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This story is a sequel to Sweet Affection

It's been months since the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried helping Rumble with his crush, or rather Scootaloo tried getting Rumble to like her even though he liked Sweetie Belle. All that's been resolved and Rumble is happy with his new marefriend.

Now both Sweetie Belle and Rumble's best friend Dinky are training with Twilight Sparkle to further their magic, but when asked to go to The Changeling Hive, Starlight Glimmer takes over as a mentor. How will she fair when trying to be both a mentor and an older sister to these foals?

Plus Tender Taps has been having some troubles of his own, such as finding his own filly to be with. Perhaps Rumble can help him, just as Tender Taps might be able to help Rumble.

And what happens when they suddenly have to go against Changelings?

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Ok now, THIS is a REAL Romance story. Not some story about two mares falling in love with each other, and never realise that their GAY.

I approve of this. I liKe it, I give it thumbs up m8

OMG Spike is turning into Twilight.

OMG!!! Who's taking care of the mane 6's pets?!?!?

Difference between a crush and in love.

Oh hey, I remember the first story from FF! Gonna read this one now ^^

Hey, I remember the first one from FF! Didn’t know it had a sequel. Liked, followed, and favorited before I even begin reading ^^

Well this suddenly gotten dark
Hope rescue arrives soon in the next chapter or 2. (It'll be odd if they're all trapped for like 5 more chapters)

Looks like Twily and the others are gonna show the Chrysalis Loyal Changelings whos boss :) (And also all of the others getting as much help as possiable is pretty good)
Looks like next chapter will be finding Chrysalis's new hideout or our heros finding the Changelings with the foals still in the air

Looks like the Foals did a good job escaping from the Changelings.

Now they just have to reach either of their friends in time before more come back. (And hopefully fight Chrysalis's army side by side)

You know Sugar Belle could've gone with Starlight.

Looks like things are starting to heat up and things aren't going well at the old hive
Hopefully Twily will be able to fight off the other changelings and get to the other hive to help the others

Pretty epic battle there:)

But Chrysalis is still at large.

I take with this one now competed the next fic will be in the Friendship's New Flight universe?

Yep, Starlight seems pretty spot on.

I'm really loving your stories. Poor Dinky. Even though she was so supportive of helping Rumble get Sweetiebelle and how happy she was that he succeeded in the end I can understand that she sometimes get a little jealous of him paying more attention to Sweetiebelle than her now. Hope they can work things out.

Poor Dinky. She really does miss being Rumble's center of attention.

Well that was unexpected. I did expect maybe Scootaloo would try to kiss him and cause some big drama between her, Rumble, and Sweetiebelle. But it was nice to see that Rumble handled it maturely and out right said that friends is all they'll ever be and Sweetiebelle isn't holding that kiss against them seeing Rumble tell Scootaloo that he loves her, not Scootaloo.

And Chrysalis let's Starlight live to potentially over though her. She really does have a tendency to underestimate her opponents.

You say OMG everytime I see you XD
Anyway, good story man, hope to see more like this. I'm gonna read the rest of it when I get home (since I'm in class right now), anyway, good luck on the rest of your stories :)

Does Starlight know any shield magic, or would that count as combat magic.

In the first episode of Season 6, she did create a force field to protect herself and Spike from a magic blast Flurry Heart sneezed out, that would be a good example of her defense magic.

Is Tender Taps related to Scootaloo in this story?

No, they’re not related

Sweetie Belle swam to the side, glaring angrily at Lightning Dust. "Thanks for interrupting our romantic moment!"

damn Sweetie is not nice.... i know she wants to be all lovely with Rumble, but she is really not nice to others.

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