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Comments on Atelier Series (mostly Sophie) · 8:20pm January 10th

I know it's not a magical girl per se, but when has that stopped me before?

I played a lot of jRPG's, but for some weird reason I never stumbled on a single game from Atelier series. I knew it existed, I never avoided it consciously, it just happened on it's own. Until recently I finally played my first one and I'm in love with a new series (btw, yes I know that company made Blue Reflection, which is about magical girls, I'll get to it some day, maybe).

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2356791 Skitty,:pinkiesad2: is that you? I'M SORRY FOR RELEASING FOR YOU IN THE WILD, SKITTY!!:raritycry: PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!:raritydespair:

2356789 Nope, I got it way before that.


So IS that where you get your name?

2356782 Apologies are not necessery :twilightsheepish:

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