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"Derpy..." He knew he needed to say something, but, well...Words had never really been Thunderlane's strong suit. Taking a quick moment to think on what would be the right thing, he hunched down next to her, resting his cheek on his own forelegs as he peered at her. "I'm glad you're not part a my family."

Her muffled sob was a very clear indication that that was decidedly not what she wanted to hear.


This is a much longer follow up to How Sweet It Is. It will definitely make more sense if you read that first!

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Really enjoyed this - fave'd to see what happens next, and now off to read your other fics!


Thank you! And don't worry; A LOT more stuff is going to be happening -- The story kind of ran away with me and before I knew it, I had 31 pages worth of fic.


:yay: I put it on my Read It Later list, and will get to it soon.

One small-but-glaring typo I noticed in the description: 'part a my family.'


That part is dialogue; the "typo" was intentional, kind of like "gonna" instead of "going to". Thank you, though!

Don't say 'Maybe', Derpy. Rumble stood up for you. Lets see how Thunderlane screws this up.


Rumble has complete and total faith in Derpy. He's too innocent to see all her flaws. But don't worry -- she'd never let him down!

And Thunderlane means well, really he does! He's just really, well, himself. He definitely does a few things right in this story, though!

*Random Grumbling and Studdering*
*More Random Grumbling and Studdering*



Grumbling and stuttering are good, Y/N? :D

Its me trying to suppress the d'AWWW
So yes


Aww, yay! That's the kind of response I want to garner with this story~ :twilightsmile:

Damn it, Thunderlane... Oh wait, you haven't screwed... yet.


Don't worry; Rainbow Dash will have reason to yell at him later on in the story :rainbowdetermined2:

You definitely earned it. :scootangel:


I will give you lots, lots more (there are 12000 more words and counting written)...But you need to be patient! :raritywink:


Aww.. but Rainbow yells at the poor guy all the time. Thunderlane can't catch a break.

I read somewhere that embarrassing yourself often endears you to others. No wonder these two are together.

Also, will you write a sequel for this sequel, maybe later in their relationship, when things get serious(er)? Maybe with them dealing with others looking at them funny for their odd pairing? I don't want to impose, but I would like to see this continued.


This pairing snuck up on me and blindsided me with its cuteness. I was totally not looking to write a ship when I wrote "How Sweet It Is." That was intended to just be about Derpy's bad cooking skills, but on a whim I tossed Thunderlane in and things went from there -- And I realized I LIKED them as a ship, so I ran with it. It was a complete whim and whether or not I write more about them after this monster is over (seriously, it's 33 pages already and the end is nowhere in sight yet) is up to my muse.

I am glad to know you like it enough to want more when this is done, though! :pinkiehappy:



Thanks; you just made my day!!!! <3



Alright. I know I'm fairly new to this site, but.......

good heavens. Your writing is AMAZING!

great writing + adorable pair = 'dawwwwwww' spectacular!
Best ship and fic I've come across, hands down. Your work has a special feel to it. (kind of like watching harry potter for the first time....you all know what I'm talking about.


The best? You make me blush ^//////^

But thank you soooooo much. Your comment was a great thing to wake up to! I hope I continue to please you with my work :twilightsmile:


D'aww. And then, for today, Rumble was Best Colt.


ThunDerplane? :rainbowlaugh: Okay, that's good. I've been thinking of them as Derpylane, but that didn't quite work. This does.

Anyway, the story itself: cute. Very, very cute. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how Family Appreciation Day plays out. Um. I suppose there isn't a whole hay of a lot else to say about it yet, but it's just as endearing and well-written as its predecessor. So it's getting thumbs-upped and Tracked.


Thank you again, JAG. "Endearing" is definitely a word I've been going for with this fic.

As for the pairing name? I call it "Thunderhooves." That's how I tag it in my LJ, at least (and I don't have a clever pegasus tag yet, like my "unicorns are horny" tag).

A new chapter of my new favorite fanfic was just what the doctor ordered.

Go rainbow dash!

20% cooler.
Thank you for the upload! Woohoo!


Hmm... Rainbow not being a selfish jerkwad for once. We'll see how long that lasts.


Isn't that what the doctor always recommends? LOL; it always does wonders for me! :derpytongue2:


Rainbow Dash makes everything awesome. Wait 'til you see what she does next chapter :rainbowlaugh:


It lasts long enough. As I said to rad, she keeps up her awesomeness next chapter~ :rainbowdetermined2:

Yay new chapter, for a moment there I thought it was going to turn into a RainDerp shipp, Hope you update more soon though:raritystarry:


Oh no, my ship is here to stay! I am a strong believer in Rainbow Dash's gay love for Applejack, so even if I wasn't so in love with my obscure Thunderhooves, I would not ship Rainbow with anypony else :ajsmug:

1528093I like your conviction, Here have a lick:rainbowwild:

though keep up the good work zavarish


No no; Rainbow should be licking AJ :applejackconfused::rainbowwild:

I am very firm in my shipping. It takes a lot to change my mind! u_u

1528220HAR! I see what you did there, I prefer a good TwiLuna/moon shipp thyself, though I hope you are not sad when they pair Rainbow up with the mystery "stallion" in Season three though, >_> we must "pursuade" the writers to change there minds about that....:pinkiesmile:


I hate when a show makes canon ships. It ruins things for us fans :C

I used to kind of, like, hate Twilight (due to some one annoying I know RPing her), but I've decided that her shipped with Luna makes her acceptable and fun :twilightsheepish:

1528284Da I do not like cossplaying as Ponies unless they can actually become ponies, otherwise i consider it Heresy

1529789 I couldn't have said it better myself. :twilightsmile:

1529789 1529811

Thanks guys! Mind if I ask what you like in particular? Knowing what's good helps me keep up the awesome! :twilightsmile:

1529820 Excellent characterization, realistic actions, well written, good grammar, a good story, all sorts of fun stuff

Right in the feels! I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for moments like this. I love the play by Rainbow Dash, clever girl, and Ditzy's fall in is perfect. Bravo! :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile::raritywink:



The characterization and realism are the things I like to hear I do well. I really love fanfic that has a really real feel to it, you know? I find it tough to portray fictional characters as real, though it's a challenge I wholeheartedly embrace.

It always makes me feel good to know I've succeeded in that aspect!


Thanks so much! Rainbow's gotta keep up her awesome by helping out the mere mortals and of course poor Derpy had to "spoil" the moment by being so utterly herself! :yay:

To suppress the d'AWWWs is futile.

Love it, great writing in this one, though I know someone will be getting some tonight, BOOYAKA:derpyderp1:

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