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I'm Back! · 3:40pm Jan 19th, 2014

I got a new computer! YAY! It means I can work faster than what I can do with my dinosaur of a computer. It also means that I'll have more time to write, too. Alhough I won't be frequent like before, I'll still be quicker in writing. At least I still have progress, right? Anyway, I still have some issues regarding on how I feel about the story. I was inspired when I wrote the first five chapters. Now I don't even have time to write one for you guys. I also feel lost when it comes to making

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Your avatar...


563292 Haha Sp00n is a video game commentator on YouTube who's known for wearing a horse mask whenever he shows himself.


Welcome to the Feature Box Crusaders! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just let me know and I'd be happy to help.

Thanks! I'll keep those in mind. :raritywink:

That's a nice picture of Sp00n in your blog post up there.

Thanks? :unsuresweetie:

And you're a pretty good artist.

I don't get that a lot, but thanks! :twilightsmile:

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