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Dinky Hooves is excited. For the first time in her young life she’s about to go to school. Her goal? To learn, have fun and above all else: make some friends.

But the path isn’t always so cleanly cut. Bullies, her own overwhelming shyness and a slightly (Read: very) over-protective mom stand between her and the life she wishes to lead.

And maybe there’s a little something about that cool colt...

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Comment posted by JustAnotherTimeLord deleted Jan 18th, 2013

Everyone is updating or posting stories on the day. :rainbowlaugh:

First thing I thought of with the chapter title.

Of Rumbling Dinks
[in a forced voice] HMMM… I WONDER WHO THIS INCLUDES?

Might read it later. I like these kinds of stories.

Forget that one book; sell this!

I want new chapter already. :raritydespair:

Lenore is the best possible name for a raven plushie.

congrats on the feature! must be a new record... 3 hours? honestly, if that doesnt say anything about your writing, i dont know what does!

Anyways, this is a great story, looks like you put a lot of time into it raven!


Comment posted by The Princess Luna deleted Jan 19th, 2013

Read the bedraggled raven plushie. 'Heh, Lenore.' Read it was named Lenore. :rainbowderp:

Really liking this so far, Dinky is a great character and I love it when authors explore her. That sounds wrong. Anyhoo, did I catch a Gurren Lagann reference perhaps? And dat mooolteee-pass, indeed.

Looking forward to more greatness. Hopefully I won't feel the need to brutally beat featherweight so much in this one.:twilightblush:


An error?

Well, if there's only one in 9K words it's a good ratio... still, what is it? I must assault it with proper orthography.


Consider it fixed! And thanks for the spot.

Bucking hell. When I first read the title, I read it as "Of Rumbling Dicks". There's been too many clopfics in the featured box lately...

1983134 Huh. Anyway, I actually have a question now that I think of it. What's up with Cheerilee? Inappropriate reading material and a downer attitude about her classes? That's odd. Admittedly I haven't read the other story yet so it might just be jarring out of context but it just struck me as an out of left field interpretation of the character.

I'm curious as to the notion behind her interpretation in this series. It's not bad, just having some trouble fitting it in my headspace.


She's like a real teacher. Or at least, the teacher's I had.

And the reading material's a nod to the previous story, she confiscated that book from Snips and Snails. They had a biology project based on the research they did therein.

Dinky feels like a mini Twilight Sparkle... hmm.. not sure if like her yet. Rumble, I like him. Kid's got the smooth moves, and I did sense I possible Thunderlane x Derpy shipping snuck in? I think I did. Also, isn't Archer a blue earth pony filly?


She's a pegasus once in a while.

I want her to be a pegasus.

She's a pegasus.

Guess I have an obligation to favorite this... :)


Of course you don't!

But you know, your cover-art...

With an opening chapter title like that...

“And you as well, Miss Hooves!” he exclaimed, a hoof absently raising up to his brother’s head to give him a ruffle. “Right, well, I’ll be off,” he said as he turned to his brother, his tall mohawk of cerulean hair waving as he bent down. “Now, what did I tell you, bro?”

Rumble smiled, a gesture filled with confidence and a simple adoration for the older stallion. “I have to believe in myself and do the best I can!”

“That’s it! And what if you can’t?”

“Then I believe in the you that believes in me!” the colt replied seconds before his brother crushed him with a hug.

It's official- you're a legend.

Insta-sequel! Starring Dinkie!?!

1983166So THAT'S Scootablue's real name, Archer. Thanks!

Thunder-lane is the Equestrian Kamina(and Rumble, the Equestrian Simon)?


I guess you of all ponies really need an education.

Do I detect a Pink Floyd reference?
I love background characters getting attention, but Dinky seems too much like a miniature Twilight.

Alright, so I think you hinted at it, but just to be sure (there are quite a few number of white fillies, after all) that one couple you mentioned was Sweetie and Feathers, so this does happen after Of Challenges and Kisses right?

I'm just thinking that wouldn't Rumble remember Dinky as the filly that stole that one time?


Yeah, that's them.

They should have a 'slightly' bigger role in the future.

And yes, this is set after the events of OCaK, the Fall of the same year.

I'm all giddy that you're doing a good job with this story. :pinkiehappy:
And also, dat DinKy caps'd friggin crazy. :ajbemused:

how did i not see this in my notifications!:twilightangry2:

An interesting start. Now, knowing your other fics, we'll need to wait a month or so for the next chapter. Ah well, it's always worth the wait at least.

Another of your foal love stories? Insta-fave! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, who wants to get in line, and have DT and SS in place of this passenger?

1982364 Man, you and your alternate/suggested titles!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
You seem to be everywhere with them!!

It's a great start for a sequel. Also, there are some typos but they're no biggie. Featherweight X Sweetie Belle background scene WOOHOO!!!1! :yay:


This made me laugh, I don't know why, but it did.

1984387 Oh hell yes xD

Edit: Featured? Already? Hell yes! xD

Apart from one error with a capital letter in the middle of the name:
"Turning, DinKy looked at Archer"
The story looks okay so far, will there be any time skipping involved (aka moving a few years ahead when dinky is older) or not?
Any way good job with the first chapter, I hope to see if you can keep the quality up! :twilightsmile:
Bye for now
- xgenmine

Very sweet start. Also was that a Kamina reference? Anyway, I look forward to more.

Oh my, this is fantastic from start to finish! So beautifully written and so entertaining as well. And I'm loving your super-intelligent-yet-super-naive Dinky!

Ponyville Elementary rose out of the ground, a shining beacon of education, friendship, and hope.

I could practically hear the choir singing in the background at this point. XD

Fantastic story and a lovely writing style. Faved and adding to my "read later" list to analyse in detail.

"Believe in the you that believes in me" oh Celestia that was perfect.


Thank you!

But credit goes to Fred, he mentioned that bit (I was going for another Gurran reference)

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