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Equestria has appeared on Earth. But instead of joy and knowledge; it has bought death, pain and destruction. Who is responsible for this? The Solar Tyrant Celestia.

She has professed kindness, tolerance and compassion. But backed up by the point of a sword, kindness becomes cruelty; tolerance becomes intolerance; and compassion becomes hate.

But there is hope. the Selenian Rebellion. Composed of beings from Equestria and Earth and led by Princess Luna, they are all united by a single cause - stopping the Solar Tyrant and restoring peace to the joined worlds.

Can this group succeed or will Earth and Humanity be trampled under the iron-shod hooves of Celestia's military?

Author's Notes: I would like to thank Restless Coyote from Space Battles for suggesting the the title to this story.

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Not bad, but it could be better. Also please read before submitting because I caught a lot of grammar issues in it.

I've seen a lot of crappy anti-tcb fics but this one doesn't even want to hide it's self from all the crappy plot ideas and messages that goes with this crap. I can already tell that this is going to be deleted or have so much shit thrown at me for it, but I'll take it. I've had enough of this Anti-TCB crap and all of you harassing Chatoyance and other people in TCB, and learn how to use grammar and spelling.

Wow, this is well...Different. Why is Celestia evil? That is not what I've come to expect from conversion bureau fics. Its not bad, just weird.

These ponies, seem to like violence just a bit much. Again, not what i expected. The ponies don't need to be all sunshine and rainbows, but neither should they be violent and unaffected by the ponies they just killed.

And you have humans in equestria? i realize you have some kind of magic thing to explain this but honestly it came off as plot convenience so you could have them there.

Luna hasnt appeared yet so i dont know how you'll handle her but im not looking forward to it honestly. All in all, this story could have potential if you have a good reason for Celestia to be the bad guy, and address some of the other issues.

Hmm, spotted one or two gramattical gaffes. Other than that, you've posited a relatively novel 'verse. (i.e. A schism between Luna and Celestia, presumably.)

Hm... interesting... but... while I won't thumbs up, I won't thumbs down this, either. Grammar mistakes are around, sure, but it's still legible. Now, the premise is that Luna has rebelled against her TCB!Sister's ways... and I admit, that is interesting. The premise itself is eye-catching, since, in my experience, most of the TCB or anti-TCB fics I've read seem to neglect Luna's existence...

One peeve, but not enough to dissuade you from this story, though. Luna and Celestia fighting on opposite sides... While TCB!Celestia tends to be different from canon-Celestia, I just can't see the Princess of the Sun jeopardizing her sisterhood after getting her back after those long 1000 years. Also, forgive me, but Luna's forces... are a bit violent. It's basically slapping a new name on the anti-conversion groups portrayed in other TCB fics. I mean... just how far has it escalated? Plus, we haven't even gotten Luna's reasons for starting this group other than the generic moral of 'it's wrong'.

Again, interesting premise, but at the same time, the execution has not yet been that... original. I'm sorry. It's still a start. I've just been desensitized by reading so many TCB fics, both pro and anti. Either one portrays either humans or ponies as complete sadists and jerks, and that's just depressing to me.

1148425 I am in agreement... it's odd, but full of potential.

1148373 Bluh, Bluh, we aren't harassing, we are criticizing, did Chatoyance lie to you. I think she did.

Those people who sent death threats, harassed, and did other things to Chat, we banned them from the group, and they got banned from the site. Did Chat lie to you about that.

Sure, he has some grammatical errors, but that is why we have a thing called constructive criticizim.

Learn how to read and write, I'm Norwegian, I know NyNorsk and Bookmal, yet I write, and speak English near perfectly. So, shut it on who's more lliterate. Also, run-on sentances ? You got quite a lot of 'em.

If you don't see Chat's TCB ponies as Genocidal, you and me need to have a REAL talk.

Technically, all TCB has humans getting genocide'd. Chatoyance-written or otherwise.

It plays out well as a Solar Empire vs New Lunar Republic story, but personally I'm not as sold on the use of Conversion Bureaus as the mechanism for the forming of the resistance you have. I mean, yes, I can understand humans and ponies, but the motivations and characterizations of the changelings and diamond dogs seem to fall flat. I hope you expand on them soon, because as it stands right now Instar could just be a unicorn with a talent for transformation magic, and the Diamond Dogs didn't really contribute anything beyond being extra bodies carrying weapons and noses. Just felt kind of stapled on to me for the purpose of "All races unite, rah rah rah!"

I was inspired by a youtube video (NLR vs. Solar Empire) that portrayed Celestia as an arrogant racist.


She has professed kindness, tolerance and compassion. But she espouses these values at the point of a sword.

Whose to say Celestia didn't try to do this to the Changelings or other races? Or for that matter, whose to say she'll stop at Humanity?

1148521, you'll see. As for the LRA being a bit too violent. Well, war ain't pretty.

My boot up her flank along with the several mellonballers I have.

1149046 Well, if she did, it didn't play out in how those characters interacted with the ponies. I can see the diamond dogs getting along pretty well with humanity, and the changelings just want to siphon our emotions anyway. But if they'd been the victims of attempted conquest by the ponies recently (unless you're having this fued between Celestia/Luna have been going on for a while), then they'd definitely at least be lukewarm to their pony allies. Treat them as a "Yeah yeah, we're on the same side, but only until Celestia is brought down." kind of deal.

And if it's a "We're with you to stop her from doing it to us later" deal, then that should still reflect in a little more distrust and animosity among the different races, rather than them all just grabbing the nearest weapon and shouting "Down with Celestia." It doesn't have to be much, but just the little details seem to have been glossed over at this time.


Why is Celestia evil? That is not what I've come to expect from conversion bureau fics.

...What TCB fics have you been reading where Celestia isn't a hardcore racist and xenophobe?

1149087 Well, to be perfectly honest there's only a few where it could be argued with any degree of reliability that Celestia is that way, predominantly in the Ten Rounds setting, as well as a few other stories. The larger majority of TCB stories portray her at worse as prejudiced against humanity for our capacity to commit violence and for our general apathy towards things not directly in front of us. Furthermore, it becomes an even more difficult point to argue given what exactly the precise nature of Conversion is, strictly because there is no universal standard for it beyond "human becomes pony".

I guess it really plays down to whether you consider the Conversion to be a genocide as we define the term today, or whether it demands a more specific term like genetic genocide. The problem to me with using the current definition of genocide is it doesn't exactly take into account the implications of something like Conversion.

I donn't understand how humanity could be losing but okay. I still kinda like this fic, but I'm so confused on how humanity could lose.

As much as I normally dislike "Tyrant Celestia" jokes, and DESPISE Conversion Bureau stories that take that seriously, this actually seems pretty good. Tracking!

You can't be serious. :facehoof:

Anyhow, excellent start, Velkaden.

1149212, just so you know, this does draw some cues from Ten Rounds.

As for why all the species seem to be getting along? Well, the prologue is set a while after the founding of the LRA. Things weren't so nice at first.

1149552, thanks! :twilightsheepish:

1149465, yes Tyrant Celestia is played seriously but she will pay a heavy price.

1149685 But how long is "at first"? I mean, I understand if you want to keep it close to the chest for the time being, but to me forging such an alliance of species that actively dislike or are at least dismissive of ponies would take more than a few months to overcome, especially if the one proposing and intending to lead the alliance is a pony.

Oh my gosh! Ever since the first TCB story I read that sided against the ponies I've been hoping someone would write something like this. No time to read it now though but I'll be looking forward to it later.

Rambling time,
I really like the trend going on of the battling TCB stories. Some side with ponies and others with humans, and though they're both extreme in their portrayal of the 'bad' side they balance each other out and might just save the series as a whole. We could use a few neutral slice of life types now where there is no conflict, wars, doomsday clock, or terrorist groups. I'd love to read something about a pony moving from Equestria and trying to adapt to human society. I'll put that on my list of things I'll never have the time to write.

Excellent! I always enjoy fics where Humanity doesn't just sit down and die. And where we aren't always portrayed as complete monsters who eat babies for breakfast and all that. Keep it up my friend. ~With regards, the Current Student of the Second True Magic.

Excellent work my friend, keep up the good work.


I mean . . . yes it's good justice is met and all that, but I can never shake who Celestia is in canon. She would never be the monster those jokes play her up as.

Ehhh... that fight scene was rather confusing. But, other than that, good work! :twilightsmile:

Ok, I loved it. That was pretty fantastic. With or without humans you should write pony scifi. :pinkiegasp:

Nice. Very nice. It starts In Media Res, I get that much. But I hope you plan to show us how we get here, cause this is already shaping up to be a great fic. Faved and tracking! :pinkiehappy:

1149935, Humanity and the Equestrians all have their share of heroes and demons. Remember Roy's penchant for looting corpses?

1152157 Very true. I just like it when people actually bother to show the other side of the conflict as well. Makes things more. . . realistic. Or something like that. I really want to explore this new world, so, once again, keep up the good work.

This has gained my full attention. I expect more to come.

Xenocide, mixed with a healthy dose of Cultural Genocide.

1161728 But see, it still smacks me as an oversimplification of the core idea that is Conversion. It calls into question on whether or not the pony that comes out of the Conversion is still the same 'person' as the human that drank/took the shot of potion. Sure, their genetic identity is different, but does that remove their legal and philosophical status as a 'person'? And if they're the same person that they were before they underwent the Conversion, you can't really use the current definitions of xenocide or genocide, as the person has not technically died, given the continuation of their consciousness.

However, all of it is up to individual interpretation, which to me is what makes TCB such an interesting universe to write in. However, to me it is not fair to start trying to tar and feather the whole concept with such broad-spectrum terms that only partially apply at best.

Well, it depends on how one defines death, not to mention it also depends on how exactly the potion works in a universe. If its the mind-wiping personality warping and all hail Celestia version some of the universes use, than I'd have to go with it.
One has to remember though, when you get down to it, if all of "humanity" (whatever one exactly defines that as as well) is changed into ponies, the human race has been killed in such a story, or at the very least wiped out.

Good action, just... not 100% sure. Moves rather fast, in both a good and bad way. Still, looking forward to more.

Now, now - as long as this is an honest stab at a story rather than a hatefic or spitefic, and as long as Velkaden himself (whether he hates Chatoyance or not) is not engaging in extra-curricular abuse, then just because he's the owner of a group called anti-something doesn't mean he's necessarily a bad person and it doesn't mean his fic has no right to exist.

No, I mean it.

I haven't read this yet, not sure if want, quite sure the favour will not be returned, however if I ain't gonna read it, I ain't gonna vote on it - and neither should you.


Luna and Celestia fighting on opposite sides... While TCB!Celestia tends to be different from canon-Celestia, I just can't see the Princess of the Sun jeopardizing her sisterhood after getting her back after those long 1000 years.

Actually...I was kind of wondering the same thing.

More specifically, I think it would make more sense if Luna sided with Celestia - why would she disagree with her sister's conclusions on humans?

Of course, I'll hold out for an explanation on why Luna decides to fight her sister.

1203503, this draws a lot of inspiration from New Lunar Republic vs. Solar Empire fics. And a bit from the first pilot episodes.

All I am willing to say is there are two reasons I chose:

1.) The princesses (one of them) aren't who you think they are.
2.) Both have very different views of Humanity, colored by where they make first contact.

You should make a Spacebattles thread for this.

You're complaining about grammar issues. Seriously?


Celestia as an arrogant racist

Well, why do you think the Running of the Leaves is only for ponies? :trollestia:

Soooooo....what? Did this fic die in the womb or will you actually update it at some point? I hope you do since what I saw in this story, I liked.

1780736, I'm still trying to write this all got started. Along with how Zachary ended up in the LRA, how the LRA started and why it has so many species in its ranks.

1786644 Is this fic Dead or what :rainbowhuh:


2200296, I'm planning the next chapter.

2211799, your criticism was nothelpful.

Oh, don't worry. That wasn't criticism. That was just me, releasing my frustration at the comments section.

Just a quick reminder that this still exists and seems to be quite interesting

5498778 I'd guess yes, but I seen fics idle for longer

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