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This story is a sequel to Celestia's Day Out

Sometimes Cheerilee wonders why she doesn't quit her job. Sure, she loves imparting knowledge onto her students, but when one of them adopts two foals in the same age group and one of them has an axe in her head, she starts questioning whether all this was worth the headache. She'll have her answer by the end of the year.

Spoiler warning: No, it's not worth it.

Set in the Mother-verse

Cover art by Bootsy Slickmane

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 27 )

DT is best mom!

Because Diamond Tiara had just brought in a chocolate coated filly with an axe in her head!

Her daughter who had an axe in her head!

“Sorry, Mama!” said the filly WITH AN AXE IN HER HEAD!

Wait, the filly has an axe in her head?

“I like books!”

"I like food!”

I like trains!

It's 1:30 in the morning, I don't even know anymore...

GAH!!! Stop giving me a case of the adoracutes!

I'm waiting for the axe to get stuck on something, or for her to see a unicorn and think she has magic.

What if she actually uses magic?

Little Chocolate's best day ever.

Yeah. She'll become an axicorn.

I cannot even. :rainbowderp:

Who the hell went through and downvoted every comment except Seether00's? It's like someone was trying to incriminate 'em, or something.

Also, I hope to see more of our most adorable axe-headed filly.

There. I downvoted Seether's so no one can try to blame it on him. We'll find you, serial downvoter! We'll tie you to a radiator and grape you in the mouth!


It'd be hilarious if it turned out to be you, Bootsy, though honestly I can't see you doing that.


That's...disturbing. Grapes are nasty :pinkiesick:

It's amazing how a filly with such a fucked up universe ends up fitting so well in this universe. Fan-freaking tastic. I can't wait to see more Chocolate and Scootaloo! xD

5640586 Well, a horn is used as an amplifier and way to focus the inner magic of a pony. With chocolate being struck right between the eyes, the frontal lobe being split just perfectly between the break so much that no real bodily functions are harmed, she might be able to channel some sort of Earth Pony magic to tap into her innate life giving magics that can now freely flow throughout her body thanks to the axe, which gives her a sort of super regenerative quality and potentially use some unexplored earth pony magics?

Possibly the one filly that wouldn't explode being around alicorns that isn't Diamond Tiara. Course, Celestia help herself if she comes within 100 yards of Diamond's family! XD

You have no idea how happy I am to see you write something like this again. Thanks for the d'awws and smiles Matt. It helped a lot xD

I guess she had an... axeident.

Downvoter:... and thats when... they graped me!

Officer: Don't you mean raped?

Downvoter: No! There was a bunch of 'em!

OM:trollestia: another mother-verse fic :yay: I can't wait to read it!:twilightsmile:

I know Dia adopting Scoots wasn't exactly normal to begin with but we are really pushing the suspension of disbelief to the limit. Things took a turn for the truly bizarre when Diamond enslaved a vengeful Japonese demon as a pet and then Diamond adopted her own older sister Cadanece.:unsuresweetie: But THIS is REAAAAALLY cranking up the weirdness level to HOLY MOTHER OF F:yay: that's some crazy b(BUY SOME APPLES):applecry:)!

and where the hay is Silver Spoon? I want to see more of her kinky kitty pet-play with Sweetie Belle.:unsuresweetie:

“Well, at least Scootaloo can now say she’s the smart one,” Diamond Tiara said optimistically.

well thats harsh.. but fair.:scootangel:

“Is Mama sad?” Chocolate Icing asked barely above a whisper. Diamond Tiara turned to her daughter and began brushing her mane.

OML Choclate Icing Rich is just the cutest little filly OC sense Nyx!:pinkiehappy:

the principal insists everypony in the same age group goes to school together, regardless of special needs,” Cheerilee grumbled.

well that explains Snips and Snails LOL:pinkiehappy:

Will this ever be continued?

Sadly, unlike Fifteen Years, I don't really care for completing this one. Zero ideas for it.

That's unfortunate

Why not mark it as "cancelled", then? (Which reminds me, I need to do the same with one of mine)

“...Sorry, book,” Chocolate Icing said to the desk lamp, stroking it just to show how sorry she truly felt.

I laughed way harder at this than I should have.

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