• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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Chapter Eleven

“You must understand Rainbow Dash that, while not what you wanted, this is what must happen. I do not want to do this anymore than you do, but for the good of Equestria and Earth, we must close the portal to the human world. The only way for us to do this, however, is that you must willingly give up your magical abilities, and then I shall remove them. It will not hurt you, and you will still have the ability to control the weather as you did before, but the magic itself will leave you,” the large pony said to me. I stared her down, challenging her, daring her to try and take my magic.

“My magic, my rules. What’s wrong with a few clouds anyway? Sure they aren’t natural to your lands, but that doesn’t matter. Have your flying ponies clear the sky. I’ll even be willing to help, but I am going to see my dad again. There is nothing in either of these two worlds that will stop me, and you are no exception,” I sneered. I didn’t actually expect to talk her down, and the ruse I was putting on wasn’t going to hold much longer either. I knew what I was going to have to do, sooner or later.

After Zecora had given me that potion, I had been practicing the ability that brought dad to me earlier. While I know that I had used the ability, I felt drained like I did after seeing him for the first time in the middle of Zecora’s hut after doing the trick again very recently, right before these ponies showed up. I had thought that maybe he had come through again, but I had lost hope of this attempt after these ponies arrived. I was trying to stall so that I could activate the ability again, but it took a lot of energy. I have no idea if I could hold them off long enough to activate it again.

“Rainbow Dash, I am not your enemy here. The only enemy you have is fate. It is fate that had you ripped through time and space and transported to an alien world. It is fate that you were found and raised by that wonderful man,” she said, her tone getting softer, “it is...fate...that you must now give up all that you love and remember for the sake of both worlds to move on. Fate has chosen you for some, unfair and awful reason to give you love and friendship...twice, and then strip it away from you...twice.” She was almost whispering at the last sentence. I wanted to be selfish, I really did. At that moment, I wanted to tell that god pony to ram it up her snout and to leave me alone. I really did. I wanted to go to every single pony in the room and give them a beating they would never forget. I really did. But something was stopping me. Deep in my heart, I knew that I couldn’t do any of the above.

‘So this is the reason why I’m the element of loyalty,’ I thought to myself, forcing a shudder. I tried to put my defensive face back on, but I couldn’t. Not anymore. I couldn’t keep staring at the ponies in the room and tell them that their problems belong to them and them alone. This was the reason why I let them take me last time, I remember that now. That’s why I left without a struggle. Because I knew it my heart, it’s what I was supposed to do, not what I wanted to do. “No, no, I can’t...I belong with him,” I sputtered. I was on the verge of tears.

“Yes...yes you do, but you can’t be. That is why this is so unfair. That man, he raised you from a young filly. He did more than raise you, he turned you into the mare you are today. He taught you to speak, he taught you to bath, he taught you to fly, he taught you to...love,” she choked a little at that. She quickly regained her composure as best as she could. “That man, he not only shaped you into who you are today, he shaped you into who you will be for the rest of your life. I will openly admit that that man had a much bigger impact on you than anypony will ever have in your life. And now we must take that from you, so that we, not you, can be happy,” she said, losing her composure for real this time. A tear slowly fell down her cheek, “so that we, not you, may live in peace. And saying this out loud does not make it any easier, but, like you, fate has picked me...fate has picked me to destroy the beautiful memories of one of my subjects who were raised out of my sight and control. By anyponies standards, this is not fair, and I truly...so truly wish that this could be different, but fate is cruel. I will not say it again, but you know what must come,” she said, tears streaming down the side of her face.

I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t look her in the eye but I couldn't look away either. I sat there, in a state of limbo and raw emotion. I was stuck like a rock. I opened my mouth to speak, “I know...will I remember him? Will I remember any of this?” I asked between strained breaths. She shook her head slowly, tears flowing. I sat there, staring at the ground in front of me. Tears were sliding down my cheeks, following the wet paths of the ones before. “I...I...relinquish control of my magic, Princess Celestia,” I breathed. The Princess withdrew her head and turned to her pupil, who was almost distraught as I was. She headed towards me, her horn glowing. I thought hard once more, I thought of the letter I wrote dad, and the times we had shared. I thought of my first sonic rainboom, and the shattered windows that came with it. I thought of my first real NASCAR race, and shouting for all of the drivers, and seeing dad looking up at me, smiling. I remembered the times we cried together, the times we-.


Twilight’s horn reached Rainbow Dash’s head. There was a bright flash, and Rainbow was lifted off the ground and was held by an unknown force. Twilight backed away slowly and looked up to her mentor, who signaled her pupil to be steady. Rainbow’s body began to glow a vibrant cyan color, and her eyes turned to pure white, rays of light leaking out of it. The cyan energy began to seep out of the pegasus’s body, disappearing as it left. Several of the ponies of the group began to back up slowly, scared of what might happen, but none was willing to leave their friend for long. Another flash projected from Rainbow Dash’s body, temporarily blinding all who saw it. When they regained their vision, ahead of them lay a sleeping Rainbow Dash.


“Let’s get her to bed, for real this time,” the Princess said quietly, tears still in her eyes. She was not proud of what she just did, and she doubted she would ever forgive herself for it. She had taken the life of a pony, not created one. But Equestria needed the elements, and the two worlds were never meant to cross. She did it for the good of both worlds. She too was alone. She had her students, but that was strictly business. She had Luna technically, but they were still distant after the Nightmare moon incident. She had no one to love her for who she was, not what she was. She would never wish that upon somepony, and yet she did. She alone…alone made the decision to end the life and memories of one pony that was loved truly and deeply loved.

“Fluttershy, I would hate to ask you again, but could you be so kind and stay with Rainbow Dash again? I assure you this time that everything will work out quite alright,” the Princess said, still mostly lost in her thoughts. Fluttershy swallowed deeply, but nodded. The Princess let out a sigh, “thank you Fluttershy. This is all over, and I’m sorry to you all for putting you in that situation,” she said. The friends looked among each other and then back to their leader. They bowed to her, and her them, and with a push of her mighty wings, set off towards her home.


The door to Sugar Cube Corner swung open, and Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash trotted in, laughing with each other. “Well, I guess I should run Pinkie, all of the others wanted to see me for some reason, well c’ya later!” Rainbow said to her pink friend.

“Oh ok, later Dashie!” Pinkie called to her, smiling. Rainbow shared the smile and trotted out. After Rainbow was out of ear shot of Pinkie, Pinkie let out a small sigh, “She didn’t even flinch when I said ‘Dashie’...”

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