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I thought they were all just a dream... That I was just nuts. Then, my entire world comes crashing down around me, and I have to go back. BACK TO THE FUT- Wait, oops. I mean BACK TO EQUESTRIA! And with the help of my friends, I can get my life back on track. The RIGHT track.

(In case you don't know, this is the sequel to "How Did I Get Here?" so read that first.)

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He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

MOAR I need MOAR!!!!!!

Kyle, why you leave us hanging on cliffs? :applecry:

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! 'TIS BAAAAAAACK!!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Will Luna be part of this too? Like, showing up in his dreams again?

Time - Kyle?

Is it really that - time again?

It's time for him to wake up...wake up and, smell the ashes


Stabbin' Time has to be one of my favorite times...right up there with Clobberin' Time. It'll be nice to have Kyle back home again. Hope too much hasn't changed in his time gone.

Alright lets do this *raises fists* LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEEEEEEENKINNNSSSSSSs best moment ever 5 stars for you buddy

i hope this story is as long as it's predercesser

Its nice to know he can still punch...

Cant think of a funnier way to start this off:pinkiesmile:

no comment to amazing

Ow yeah, time to get revenge - and to get back!

Thank you for flying Air Traveler. We hope that you chose us for all of your multi-universal Traveling needs, and encourage you to leave us a review on our flight crew.


*Ahem* Dash is going to fucking murder him.

Great to have ya back Kyle up and kicking ass.
There is no other way to start a story THIS funny, I cracked at the meme, since my cousin was there in that party in WoW.
5/5 start keep up the awesomeness up :eeyup:

I haven't even read the first chapter yet, but I've been looking forward to this!

o_o ....

Kyle = Fiona from Burn Notice :D As a guy. :D

Torrencian (i hope i spelled that right) is about to get some major ass whipping.

This is what would be going on in Torrentican's head if he knew Kyle was coming back-

Wait, why is there only Kyle (i think) , Dashie and Scoots in the characters bar?


115186 the guest it right what are you planning?:trixieshiftright:

wow... you are very violent... although we already knew that :derpytongue2: cant wait for more

Wait, what do you mean? :rainbowhuh:

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle's back and ready to kicvk some ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN THIS STORY!!! but the leroy jenkins part made me double over


Well shit! I definitely want in on some of this action!
Eager to see where you take this, bro!

firing orbital moar cannon in 3 , 2, 1,


Kyle's was just being a real BADASS when he remembered everything. I wonder what Rainbow Dash and Scotaloo are going to say to him when he gets back?

Also........when's the next chapter coming out?
Just asking.:scootangel:


Tomorrow. Today, I relax so the stress doesn't cause me to go crazy murderer on someone. :pinkiecrazy:

In the words of Allah when he made all that we see "FUCK YEAH"


115463 What's wrong with muder it's great for stress relief.

It is, but then you have to clean the mess you make, dump the body, come up with a good alibi so you don't get thrown in prison, and of course you gotta stress about making sure there are no witnesses. You also gotta pick the victim, and account for all the where's and when's.

TL;DR: Too much of a mess to clean up.

Wait, if it's been twenty years, how much has changed in Equestria?

*deep sigh*

Brb, gonna go do some coverart.

Great continuation friend, looks like your touch has not been touched.



115676 Actually, it's only been one year. Check the final chapter of the first story.

No, it's only been a year for Kyle. For ME on the other hand, due to the irregularities of Time and Space Travel, it means that I've been looking for him for twenty years of my eternal life.

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