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Son....I like stuff....and that kinda thing. I will be writting a lot I guess....confound these ideas!


Done... · 5:00am Jul 28th, 2012

No more writing for me. I tried and I failed. I got rid of all my stories because they all sucked ass. What one or more people can say to make spirits be crushed...All I'm gonna do is read here and work on the collab story that was mentioned before. Sorry to those who thought that they were good at all. I'll just stick to practicing art.

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Much appreciated brony. :moustache:

37091 many thanks, my friend. :rainbowwild:

36748 Aye, That I am glad to do!
You are one of'a kind laddy!

So awesome to see another fan of the great Kitty0706's works! :rainbowwild:
Nearly shat myself laughing at your fic! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the memmories!

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