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I love to read, and I love to write. I love getting better at writing, which usually includes reading. Mostly I just love stories.


New chapter soon, I swear. · 3:26am Jun 13th, 2016

So I started my story, Shadows in the Night, and I uploaded three chapters in a couple weeks, and just when the real story was about to start, I stopped. That is because finals attacked and I was super busy for a week, then I had a normal week, during which I realized that the way I had Shadow's initial involvement with Nightmare Moon really didn't make that much sense. So I decided to change it, not drastically, but a bit. She's just not part of that prophecy anymore, mostly. And I

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1772374 I have not heard of that one though, I shall go find it.

1772202 Ohhh. Maybe Rookies on the rise?

1772082 I am already in that group actually XD Though I could go through and read some more of the lectures and things posted there.

1771771 Maybe you could join the School For New Writers!

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