined with teleportation, might bring memories of the pony who cast the spell over to the pony on the receiving end. That doesn’t help us at all! Rainbow doesn’t remember anything! This book is useless!” Twilight flung the book down onto the pile of books that were already on the floor beneath her. “And the worst part is that no one can find her! The other three spent several hours, HOURS, in the forest and no sign of Rainbow. Spike, send
the princess a message asking her if she has found any promising results, and make it quick!” Twilight barked.

“Uh, Twilight? The princess said that if she found anything then she would come back as soon as she did. I don’t think we should bother her-” Spike’s sentence was cut off in the middle, and a plume of fire shot out of his maw and a scroll landed in his claws. “Or never mind…ahem, ‘Dear Twilight, my advisers know nothing of this magic. What they believe to have happened is that the mixing of the powerful natural energy of the weather and your also powerful magic had created a wormhole of some sorts that was made of both magic and natural energies. They also brought some interesting points to ponder. The pegasus ponies have the ability to control the weather, where unicorns have only slight control of this and earth ponies have none. This is all and well, but they think that the combination of the Pegasus pony powers plus the unicorn magic may have created something inside of your friend, almost a new pony magic of sorts. While this is not a tested theory in the slightest, it must be noted as a possible explanation. This is important because, if this is true, this new magic is only controlled by your friend and, for it to be manipulated, would require another pony with similar powers to affect her.

Basically, what I am saying is that, once again only if this is true, then none of this worlds magic will affect Rainbow Dash’s personal well-being. This is also disturbing because that means that she may or may not have the power to control weather and magic. This is also different than the abilities I possess for I do not control a single power of magic and weather, but I possess two abilities. One for weather control and the other, magic. For now, there is nothing you or your friends can do to help Rainbow Dash. I now ask you, please get some rest. Your friends are worried about you and Spike tells me that you are not in the greatest of conditions. I need you at the best of your abilities, both mentally and physically. So sleep, my student. I will come to you when I need you. Princess Celestia.’ Whew that was a lot to read,” said Spike. Twilight hung her head.

“I can’t do anything to help Rainbow, and she wants me to sleep?” moped Twilight.

“Twilight, you silly filly, you know that’s not what the princess said. She said that she wanted you to rest and be ready when she needs you. Now, go to bed, Spike and I can clean these books up for you,” chimed Pinkie Pie.

Twilight sighed, “Okay, okay, you guys win.” Twilight struggled to her hooves, clearly weak and exhausted, and slowly walked to her bed.


After the sound of Twilight shutting her door, Spike was quick to talk to Pinkie Pie. “What do you think of this Pinkie Pie? I mean, is this right? Rainbow Dash has no idea who we are and the only person she has had for a family was this man you guys keep talking about. Do you know his name by the way?” A quick shake of Pinkie’s head delivered the answer.

“Nope! He never said anything about his name! Neither did Dashie... And I’m in the same boat as you are Spike. At first I was really excited to have Dashie home! But after I saw what had happened, even I cried a little bit. I told the other ponies a couple days ago too, but Rarity didn’t like that thought,” admitted Pinkie. Her head drooped a little, “Spike, that man out there, he had no one to love or to hold. We have always each other! He had Dashie, and Dashie had him for a long time! I’ve been thinking this whole time about what is happening.”

Spike just gave Pinkie a quizzical look.

“That’s exactly the look Rarity gave me! I remembered how that we needed Rainbow Dash to be one of the elements of harmony, but if she isn’t our friend... Then she won’t be able to use her element... How could she be loyal to somepony she doesn’t know? Or FIVE someponies she doesn’t know. I wouldn’t trust a bunch of crazy ponies who are keeping me away from my pops!”

“I hear ya’ Pink, but I think we need to look at what is better for her overall. Here in Equestria, she can live. She can fly and truly be herself. In their world, at least from what you guys tell me, she couldn’t,” Spike said, sliding a book onto the shelf.

“That reminds me, I saw the strangest thing on the way over today. I was walking, well not walking. I was skipping over and I was watching the sky for the off chance of seeing Rainbow Dash, when I saw a cloud move!” exclaimed Pinkie Pie. Spike gave her a confused look. “Not like that silly, I mean it moved on its own! There was no pony pushing it or anything! The only place I have ever seen that was above the Everfree Forest and in the other world,” Pinkie said with excitement.

“Something strange is happening Spike, but I don’t know what.”

“Are you sure? I mean, are you sure you didn’t see somepony pushing it? Clouds from the forest always stay above the forest. And why would a cloud from the other world be here? HOW would it be here? They don’t have magic,” Spike asked with wide eyes. The standard rapid head nod confirmed his answer. “Eh, I bet its just something that came from the forest. I’m sure it was nothing, lets finish this up-”

“Did I hear you say something about a cloud moving on its own?” came a drowsy voice. “I read about that in one of the
books...!” Twilight emerged over the edge of her loft, blinking heavily. “One of the old wizard ponies had documented that long distance teleports that required a large amount of energy would sometimes bring more than just ponies through the gates,” Twilight said. She stopped for a moment to collect her thoughts as she began to speak again. “The thing is, these anomalies would only occur for no more than an hour or two after the teleport happened. Pinkie, did you say...- That you saw this today?” Twilight stammered, still very tired.

Pinkie nodded her head ferociously, “Yeppers, on my way over here this morning. What does that mean though Twilight? Aliens? Are aliens here?” Pinkie’s eyes suddenly widened at the thought.

“No Pinkie, that does not mean aliens. At least I don’t think. No, this means something else. This means...this means,” Twilight’s sentence was muffled by a yawn. She swayed at the top of the stairs for a moment before collapsing.

“Twilight!” Spike and Pinkie yelled in unison. They rushed up the stairs to the unicorn friend to see if she was alright.

“She must have fallen asleep,” Spike said as he let out a sigh of relief. He lifted her rear end, “Pinkie, help me move her to her bed.”

“But I wanted to know what she was going to say!” Pinkie whined. She wrapped her hooves around Twilight’s sleeping face, “wake up! What does this mean!”

“Pinkie! She is sleeping, let her be. We can ask her what she meant when she wakes back up, now help me,” grunted Spike. He wrapped his claws around Twilight’s rear hooves and began to pull.

“Good idea Spike! Dropping her off the edge would surely wake her up,” Pinkie said as grabbed Twilight and started off towards the balcony.

“No Pinkie! Help me get her to her bed! She needs to sleep,” Spike growled.

“Oh I see, if we let her sleep, she can tell us later! You're full of good ideas Spike,” she said while trying to balance the sleeping unicorn on her back. Spike stared blankly after Pinkie, who bucked Twilight onto her bed. “Nighty night, Twilight. Hey that rhymes,” she chuckled to herself. Spike just brought his claw up to his face creating an audible slap at hearing that.

“Pinkie, sometimes I just don’t understand you...”

“Hey, Rarity said that too!”

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