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This story is a sequel to Ponified Without Consent

In a world without bacon, five humans find themselves trapped... grazing on mother bucking dandelions. To get home, they'll need to learn that friendship is magic. Too bad none of these jerks are friends.

To make matters worse, the show attempts to censor their attempts to act out of character. They're stuck as fillies no pony will listen to, and the only adults of the bunch are the alcoholic Berry Punch, and the eccentric Blue Blood.

A sequel to finish the great story we had planned to tell in our collaboration that was cancelled in 2013. The original is a quick read and sets up the characters, and the authors and editors deserve some love.

Edited by Neko Majin C

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I was disappointed that it had stopped and I had assumed that it was just a collection of story ideas that didn't get to become full fledge stories. I really like woman waking as Prince Blueblood one, which I loved the concept.

Thank you so much for this!

I love the design of this world. Also, Scootaloo and her cardboard box, I giggled for so long.

What if some other foals are also human? That would be an interesting development.

Finally!!! Hopefully it Will contenue, looking forward for next chapters.

Why was the previous story canceled?

It's not exactly easy to coordinate five different authors in addition to any editors involved, as we all found out.

I certainly wouldn't mind throwing Kaidan some ideas as far as Berry Punch is concerned, but that's neither here nor there.

I realized I forgot to make a blog to explain a bit about why the original was cancelled, but it's in the A/N now or click here.

You're always welcome to contribute. :heart: First up, can you teach me to write as awesome an HiE as you do? :twilightsheepish:

I have half the second chapter featuring Berry and Blue Blood, and a Scootaloo part that may go in or save for the next chapter. I'm aiming to update any stories I wrote each week on Saturday's around 6 pst. I also know the ending which is a huge help for avoiding writer's block.

The more points of view the harder it gets to write well, without detracting from the other characters. So even though I've had some ideas, I'm going to try to resist anymore colts or fillies becoming humans. (At least for this story, if I were going to take a risk like 'everypony is a human' then I'd want to do it as it's own thing because I'd probably mess it up. :scootangel:)

It did seem that way, and had the collab continued it probably would have felt like 5 separate stories told together in a shared universe... which was the ultimate goal. I think each of the intro's was good enough they could have each been their own spin-off, but none of the original author's every got around to any spin-offs so I'll do my best to keep the story moving forward.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Ha ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha that’s hilarious we’ve now got a Jesus pony can’t wait for more

If I was going to be a pony I’d always thought it’d be somepony like Lyra,

You cheeky git, I see what you did there.

“Yeah, like we walked about earlier in the week.

You mean talked about, right?

I never could resist a good reference or inside joke.

Thanks for noting the typo, I just got my editor's changes inserted too.

The 'everything turning to booze' was supposed to be a curse, but then I realize Berry could be the life of every party and perform miracles! :trollestia:

This was unexpected, Berry has Jesus powers.

Ah, good! I personally thought everything turning alcoholic was excessive and a good way to get yourself killed. I like this interpretation better. Also is a loophole.

this really should have been it's own story, with a female turn stallion having everything in Equestria conspiring against her/him to reach his goal and come off as a madpony, I wish there were still more of these kinds of stories again. Love the Cosplay part. From the looks of if Discord is unaware that a Changeling had replace Fluttershy and this takes places in season four before seeing that Starlight hadn't even founded he town yet. I wonder where she will end up next at Chrysalis's Hive I take it, through I would wonder what she will do with him seeing that Blueblood has nearly no influence over Equestrian politics and Celestia, he has a lot of bit, sure but he doesn't seem to have much discretion or control over it, and sending a decoy can only help the guy/girl out; I wonder if he/she could make a deal with Chrysalis somehow. I also wonder if she can even remember her own name while at it.

Yeah, I can't think of any females waking up as stallion fics, they're rare. The prequel's original idea was to have these 5 author's telling parallel stories together, each Point of View strong enough to have been it's own story. So Blueblood's arc is definitely full of a lot of interesting misadventures to be had, and could have been its own story.

Fluttershy was just giving Blueblood "the stare" to stop a crazy-sounding pony sporting a stiffy from getting any funny ideas. :fluttershyouch:

An arc involving the changelings would have been pretty interesting, especially as a stand alone story, but to try to introduce it here would make it even harder than it already is to juggle 5 independent points of views with their own stories to tell. :twilightblush:

Oh didn't realized it was the Stare we rarely see it used on HiE protagonists. I would be perfectly happy with not having the changeling in the story

Hope this story don't end like the prequel

There's no way that'd happ—
cuts to black

I am doing NaNoWriMo and realized about a week in that it meant I probably wouldn't update my other 2 stories until December, which is probably poor planning on my part.

So updates will resume twice a month in December, and a whole new unrelated story will be released which may or may not help the wait for new updates to this story. :twilightsmile:

Well, the previous story is in hiatus for 8 years and had only 5 chapters, so as long as you manage 3 chapters the next year, then it will be better, and if you manage to even give it a ending or continue, even better.

Also, just a suggestion but... Maybe this should be in a couple more groups that 'Pony transformation General'

Perhaps the most confusing thing, aside from the bit about “suddenly pony”, was that anytime I wasn’t focusing on what I was drinking it mysteriously turned to alcohol. Either some powerful being in the Equestria universe had a sick sense of humor, or I had a future performing miracles and guiding the lost to forgiveness for their sins.

That confirms it. Berry punch is the Pony Jesus
Sent from Lauren Faust to forgive the ponies of their pony sins

Hello. I just wanna ask if this story will Be receiving updates.

I have had to edit this 5 times because of auto correct

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