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Ever since she stopped Sombra and saved the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle has taken an interest in dark magic. Princess Celestia catches wind of her student's interests, and tells her exactly why dark magic is not to be trifled with.

Image was used with permission.

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I'm aware this isn't my best work, so please be gentle.:twilightblush:

In yet another classic Brony2893 move, I spent a night browsing art, saw this, spent that sleepless night tossing and turning thinking up an idea, and this was the result. Made it in all of 3 days, from concept to finished project. and then it sat for a long time before I came back to it:twilightblush:

Hope you guys like(d) it:twilightsmile:
No. There will be not be a sequel, this was a pure standalone, just like It Didn't Have To End This Way.

Be sure to head on over and thank my friend for the help in proofing this,
Whiter Penmanship.



I thought we talked about this? :facehoof:

and where the heck is the next update to RAoG? or TLAL? :trixieshiftleft:

Is this supposed to be the same book Spike found for Rarity during "Inspiration Manifestation" (since that book did contain dark magic and did corrupt Rarity?) Or is this another book?

I haven't even seen S4. This is right after the S3 premiere, hence the Sombra event being said to take place only a week prior.

4773598 oh darn, I spoiled one of the episodes for you then:( yea, without giving away too much, there's an evil book that spike finds hidden away in a secret cavern in the everfree forest. So I guess in some weird head cannon it could be this one since Celestia said she was going to hide it hehe. Btw, WATCH SEASON 4 ITS AMAZING!!!:)

Interesting take on what dark magic actually is. I like it.

Ehhh... Celestia's words strike me as being full of blame shifting and propaganda. And it lacks a level of drama and conflict that'd really make things *sunglasses* Sparkle.

The concept is sound but it comes out as..
"Stop that."

Very neat take

SWEET! This was a very good story, ESPECIALLY the ending. A job well done.

Comment posted by RandomPerson deleted Jul 30th, 2014

2:48 to 3:09 What /should/ have happened to the book, but for some reason...hasn't yet. I think Celestia partakes in her own "studies." Good story!

Huh. Well that was an enjoyable read.

oh please continue? i wanna see Solar Flare come back ;.;:pinkiesad2:

So, why did Celestia show Twilight dark magic in the first place? Was it so she wouldn't be surprised at what she would find in Sombra's Crystal Empire, or so she could use it if Sombra's traps would overwhelm her normal magic? Or... does Celestia have her own problems with dark magic?

... and what sort of pony was Sombra, before he was enveloped by darkness?

I was expecting some sort of Twist where Nightmare!Twilight was Already There and she'd go away in silent laughter of eeeeeeevilness,having been told she'd been unbeatable

Woah. A nice concept based on some great concept art. Well done!

I was expecting something more blatant, along the lines of "Uhhh ... why do you know what your dark magic looks like, Princess?"

But this was better. More subtle, more creepy. And Celestia's alter ego being ashes and flames is pretty awesome.

Well, Celestia just jumped right to Ghost of Christmas Future now didn't she?:trollestia:

Very nice story. I do have to say that some of the description surrounding the dialogue felt unnecessary, for the most part the emotion was carried by the dialogue itself.

I really liked your take on dark magic, and Celestia's stance on it :twilightsmile:

4775908 Fluffie Puff, silly. He was Fluffie Puff before succombing to the darkness...

Loved it. Would be great to make a series out of this ^^

Didn't need the "here's what could happen" part. Good story.

The force is strong with this one.


Decent. Could have been a little more fleshed out, but decent all the same.

~Skeeter The Lurker

4778568 That is the best headcannon known to man.

No. Fluffle Puff lives happily with Chryssi even after Sombra's extermination. She even have his horn in her collection of evil artifacts, and she use it to grow edible pink crystals: http://askflufflepuff.tumblr.com/post/91541564665

Why Celestia didn't do something with this book? Something like KILL IT WITH FIRE, or EXTERMINATE, or something similar? And why Twilight didn't thought about it after all that Celestia said and shown? It's most obvious solution.

As soon as the words "sinister tome of dark magic" came up, this little bastard over here instantly popped up in my mind... too soon?

Interesting story though! I hope someone here takes the challenge and writes an epic and tragic tale about this. :raritystarry:

4778568 This shall be my new headcanon.

Because we're about to enter an Evilestia fic, obviously.

But anyway, LOL: worlds where the alignments are built-in.

It was an ok story, but that exchange of words, damn. So much implied meaning.

Infernal Sun?, that could work, xD

how about a fic with celestia against her own dark side and chrysalis trying to seduce twilight for real?

Now we need a story where this conversation came too late. What if Twilight was already tainted? I mean, she did already use dark magic in this and in canon...

Celestia was LYING.

I'm sure that it would only effect Equestrian Magic. Other magic users, like dragons, spirits, and whatever Tirek is would probably be mostly fine.

4781055 Ironically your name is book burner.

Will there be a sequel?

“You did not need to scare her like that, Celly.” The lunar alicorn chastised, an uncertain look on her face. “You enjoyed your little moment far too much.”

Celestia was silent for a few moments, staring off into the distance.“Yes. I did,” She finally answered in a slowly spoken, neutral tone. The alabaster princess grabbed the tome with her magic and walked off into the castle without another word, leaving her younger sibling to wonder just which statement she had acknowledged.

How foreboding.

Aw, no evil Twily. But I'mma keep on eye on this, maybe it'll update and have her corrupted.
Also, no. These people were just too weak to handle dark magic, and didn't handle it long enough. To say the least,...


Picture that you live in a world where evil gods visit freely, and defeated beasts of unimaginable power manage to slip loose their chains and shackles to rampage and murder. Why would you destroy ANY source of power, just because it's not normal or good? You think Celestia wouldn't make that sacrifice if it came down to it and there was no other option? The Sisters love their subjects, they would Fall if that's what it took to save their lives.

The problem with this source of power is that using it make YOU dangerous beast that kills, destroys and maybe even rapes this beloved subjects.

4791348 Extremely. It shows the dark, potentially sadistic side of Celestia most authors don't like to touch, and if Luna, who has known her for millenia, has to wonder...

Anybody who takes any sort of pleasure in frightening a child is sick on some level.

Definitely leaves some big questions hanging. Why the heck was that book in open circulation in the first place? If dark magic is such fast acting corruption, why did Celestia show it off before sending Twilight off to the Crystal Empire. If that book is less than truthful, which parts and how do you know? What are the contradicting sources? Who wrote it, and why were they trying to mislead people into practicing dark magic?

With the fast and hard scare tactics being thrown out, Celestia comes off more than a little sketchy. Don't trust anyone who's trying to take books from you.


This had nothing to do with rape, but. Yes, that's the point. If you've got to go dark side to save everyone, you have to. At least then you can engineer your own weakness so your allies can fix you/kill you before you become the new enemy. Desperate times, as they say.

Interesting concept, and definitely makes me ponder a lot of implications. Unfortunately, I think the story itself is a tad weak, as its mostly telling us everything, rather than showing. The premise could be a lot stronger if discovered / learned, rather than just explained by Celestial. Still made me rethink a couple things though.

"Engineer your own weakness"? You have no idea what're you talkin' about. It's not some computer game.


Anybody who takes any sort of pleasure in frightening a child is sick on some level.

Ever heard of the phrase "scared straight" ? 'Cause it's that, not Celestia getting off on her sadism.

4793511 I am familiar with the term, yes. The thing is, the ending implies the latter, rather strongly.

It's a good story in any case, but that's how I saw it. The fact that I am not as fond of Celestia as some in the fandom likely has some impact on this.


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