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My name is Artemis, I was sworn in as Princess Celestia's personal guard quite some time ago. I've watched her for so many years and silently stood by her side during all the recent ups and downs of her reign. Now I'm going to tell her how I feel. I know it would never work, we're just too different. But sometimes, there are things in a stallion's life he just has to do, and things he has to get off his chest.

What happens tonight will be anypony's guess, but one thing is for certain... it will be a night to remember.

Part one of the "To Love" trilogy. > Part two can be found here<
Teen for slight language and very mild suggestive themes.

Edited by Darastrix.
Pre-read by Azu and NATOstrike.

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>Part two can be found here<

Not a whole lot to tell about this story. I saw the comic the cover image originated from, the gears in my head started to turn and two days later, this was the result:twilightsmile:

Hope you enjoyed it, don't forget to rate and comment:yay:
Favorites are nice too.

Once more I owe a lot to Darastrix and Azu who both helped me with this.

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Not a bad little story, I enjoyed it good job. :twilightsmile:

awsome job!:twilightsmile: i really liked this. nice job for a celestia one! i loved how he struggled to keep his wings in lol! nice jon peace!

Not bad at all, I was a bit worried that this would turn into a troll-fest, and I glad that it didn't. It is sweet, and even though she did reject his feelings it wasn't bittersweet since he knew that it wasn't going to happen.

If he had not gotten the promotion I would have been peeved. Good job.

Woo another Brony2893 story!!! I loved it :3

Ohhe, this was amazing!:yay:
Makes me want to know what was on that letter though.

“Fly with me.”

That's where the fave was earned, right there. :pinkiehappy:

That was a great fic, though I was a bit confused by the promotion, though my confusion quickly dissolved when I came up with my own two reasons on why he got promoted. Loved how he basked in his victory :yay:

I love how realistic you made and of how he already knew that it could never to be.

But takes alot of guts to confess nevertheless.

“The overall morale of all the Solar and Lunar Stallions is part of my job, and therefore it is my duty to quell any slight issues before they become a problem... I am also a paternal figure for the most pathetic of my recruits”

"Well, Celestia is a bit higher in the royal bloodline, er, no offense, Shiny.”

Well that and that she is an immortal meaning that she would have to see him die of aging

2038523Sir, I would greatly appreciate it if you would make sweet, tender love to me on a cloud.

2035306 Could you please link me to the comic that you received inspiration from? I'd love to see it, thanks! :twilightsmile:

“I may not be able to return your feelings, but perhaps there is something else we could do together…” She playfully trailed off and closed the distance between us.

heh heh heh

it looks like your despair has turned into hope nyehehehehehe
very nice, feel good story:moustache:

That was pretty good. Though "Good luck man!" seems to be out of place.

As far as I know comic originally appeared here: http://2ch.hk/mlp/res/1537998.html#1551093 poster seems to be the author (not sure if it went to DA or somewhere else)


Featured box, haha!

I told you it would make it. :ajsmug:


^ and fix this. :derpytongue2:

Pretty good. I was expecting it to be a wish fulfillment story, and it...well, to be perfectly honest it skirted the edges more than a few times.
But it was still very good. The character (Artemis) is very likable, and while many would claim his friendship to Shining and closeness to Celstia are the marks of Mary Sues, they are well explained and detailed, and make sense, not "friends because, well, Artemis is awesome!"

4.5/5, the half-a-point missing merely because I'm a contrary plothole.
Oh, and none of that love fed me >>


That was a great ending:twilightsheepish:

Can I request a sequel? I know it doesn't necessarily have the stuff for a sequel, but damnit I want one!:raritydespair:

Bet he's gonna feel real bad when Celestia gets her flank handed to her by Chrissy at the wedding.:trollestia:

Well that was a slight downer, but oh well.:rainbowlaugh:
It was a good read. :pinkiehappy:

Reminds me a bit too much of To Love the Moon.... and somebody has already tried to steal that story :trixieshiftright:

I....I will get more stories out of you. I have ways of....making you write.

Short and cute, just like Twilight Sparkle! :twilightsmile:

Short, concise, Beautiful, feature-deserving :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::heart:

I was hoping that he would be protecting celestia in the morning. And Celestia would read it out loud in front of him and roll on the ground laughing

Cute, very cute. I particularly liked how Artemis reacted to Celestia's confrontation and her sly way of explaining how she found out. It had a very real feel to it.

Have a thumbs up.

I feel like the victory for him should've been that he gets to stay friends with the Princess, and keep his job. It's kinda' messed up that he got a promotion because he's buddies with Shining Armor and did something (by his own admission) phenomenally stupid.

Dat nigga got friendzoned and got a promotion instead of some tail... better then nothing. :moustache:

2040080 Then again, Celestia trusts him because he's been her personal guard for years now. And Shining Armor trusts him because they've been best friends since childhood. So, really if they both trust him, and he's apparently proven himself to be competent enough to become her personal guard.... Well, it's not really that bad then, is it?

Besides, he's obviously got some kind of bravery, yet he's not stupid. He was smart enough to figure out on his own that it was a pipe dream.

Noticed a typo or two, nothing major. (Sorry, I would point them out, but that's incredibly difficult via mobile.)

A sequel would be cool. Perhaps a longer one. Maybe Arty finding a mare, or feeling guilty that Celly got injured during the invasion

Awesome! Loved this.

I really liked it. Very well written, and realistic compared to other Celestia fics. At least it seems that he and Celestia can still be friends though.

Coming from you, that means a lot:twilightsmile:

I fixed it, thanks for pointing it out:twilightblush::twilightsmile:

A happy yet sad ending. Thank you for this.

Bittersweet. That's the best way to describe this. Artemis couldn't get what he wanted yet things turned out ok. I almost shed a tear. Almost.
But the bad news is now you made me want to know what happens next!

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