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Wilting Posies stars Sunburst and Posey from G1 MLP as the fanon parents of Fluttershy.

Sunburst spends the evening with his daughter, Fluttershy, for her birthday. Part of the annual tradition has him visiting Posey's room and trying his best to dwell on their happier times together.

Fluttershy surprises Sunburst by asking after her mother and the unknown parts of her past, invoking a stroll down memory lane and a tale of love and loss.


This is...not my masterpiece per say, not yet anyhow, but once I finish touching it up I think it will be safe to call it that. At least until I out do it. I'm currently in the process of updating it where i've caught errors and had some help working on dialogue. I've decided to not dwell on perfecting this piece and instead will be focusing on future works. I did enjoy writing this, but when my motivation to write dwindled, so did the will to edit it properly. I'll instead look on it fondly as a sign of improvement as I move forward.

Please leave comments; they give great insight! Also, please visit my DA account if you wish to keep a lookout for more stories that I haven't uploaded here yet, as well as updates on when i'll be adjusting or adding content to anything i'm writing!

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I....Love...You....Just an Amazing story....I want my marrage to be like this...just without my wife dying while giving birth, that I could not live with.

You want my stars? Take them.
That's what I'm counting on.
I never wanted her dead.
But now she is the one who's gone.

That was beautiful, I actually cried at the ending :( just could not hold back those tear :fluttercry: you are an amazing writer. You describe the scenes so vividly and graphic I could actually picture it happen in front of me.

um you do realize posey was an earth pony right. not a pegasus.

464232 Yes, this is a fanon/unofficial almost canon alteration to suit the story based loosely on Cartoonlion's [DA] use of Sunburst and Posey as Fluttershy's parents. Posey was also originally going to be the pony who we know as Fluttershy AND represented as a pegasus when the showed was first demo'd during the early stages. This was Faust's original idea based on the older series, however Hasbro no longer retained the copyrights to the name/cutiemark outside of videos of the old show.

That's the same reason why they, Hasbro, can't officially name Bon Bon....Bon Bon.

I remember this story when it was one Deviantart, and the cover art was from Cartoonlion too!:eeyup: I loved this story, and I loved how it involved the G1 ponies to explain the birth of Fluttershy.:fluttercry: I just love this story.:heart:

OMG I am crying that was one of the best pony fan fiction I have ever read. Great job I love the G1 ponies as her parents,

Though not canon, still SO SWEET :fluttercry::raritycry:. Maybe Posey is a descendent of Fluttershy's, just like Rainbow could be a descendent of General Firefly.

Sunburst? G4, unicorn 🦄 sunburst?... interesting choice of father

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