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Comet Burst

The man without a plan.


This story is a sequel to Slide

It's been a couple months since Rumble's brother started dating his classmate's mom. Now saddled with all the jokes that come with it, a thunderstorm he didn't prepare for is just what he needed.

And, of course, there's also her daughter, Dinky.

Perhaps, though, there's more to her than Rumble thought, and sharing an umbrella may show him things aren't as bad as they seem.

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Thank you for one of the cutest stories I've ever read. :twilightsmile:


Well, at least Dinky has a backup plan and knows what she's saying. Rumble just needed to vent. And hey, finally got a date as well. Oblivious dork :rainbowlaugh:

Welcome back though, it's great to see you here again :twilightsmile:

“There’s a colt I like,” Dinky said slowly. “He’s fast, strong and pretty darn cute despite being completely oblivious.”

No kidding.

Yay, cute shipping! If both couples stay together though, rumble would become Dinky's uncle. That would lead to an interesting conversation or two down the road.

“At least your brother lets you play games whenever you want. My mom is all about ‘do your homework first’ and ‘make sure your chores are done before you rot your brain’.” Featherweight sighed as he followed Rumble to the front of the rows of desks. “It could be worse, I suppose,” he mused. “You might wind up like Dinky over there, so cherish your freedom while you can.”

:rainbowlaugh: his mother remind me of my mother there... I feel the pain

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