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Petty Gripes · 1:40pm Apr 30th, 2017

The more I think about it... the more the lazy (in my opinion) writing for Friendship is Magic: Deviations #1 ticks me off...

Exploring how this character could grow up a little different with his aunt's guidance? No, make him an outright an even bigger jerk because you'd "be wasting your time with a redemption story".

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2225583 And you fail to see that I don't defend myself on this because, yeah, I can acknowledge it's very manipulative and the whole thing it's based from is extremely stupid.

As for "Aftermath of the Fallen Star", I'm already growing tired of it. It's supposed to set up some on-the-way story, but the upcoming villains are built up too much, the story's version of Equestria is far too bigoted, and so forth, up to including a then-infant going to be set-up as the big bad because "destiny/the writer says so".

In this case, I say let him write what he writes. In my experience, doing nothing but complaining or whining about it is the worst thing you could do, especially when it's in an already-acknowledged not-canon thing. (Second Chances by Jay-the-Brony, for example).

Basically, you are taking a mere story personally, and are clearly trying to brow-beat anyone that doesn't agree with you. Knock it off. Unless you can stop complaining about it, you are getting blocked.

2225580 Sighs. And you continue to fail to see the issue here........ Sighs.

2225576 *shrug* What I like to read is my business, Lom.

2225572 Blind hate is what rated r is relying on here. His story si tailored ot manipulate the anti conversion bureau crowd. Aka, YOU, into giving him attention. Just kill a bunch of character to force an emotional response.

The conversation bureau is a dumb concept more or less. Personally though i am a bit ofa pessimist and see humanity and just a bunch of fucking assholes that need to get their act together, but being turned into ponies is not going to magicall make that go away. As a concept it seems ponies could be what humans could achieve, in that they do not go to the vile extremes WE will go to. They get angry and argue, we get angry and commit acts of cruelty.
Being turned into one of them is not gonna remove that negative nature.

The anti conversion buereau stories are incredibly stupid. Just randomlyu kill poneis and have humans win and ignore all aspects that would make it otherwise. There is no actual thought in them. And that is the same for this story. Except for the whole manipulate the anti converesion burea guys.
Fuck the whole 'celestia killed equestria' plotline falls flat on it face because the tree of harmony is there. REalyl think the god tree would just sit back and let the sun stay hidden or die? Just..... stupidity.

Seriously, hate should never be the motivation for liking a story. Hate should never be a motivation for any action at any time. It is always blind and reckless.

Ultimately, this series of stories is manipulative, to incite guys like YOU into liking it because of how much you hate conversion beureau, and being blind to the horrible writing going on here.

Writing i might add is in ALL of his stories. You read his fallen star story? Dear lord, nothing happens in that story that is character driven, its always plot convenience.

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