• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Chapter Four

It has been several weeks since my Dashie had left. I had told myself that I was going to go out and try and meet actual people since dwelling on the past probably wasn’t healthy. After a debatably fun outing with some of the people from my work, I had started walking home. Someone had offered me a ride, but I respectfully declined. I wanted to be on my own for a bit, and I didn’t feel like inviting someone into my house. Saying my or I about anything around the house had taken awhile to get used to, since Dashie took equally good care of it, and it wasn’t easy to push that thought from my mind. I was walking in the forest near where Dashie and I hid underneath the tree during that rainstorm so long ago, when the day went from mostly sunny to very cloudy.

Ever since the ponies had come and gone, there had been strange weather phenomena; clouds moving at odd speeds and angles, rain coming and going almost systematically. Meteorologists had chalked it up to just that; a strange phenomenon. I had picked up my pace slightly as to not get caught in the rain, but nothing faster than a brisk walk, for I also had no desire to get home fast. I felt the first drops of rain hit my face and jacket, when a thunderous bang echoed overhead. The sound made me flinch, and I looked up to see lighting jump through the clouds. At first, it sounded like something had broken the sound barrier, but thunder didn’t sound much different I guess. I almost picked up my pace again, until I saw it. The tree that Dashie and I hid under together. The spot where we cried in each other’s hooves and hands, respectively. I figured I would sit down, just to get off my feet for a bit and to get out of the rain. I had rested my head against the trunk of the tree and closed my eyes.

I heard a crack. I instantly jumped from my position and began to look around me for any sign of life. And then there to my left, I saw Dashie. I almost leapt at her to hold her, but something bound me to the ground. Then I saw something new. I saw myself, sitting right next to me. I tried to talk, but my mouth wouldn’t move. I tried to wave, but my hands were as immobile as my feet and mouth. All I could do was watch. Dashie seemed younger than the last time I saw her, probably around the same age as when we were together under this tree. She had walked over and had sat down next to me. Well not me, me, but the other me. I watched, for the longest time, the two just sit and look out at the woods. Then she asked him if he still loved her. I watched the whole scene play out, exactly as I remembered it. I wanted to yell, to move, to hold her, to hold my Dashie one more time, but I couldn’t. I was crying on the inside. A tear leapt from my eye, just hovering on my eye lash. I watched them say sorry and I watched them embrace each other, crying. I watched myself grab my daughter, and hold her tight. I wanted to join them in embrace, trying ever so hard to move my arm. I felt a twitch in my arm. I pushed with all my might, trying to just touch Dashie once more. My arm, very slowly, approached my daughter.

It seemed like an eternity, how long it took for me to reach her with my hand. My hand brushed her wing. Success. My heart exploded, just like that old meme. But then, everything around me started to fade. I tried to hold on to Dashie with all the strength I could summon, but it wasn’t enough. The mystical force that had bound me before had me again. I squeezed my hand on her wing, hoping she would stay with me, but she disappeared, out of my sight. And so did I, the other I. He vanished too, and then there was the same bang that I had heard earlier, and I woke up. I shot straight up from my previous position. I looked back to where I was. I had fallen asleep under the tree, and was dreaming. ‘But, I could have sworn I actually felt Dashie’s feathered wing’ I thought to myself. I stood up, and peeked out from under the tree, and looked up. The clouds had been swept away, and in their place stood a majestic rainbow. It was beautiful, and not because it reminded me of Dashie, but because it was Dashie. I just knew it to be true, even though I had no way to prove it. I must have stared at that rainbow for an hour.

The rainbow began to fade, so I turned to head home. My heart was bouncing with so much joy. Had my Dashie found a way back? Maybe a way to communicate? I had no idea how to describe what I saw, but it was the best I had felt in weeks. It was only then that I noticed how tired my arm was. I also felt my hand clutching something, something tight. I looked down, and in my hand, the hand I tried so hard to reach Dashie with, was a big cyan feather.

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