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A border exists from a result of a uneasy truce between humans and pony kind in Equestria. Over 100 years have nearly completely cut of the cultures of the two. Dr. Moss, who studies humans from history and what he can glean from the border, is threatened to have his funding removed to teach his subject at Canterlot university because of the lack of interest. He resolves to make a dangerous crossing into the human land to see what has changed since the war.

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Still reading through it, but I just have to say this: the study of humans isn't humanology, it's anthropology. It's a really annoying error, and it doesn't have to be there.

Just finished reading it. It's good, but I'm unsure about the point of contention being pollution since our societies (China and the USSR excluded) have been getting cleaner and cleaner throughout the centuries. (Don't believe me? Look up some of the descriptions of per-Industrial Age cities. They were more polluted than most landfills today are.) Though I suppose ponies could just have a lower tolerance for the stuff than we do. After all, if nothing else our species is adaptable.

Though, a point of contention like that would lead to at least one funny conversation later on . . .
"Why are you humans doing this? Don't you care about nature at all, like us ponies?" :applecry:
"Well, sow-ree we can't control the weather, the land, and life itself. I'm sure it it must be so much easier for you ponies to live in harmony with nature when it bends to your every whim. :trixieshiftright: Hey! Speaking of weather control, do you ponies have any idea how much those storms you throw up negatively affect the surrounding nations?" :flutterrage:
"Err . . ." :derpyderp2:

great so far definitely has the potential to be very interesting, i do hope you don't take they tact that so many other "human in equestria" fics do where we're all selfish and morally bankrupt warmongers... we're not all bad honest!!!

I hope the Humans have some zany steam-punk tech.:rainbowkiss:

Some great sources to get ideas for Steam-punk devices are the GURPS Steampunk and GURPS Steam Tech as well as the Steam Age book from Castle Falkenstein

Maybe not, but the humans would likely have a word for "the study of humans," and as such they could have taught that word to the ponies turning the time when they had peaceful contact. Besides, if they're speaking another language already then it wouldn't do the author any harm to translate the word into something that the English speaking readers can recognize as real. Indeed, it would be the mark of a bad translation if the pony word for "the study of humans" wasn't presented as anthropology.

Speaking of languages, the humans in this story would realistically have a Hebrew background given that the border guard Moss and the class are meeting is named Sarah. Sarah, after all, was the name of Abraham's wife in the Old Testament.

The part about throwing things at a human border guard made me burst out laughing.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

This is so cool, I hope you update it sometime.


Well, humans did not have a study of themselves, nor did they speak Latin in this universe. A made up word would have to been invented.

Alright, new chapter! I was afraid that this was a dead fic! I can't wait for some REAL human interaction!

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Man, the way you write, I can actually feel the underlying fear that the ponies seem to have of the humans.

tactial moar inbound

I can´t wait for the next chapter!
I get, explosive, when I have to wait...
Also,the way you write is completely awesometasticlaly great!

. . . Leningrad? Leningrad?! Do you have any idea just how offensive that name is when applied outside a real life historical or geographical context? That monster started the Soviet Union, and these humans have a city named after him? (In real life, by the way, that city's real name was St. Petersberg before those damnable Communists went and changed it to to sooth their own egos.) If you didn't have any idea what you were getting into I suggest you go back and change the name, but if you knew full well what comparison you were making then I whole heartedly encourage you to show these bastards being bombed back into the Stone Age. No city should have to bare that name, no city.

Also . . . yeah, Gentle Moss doesn't know that much about humans, but then again he doesn't really have much choice unless he decides to do something crazy like defect, or throw himself over the border to get arrested, or sneak in under the cover of darkness to try and infiltrate their lands. (All of which would end badly.)

170742 *facepalm*
Isnt Comunism a way of ECONOMY? Not government?

It's never just an economic system. If you don't understand that then you most assuredly need to study history at least somewhat.

170852 I meant the idea
What the government did with the economy system is another thing entirely

170852 Just like Capitalism here,
Look at all the good its doing for us

170852 Basically
The goverment was a Dictatorial/Totalitarian one
Just like the ones thats being spawned in the congress...

Yeah, I know. I mean, thanks to capitalism we can send messages to each other using IBM computers through Comcast digital cable about Hasbro's My Little Pony license from the comfort of our air conditioned and constantly heated homes, among other things. Across the globe capitalism has increased the standard of living and technology level of all humanity, while communism has simply resulted in economic destitution of dozens of countries and the deaths of countless millions, including almost a quarter of my family. I will not cater to your splitting hairs, nor will accept the premise that communism will ever bring anything other than stagnation and death.

170909 Have i said anything pro-Comunism?
I believe that Capitalism and Comunism are two ends of the Extremes
Comunism DOES tend to have Dictatorial/Totalitarian goverments due to the fact that is gives the government no restrictions on the goods produced
While Capitalsim just gives out too much leash to the companies to do what they want, too much window for corruption
Comunism and Capitalism are economy types
What if a Comunist goverment decided to have a Democratic government?
Then the people of that country would enjoy the liberties that we enjoy
What if a Capitalis government decided to brun the liberties that we so enjoy?
The opposite would happen
Dont hate the game, hate the player
Its People who do things like this, and therefore you should blame the people who did the atrocities that destroyed Marx's idea of an equal country
Of course "equal" will never happen

170909 And if you Do believe that Comunism will only bring nothing but Stagnation and Death
Then you are very, very close-minded in that part
Comunism can bring well-being to the people, provided its rules arent the power-hungry or the greedy. Basically the polar opposite of the leaders that want to censor the internet and yet cirtizise ther countries for doing it


I'm certain to the average American, one would most certainly see the ugliness of Mr. Lenin's Philosophy. In no way was this to promote communism. However, I am taking all the ugliness of human culture and trying to package it into one ball. You will see bad elements in this story, and you will also see some good. Please, do not use the comments as a debate forum for today's politics.

170973 Alright
I'm sorry aswell


Hopefully this isnt an anti-human story! IT wasn't their fault that Celestia was being oppressive! Anyways look forward to more

Don't be discouraged by jerks who will nitpick at anything.
And don't bother to hurry up with your writing: quality takes time.


How the..

Only bronys could end such a heated political debate (on the internet no less, were 'debate' is pretty much interchangeable with 'poo flinging') and end it not only quickly but leaving on friendly terms.

I love this fandom :eeyup::yay:

Yessssss! MOAR!!! I really do enjoy reading this superb story. It's a pity I can only offer 5 stars :(. MOAR I say!!!

170973 I would have laughed so hard if it turned out that the humans had been lying to them about the amount of land they own and their population. I mean it would be bloody hysterical to see them explain to Celestia that their are over seven billion humans, and that Equestria is the size of Australia

An update! UBER Sweet! Made my day. I liked all the references to real military units.

The Big Red 1 From the American First Infantry Division and the Don't Stomp (Tread) on me from the Gadsden Flag.

224805 He, about when can we expect another chapter?


That depends... I am kinda keep forgetting to bring my laptop with me to work so that I can start it. But Words fail me on how to describe the opening scene of the chapter.

Pardon, I meant to say I haven't started it because I am having trouble with the opening scene.

:heart: Please more. You write very well. Sadly the best five never seem to update. Yes this is awesome.
The opening scene can change viewpoints if that's what is troubling you.

GASP, love this story cant wait 4 more!

Le gasp! An update, after so long?

:facehoof:D'oh, what am I saying? I've been waiting patiently for six years for an update from another story, so what's a couple of months for this one?:facehoof:

Is the pic from the shouth - north Korean border?


This picture was taken from the South Korean side of the DMZ.

920232 let me gess: you found this pic in Google and add some royal guards in that.

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