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A sequel of sorts to Sacrifices. After years of merciless mocking from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon over absences, Scootaloo's mother finally makes it to Family Appreciation Day.

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BURN, those 2 fillys need a good kick in the ass, thank you, you just made my day.

:rainbowlaugh: HA! Take THAT, Diamond Tool and Silver Spit!

No complaints here.

I have a special loathing for DT & SS (as may have been apparent now that I look at the story) so writing this was a lot of fun

YbJ #5 · Aug 3rd, 2014 · · ·

Meh, it was okay. A simple one-shot, short and sweet, exactly what I expected from the description. I'm not sure why this is tagged "Comedy" and "Alternate Universe", since there wasn't much comedy and I didn't notice anything non-canon. There's also a few typos (e.g., "Silver Spoono" in the description). Overall, a pretty okay story.

Thw AU is there mostly because I haven't seen anything past Magical Mystery Cure (since season 4 hasn''t been on UK TV yet) so I put that there in case of ciontradictions with the TV show). I'll fix that mistake through.

You know there was actually something similar to this, a one shot bring your parent to work day where one of her parents is also wearing Mjolnir Armor.

Have a look!

Somehow, I find it a bit strange that Diamond Tiara would actually be cowed to easily. I`d expect her reaction to be more to the tune of "Miss Cheerilee, Princess Twilight! I`m a foal! You can`t force me to do army stuff, it's against the law!"

Try for more subtlety. Merely forcing Diamond Tiara into physically exhausting ordeal will do nothing noteworthy other then feed her disdain towards CMC (and might provoke some kind of retort from Filthy Rich, given that it`s not hard to present this event as a case of foal abuse). What would REALLY hurt her is a demonstration that she is not of any importance. An experience that questions her existence. "Do we really need you, Diamond Tiara? Would any of us miss you if you`re gone? Would any of us regret it if you were never born? Would we even want you around when we grow up?"

This kind of blow is much harder to deliver efficiently, but it`s so much more biting - because the doubt tends to linger, like poison.

Why are there no character tags?!

Because I forgot to put them in. Give me a minute


so writing this was a lot of fun

Reading it I had a lot of fun too :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

I gave it a like. Keep it up:twilightsmile:


Equus - Equi

It was originally going to be called the Celestia Mark IV, then I decided to switch to something more martial sounding, the fact that I'd been reading a 'Thor' graphic novel may have had something to do with it (Mjolnir is the name of his hammer, it goes nicely with the Thor movie misquote in Sacrifices), the Halo reference was a pure coinicidence since it's about 10 years since I've played any of the games.

It's supposed to just be the armour that the guards wear in the show I just decided to give it a fancy name since Swift is bigging it up for the foals).

u dont seem to be very good at posting replies...see that little arrow icon in the top right corner of the posted comments? click on that and ur reply gets sent directly to the one ur replying too, as well as giving them a notification of the reply...try it with this comment that ive posted here...

on the story, this was a very likeable portrayal of Scoots and her family dynamic, and shows considerable scope for more details and chapters...such as further exploring her mothers character and just what she was doing all this time. for example, if one of her missions were to become declassified, that could open up an entire story arc. clearly, Scoots mom is in a Spec Ops unit, and that also offers story ideas...i would like to see u expand on this idea as i think u could pull it off well...

This is pure masturbation for those who hate DT & SS (as you have just openly admitted to). If this fic had any grounding in reality, DT would have just refused to participate, and walked off... and there wouldn't be a damn thing anypony could do about it. You can't FORCE a filly into army-style punishment, regardless of how close to the Princess they are. Anyway, this is my first post on this site, so hello everyone... :pinkiehappy:

That was a fabulous story.:scootangel: Although I would like to point out that when a character is speaking, the period should go inside the quotation marks.:twilightsmile:



My opinion though.


Upvote because you didn't go with that frakking annoying theory that Scootaloo is an orphan.:scootangel:

Comment posted by Silvery Lilly deleted Aug 4th, 2014

well screw you then!

Fun story! Only one thing was nagging me throughout.
When you quote someone, you put the period inside the quotations and you give it a line of its own. Like so:

Silverthorn looked from the mare back down to the page, then back up again.

"So, you like it," he asked, "or not?"

"Oh no, I love it."

Silverthorn raised an eyebrow.

"Then what is with all the red writing all over it?"

Twilight Sparkle smiled innocently.

"Oh, that? I was just personalizing it!" :twilightsmile:

Bring your parent to work day?

Interesting story. :pinkiesmile:

It's a long, long time since I've wrote fiction (outside of online rpg's). I'll go back and doctor everything in a bit

4799635 Marvellous; I see you've fixed it. Once again, a fabulous story.:scootangel:

I made a few modifications, mostly explain a few things and lessen the degree of DT & SS hatred in the story.


Good move. I actually feel sorry for 'em, dude. They've got low self-esteem to be picking on someone else predicated solely upon whether or not they've gotten their Cutie Marks or not. They probably have a shitty home life.

Accept my upvote for Military might!

I hate scootaloo orphan stories!:twilightangry2: So, great story!:scootangel:


So? o-o It's violent, emotionally-traumatizing and abusive assholes being forced to sweat for once in their rich, pampered lives. Why would we care to read about what rules defend them? Could have made a better use of your first site-post!

4801909 Sorry dude, child labour isn't really my thing. No matter how 'deserving' the filly involved might be. And I think Filthy Rich did actually work to get where he is today... as for his daughter, she can put her nose to the grindstone later on... she shouldn't be expected to have such a harsh 'punishment' at only a few years old. Which also defies all logic, might I add. Finally, I think the list of her 'crimes' you've laid out is a little exaggerated... VIOLENT? Not in any of the episodes I've seen. Emotionally traumatising? A bit, in Flight To The Finish... But Scootaloo soon got over it. Abusive? Yeah... For a KID. Hardly worth her denouement in this story. Again, this is a little tale I think was written by, and for, those who dislike DT and SS. If you do, than that's fine... more power to ya. I just thought I'd point out a few credibility flaws... and now respond to your message. If you think that's a waste of my first few posts, then so help me... I don't give a hoot. Have A Nice Day!! :scootangel:


Harsh punishment? She's wearing armor sized for her body and doing some laps. That's a workout. And child labor refers to being forced to doing long-standing work, like one might expect from a job or veritable slavery - never mix that up. Nothing you've said has made much sense, and I think somewhere along the line you confused yourself without realizing it. She does a few laps, then it's done and over with. What sort of land whale does one have to be to consider a couple of weighted laps a harsh punishment - which Tiara happens to not be? I was doing more than that voluntarily around their projected age of 10-13. Also, obviously they're not going to show the characters in a cartoon suffering from the soul-crushing and long-lasting depression that comes from the kind of treatment they've received from their bullies. However, since we're in fanfic-land, that sort of thing DOES apply here, where we use a bit more reason than marketability - that's something you'll have to pick up on here quickly if you want to give opinions.

But by your... logic, you're defending the actions of two fillies who by all psychological accounts in truth have been terrorizing their peers, providing consistent mental scarring and emotional damages that will impact these children for a lifetime, even after they get over the initial issues. The same bullies whose only known repercussions have been to join her classmates doing a silly dance one time, and being intimidated into a mud puddle the other - and Diamond losing her position in the newspaper where she was vastly over-aggressive, domineering, and using fear tactics to begin with. So, what IS an appropriate punishment for these two inhuman monsters according to you? Detention? More homework? Grounded for a couple weeks? Because if any punishments are being handed down to them, it sure isn't doing any good.

It's people like you that allow these sorts of things to continue happening, and those nasty little monsters grow up to become nasty adults, and the quality of society continues to decline. A little sweat from these pampered assbags and maybe a day or two of sore muscles and then it'll all be behind them forever. No trauma. No scarring. No physical abuse. No problem. Just a bit of discomfort for all that they've done. If this sets you off, you're going to have one humdinger of a time here when you reach the DT/SS-abuse fics where they're beaten and killed. The description of this story pointed out it was not in their favor - and since you apparently disagree with any sort of response to their actions that might actually have an effect on their behavior why did you bother reading it and then worse, commenting? It's like walking up into a team's sports bar and loudly proclaiming the other team is better. Did you expect the people who came here to get what they want are going to agree with you? That you'll find some sort of solidarity or people who care enough about your locally-unfavorable opinion to change their thinking to suit yours? If not, then you could have just kept quiet. And should have.

Etc. etc. Wrong hood meme and a .jpg.

4802544 Pardon? " something you'll have to pick up on here quickly if you want to give opinions"? What a load. I can give 'opinions' on anything I feel fit. You can disagree with them, ignore them... but NEVER tell me I can't speak my mind, regardless of how 'poorly researched' and against the grain you think my answers are. I wasn't aware this was a clique, where we were all supposed to feel the same way. That's something DT might say. You might be closer to her than you think. :ajsmug:

Getting back to the topic at hand, forcing a small child to run about a field with a full suit of metal sounds like child labour to me. My definition of that term seems to go further than yours... you're just going to have to accept it. I don't know how you view that kind of treatment in America, but here in the UK that kind of thing is known as 'child abuse'. Forcing someone that age to take part in such a strenuous activity (and I actually think she's about 10, which makes it even worse) makes the adults who arranged it just as bad as the bully. In fact, in my opinion, it makes them even worse. Opinions are great, huh? Thank goodness we don't all live in North Korea.

Besides, lets look at their alleged 'crimes' shall we? Teasing? A bit of manipulation? One incident of blackmail? Hardly worth the monicker 'inhuman monsters' that you've put to them. Stop blowing things out of all proportion. We're not talking about Jack The Ripper and Ted Bundy here. THEY'RE TWO LITTLE FILLIES!! Forgive me for being an amateur psychologist, but in my experience the people who have the most emotional reaction to bullies depicted in fiction were picked on themselves. If this is you, then I'm truly sorry for what you went through... but taking it out on two young horses in a cartoon TV show isn't going to make you feel any better in the long run.

As for me 'promoting' this kind of behaviour by disagreeing that part of their rehabilitation should be running about all tooled up like full fledged squaddies, this is another disingenuous way of not taking another viewpoint into account. I believe in the carrot and the stick approach... not bashing them constantly with the stick. It only makes the individuals more resentful in the future if you treat them like hardened criminals at such a young age... and MUCH more likely to grow up to be psychopaths along the lines you mentioned. I'm sort of glad it's just a show designed for children and not meant to reflect real life, anyway. I watch it as a bit of escapism, I certainly do not wish to see self-harm or boot camp thank you very much.

That's it. Reply if you want, criticise any aspect of my post, but please don't tell me I can't comment on something unless it suits your narrow agenda. Bye for now...

You have completely missed the entire point of my post, and are inventing things I did not say. I think there's more than just your outlook that's skewed, here. I never said you can't. I said you shouldn't. I gave you the reason for why that is - not to stifle you, but simply because it's completely ASININE to go somewhere that supports an idea and basically tell everyone it's absolute rubbish and that they're all just having a circle-jerk over it. That is incredibly stupid and rude. (On a note, I do the same thing myself, but only when said persons are objectively wrong. Still, I understand why you are doing it, but it was not a good idea here.) So yes, you should not have done that. If you can't understand it now that I've clarified it for you, I cannot help you. But let's get down to things, shall we?

So you're from the UK. That might explain a bit. I've not heard much good about childhoods from any UK person I know. A load of shouting, unfair punishments, constant domestic friction. Anything just shy of physical abuse seemed to be completely permissible from every account I've heard. That might also explain nothing, since the couple hundred persons I've spoken to is nothing in comparison to the millions over there - but it's clear we're having some sort of culture shock here.

Your definition of child labor is pointless, because it is not the actual definition of child labor*. And again, I was doing more than this by their projected age of my own free will. This is also barding sized for them, NOT full soldier-gear, NOT all-encompassing plate armor. If they had the equivalent of seventy pounds of rocks on their backs, sure. That's abuse. I'd completely agree with you. We're looking at twenty-thirty pounds, tops. On a QUADRUPED. Bodies that can carry far more weight than any human could comfortably handle of equivalency by virtue of their physical nature alone. Not to mention they're both Earth Ponies. Applebloom's done more than these two are being put through in this story (granted by virtue of having a much more active life). Sweetie Belle, a dainty Unicorn, went through much more physical stress during the Sisterhooves' Social than these two are going through. Scootaloo as well, on a constant basis. Rainbow Dash as a filly - since you're so keen on accepting what happens on screen so literally, let's talk about the kind of exercise an even younger filly than DT has to go through to be able to break the friggin' sound barrier. No? Too silly? Yes, I agree - much like your views on what constitutes a work out and what constitutes abuse. I take it you don't actually understand how this sort of physical workout... works, and are just upset because there's some weight on fillies and they're off to a couple of laps. Nothing you've said has altered the fact this is in no way harmful or lasting, which negates any validity you might have otherwise had and any chance I will ever agree with you.

As for your jab at my own past experiences? No. I was a bully. Bigger, stronger, more intelligent, a happy home-life, and an awareness that my words and fists could hurt those around me. So for my own personal involvement in this issue, it's someone looking back on a past not too different and hating themselves for what they did and the nearly irreversible damage they caused to people who never deserved it, and should not have been subjected to it. Have I defused your little spot of needling there? Because it seems like you were fishing, asking if I had a victim complex.

Also, the point about them being two little fillies doesn't mean squat. Bullies at that age will do more damage to everyone around them than most anything else in a child's life barring horrific home-lives or exceptional cases. Do you want the science behind this? Because I know I'm right, and my OWN experiences as an amateur psychologist and my research into the articles of scientific studies confirm that I am in fact correct. What research did you put in before having this whole ideal of yours that's so important to defend that you cannot be swayed? That was so important that you had to show up and be rude in the comments of a story on, prompting my ire?

Your carrot and stick is the means of an apologist, which you show all signs of being. Again, I am not simply not taking your viewpoint into account which you continue to try and victimize yourself by saying. I am telling you that I have taken your viewpoint into account and its obtuseness is absolutely infuriating. You're sitting here talking about how being 'harsh' with children makes them into psychopaths - which I could agree with, except the personal dictionary you have in your head lists something entirely silly for the definition of 'harsh'. You talk about boot camp. You're saying I'M the one blowing things out of proportion? A. Couple. Of. Laps. This is not boot camp, which I'd imagine you'd wash out in, this isn't much more rigorous than what one might do in P.E. class. What sort of soft-knuckled schooling did you attend? I've done twenty laps in the blazing hot sun of Arizona in near-summer. Surely quadrupeds with friggin' internal magic can handle a couple? So, how is any of that harsh? Also, your point backfires - because those being bullied are dealing with a more direct harshness, one that almost never appropriately gets dealt with because there's apologists EVERYWHERE defending bullies. You say the bullies turn into psychopaths when they're older if you're stern with them? Absolute idiocy. The /victims/ might be more likely to become psychopaths in that case, especially when they see their bullies get smacks on the wrist and keep coming back to mess with them afterwards. Or, you know, become incredibly depressed and kill themselves. So no, at the point where you get sapient creatures electing to harm others for their own enjoyment, they're /already/ psychopaths. Which hey, fits DT perfectly. To a potential lesser extent, also Silver Spoon, though she strikes me more as the minion-type.

That's one thing I hate, talking with people like you. It's never about the victims. It's never about their needs. It's always the bully. It's always the villain. "They must have had a hard life!" "They need more hugs!" Newsflash! Most of us were quite happy doing what we were doing! It was enjoyable, we CHOSE it! That doesn't deserve constant forgiveness for acts of emotional terrorism, someone needs to STOP them. It's healthier for both parties, getting the bully to CHOOSE that harming others is something they no longer want to do helps them - and prevents further victims, while ceasing that bully's torment of said previous victims! Oh hey, I do believe one of the articles I was reading even mentioned that, as well.

In closing, there is no narrow agenda. Especially since you've implied said agenda is using my incorrectly-assumed victim complex to attack DT/SS' actions canonically and in this story. Again, I never said you can't. I said you SHOULDN'T. There is a very big difference. The same difference between making a good decision and a bad decision. You are free to make bad decisions. It's just kind of a dumb idea. At this point, nothing you've said so far has any basis to continue standing upon. That aside, you do make a good argument-partner, so I salute you on those grounds. Even if I wish someone would slap you. Perhaps because of that, even.

*Child Labor Case in point. Putting a child through a non-damaging workout is not child labor. Don't rile me by saying you have your own definition, especially when it makes no sense. Child labor is a very serious issue, and you do a disservice to those who suffer under it when you compare it to a fucking physical exercise regimen's /momentary excerpt/ that has been scaled down to an appropriate level. How many children losing fingers and lives in sweatshops around the world, do you think, would love to instead have their 'child labor' be running laps with child-sized weights on? Say child abuse, even though it still doesn't apply here.

I love it. At first I was confused with twilight being her mother.

4803100 I suggest, rather than use that as a reply, you put it forward as your next thesis. It must have taken you AAGGEESS to type... and safe to say, I disagree with most of your points. But I have neither the time nor the energy to respond to all of them so for now all you'll be getting is a shrug of the shoulders, and a bog standard 'we'll agree to disagree' generic reply.

I will say though, that saying you want to give me a slap shows you still seem to retain some of your bullying traits. Perhaps you ought to work at that. And 'praising' me for being a good argument partner is something of a backhanded compliment, is it not? That's like saying all of my genuinely held beliefs are null and void... but because you can subject me to your verbal diatribe, it's all worth it. Thank you SSOO much. NOT.

Regardless, I'm off now to get some breakfast (time difference, you know) and to give you the chance to blow the smoke off your keyboard. Maybe I'll add something extra to my text later, maybe not. But I'm here to stay, and so are my 'apologist' ramblings. Deal with it. :derpytongue2:


Actually, the compliment was sincere. I don't often give that particular compliment to people, since they tend to be terrible partners who don't understand how to defend a point in the first place. Thus, a rarity. You can let go of your sarcasm, that was on the level. The rest will be the expected mixture of insults and logical points. Just a moment.

I never said I wanted to personally slap you. There you go inventing things again. I highly doubt you're of a constitution to withstand even a slap from me if you consider a couple laps under light-load abusive. Twiggy, aren't we? I digress. On second thought, if you consider hoping someone would slap you to be bullying you should now be on my side, given all your arguments - unless you wish to abandon them?

Completely fine to disagree on something. But be less of a dick about it. As I've said, if you show up in the comments of a story where one thing is being held as alright - don't start spouting the opposite and expect there to be no opposition. At least I make sure I'm right before doing so. Your whole

This is pure masturbation for those who hate DT & SS (as you have just openly admitted to).

was, by nature, rude. Such a comment puts down the story, the author, and the people who enjoy the story at the same time. If you have any understanding of the societal workings of the mind as you have suggested you do, you know full well that this is the case, and you did so on purpose. If not, apologize and I will retract my fervor to merely disagreeing with you that a couple ten-pounds of weight and a couple of laps is abusive like you seem to think it is. Also that your views on protecting bullies is absolute bunk and that you must be entirely gormless to believe in it.

Also, that took me all of ten minutes once I realized the post was there. I was also busy continuing other arguments while typing up this reply. So I don't know why you brought that up, unless you mean to be sarcastic. Which is a... silly place to insert sarcasm into? Point being, I'll put exactly as much vitriol into this as I feel you're insinuating or outright showing. If you want to make things more civil, let's do without the double-talk and verbal fencing.


If you have something to say to me, say it to me. We are having an in-depth argument, and that's for us to have and enjoy/hate depending on whether you view arguments to be fun or not. But you do not go after my followers. Or it will be considered harassment.

4803240 Okay, I'm going to make ten bullet points, and then I'm off because this conversation is going nowhere and I can be just as inflexible as you clearly are (without the saving grace of a sense of humour, of course)

1. There was no misunderstanding. YOU clearly stated you wanted to slap me... and not in the metaphorical sense. Anger Management time, methinks...

2. Punishing a couple of 9 years olds with hard physical labour (YES CHILD LABOUR) is inhumane, however you want to cut it. Whether they be human, equine or Mutant Ninja Turtles. By espousing this belief, you strike me as the true monster. Hope those bolts in your neck are tight enough.

3. Ten minutes to write all that?! Unless you're a speed typer in the mold of Road Runner, I can honestly say you're a liar. What is the point about telling such a blatant untruth? Are you trying to impress me? Treat me to dinner at the Ritz in a limousine the size of your ego and I might be, but coming out with obvious garbage like that is an insult to the intelligence.

4. I'm sure the author can defend their own work... they don't need some pompous, bombastic, stick-up-their-ass loudmouth stepping into the fray. And yes, I AM describing you. Is that why you're a 'former' fanfiction writer, because you couldn't stand the criticism? Oh, baby. Let me play you a tune on the world's smallest violin... Oops, lost it. Oh, well...

5. Sarcasm is the only way to diffuse people like you. You can't debate with them... Because THEY'RE clearly right, and the rest of the world is wrong. Trying to put forward your perspective is pointless, as you'll only get it thrown back in your face... with some added insults to boot. Anyway, my username should be a clue as to the sort of responses you can expect from me. Suck it up.

6. Another quote... "That's one thing I hate, talking with people like you". Then a few sentences later, you say I'm a good argument partner. So which is it? I fear you may be confused. If I'm so unpleasant to talk to, why spend half your morning writing out a reply. If you hate it, do something else. I'm sure there are far more pleasant people here who can do more than stare at their own navel, and I look forward to meeting them. You, on the other hand, would be no great loss.

7. "I was also busy continuing other arguments while typing up this reply". You state. Sounds to me like you have a tendency of rubbing people up the wrong way. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

8. I don't normally insult people, but I fear you've crossed a line here. Calling me stupid, asinine, gormless, a dick, rude (though you might be right with the last one, only because YOU drove me to this) amongst other such 'pleasantries' does not inspire me to engage with you, in any way, shape or form. So I won't.

9. I DID say it to you, that's why it was posted on your page, you twit. I responded to a comment they made, but the ENTIRE comment was about your unparalleled vanity. And HARASSMENT HA HA HA HA. You sad beggar. If you're the tough guy you say you are, why are you making such a mountain out of a molehill? I betcha more like those pussy soccer players who roll around on the floor in agony when someone clips their little toe. Diddums.

10. That's it. I'm through with you. All future replies will be ignored, and I'll move on to other members, who hopefully I can have more productive discussions with. I haven't 'given up' on debating with you, I just feel I've reached a dead end on this topic, and to be honest, you're getting on my nerves. So ta ta. :coolphoto:



That aside, you do make a good argument-partner, so I salute you on those grounds. Even if I wish someone would slap you.

Apparently, aside from inventing things that did not happen, you are illiterate? That does not state I wish to slap you. That states I wish someone would. It clearly states that, even. In complete opposition to everything you've said on the subject. Making you either completely incompetent or a liar.

2. Nine year olds, eh? Funny, I state they're generally accepted to be preteens/early teens. You say they're ten. Then you say they're nine. Sure, once you put them back in diapers, this'll be abuse. Keep that age regression going, because it's the only thing you've got.

3. No lies. I don't even care about impressing you. I speak candidly at all times - you're the one who brought up the timing and the fact you even mentioned it confused me. Were you grasping at straws trying to make an insult when you said that, then? Is that really all you have left? Perhaps I overestimated you.

4. They also didn't need an overly-opinionated, rude piece of trash showing up to attack it. Especially since it was highly obvious what the story was about before you even read it. Which means you came here to these comments with the express purpose of either trying to belittle the author and the readership to try and feed some viagra to your flaccid e-peen, or you came here looking for just what we're doing now. If the latter, I don't really have a problem with you. If the former, you really don't belong here on this site. We have enough trolls and even I can't keep up with all of you. In case you hadn't realized it, all the time you spent focusing on me was time you didn't spend harshing on the writing. Led you around like a cow. Given how you think a couple laps is abusive exercise, the physical correlation might be accurate.

5. I'm right because facts and logical deduction say so. Not because I subjectively say so - I'll be the first one to doubt myself without logic (or at least plausibility) and science on my side. Thus my pointing out I did my homework beforehand. And you have failed to claim, prove, or even make it apparent that you did the same. In fact, basically you've been challenging truth with absolute nonsense you cooked up in your head on the spot, or spat out with toxic bias. That's more than a tad pathetic.

7. Indeed I do - I don't bother hiding that fact. I am not a nice person to people who aren't polite and understanding - you get what you give with me. But guess what? The majority who've taken a shine to hating me happen to be stuck-up wads such as yourself, and trolls who attack people and stories/authors for no reason. Waltzing into places, starting some shit thinking no one will bother replying. Spreading stupidity this way and that. I mean, my first reply to you wasn't even ill-intentioned or meant to attack you in any way. Your reply to that is what started all this. In the first three posts, two of yours were obviously made by a complete asshole. You only have yourself to blame - which funnily enough, might explain why you defend Diamond Tiara. Here, you have started a conflict, and then deny that it was your fault as if you didn't expect anyone to tell you to stop being a dick. Then blame them for all the problems that wouldn't have happened if you'd kept your mouth shut.

8: See the above. All of this was your doing. But considering you already create things that never happened and insist they really did come to pass when the evidence is only a mouse-scroll up the page to prove you wrong, I'm not surprised that you've shifted blame or told yourself that you're utterly blameless and are the victim of the big bad Aurora who was mean to you. You have the nerve to call yourself a human being?

9. You wouldn't even be the third who's seen the & end of the hammer for taking things to harassment. Don't act like you did nothing, it wouldn't help. Sad part is, I think you believe it.

10. In closing... I actually had a good time - most people peter out after a couple lines or a paragraph. Welcome to the site, and with luck we'll get into more arguments at later dates. That said, I still think you should seek psychiatric help. Oh, and please never have children. Both so the gene pool doesn't suffer and because you'd probably ruin them. Have a good day!

*My general apologies to the author for the mess. Feel free to delete the whole thing if it pleases you.

4795151 Actually I thought you named it after Master Chief's armor from Halo!

It's more of a Thor reference (It's about 10 years since I played any of the Halo games).

Good story, OP. Top of the line. Best. Awesome. Amazing. Changed my life.


for fuck's sake shut up
your argument is longer than the story


>> Aurora Dimmet
>> deadpansnarker

for fuck's sake shut up

your argument is longer than the story


*WolfishLOL* Never make fun of someone's parents if you don't know WHAT they do!!!!!!!

Certainly a bit less on the punishing side, yet I still don't see how this really warrants a comedy tag outside of the more sadistic types. Comparing it to similar Scootaloo stories of similar headcanons that have her parent in the guard and thus almost never seemingly there for her, the only thing that stops me from judging this fic poorly is on account of the AU tag.

An AU where Twilight Sparkle is anything but impartial and seems okay to allow two small and apparently young fillies, put on full guard uniform of extra bulk and see nothing wrong with having the fillies not just trot around indoors, but forced to run around outdoors in the schoolyard, mostly unsupervised by anyone but some other guard.

An AU that, well, quite honestly AU or not Cheerilee is a seemingly incompetent teacher in most fiction in general, allows fillies to utter insults openly and unchallenged to other students. And allows those who are not related to nor authorized to by a legal guardian. Seriously the least you could of done was have one of them say Filthy Rich and Spoon's parents were okay with whatever they felt like doing to their children, to force the young fillies into excessive, overly strenuous, and clearly noted by the ones dishing out the mandatory, and without sugarcoating it, blatant punishment.

I'm pretty much fine with people's dislike for DT. Didn't care much for the first version of this story. But didn't mind. But this version still fails to explain what is supposed to be funny here.

This could of been better. SP freaking out was weird. How did she know the guard was going to do something to them? Were they seriously afraid of Twilight? I guess this being AU there is probably a LOT to fear of this Twilight we're not privy to. Again, can't fault the story on AU characters, but this one stood out the most.

Even if I hated Diamond Tiara, I think the bar for my sense of comedy is just a bit above ground level for this one. And this just doesn't pull off the right cords to feel like a comedy that made me feel for any characters. Scoots alone barely got any lines, not to mention clearly unfazed by anything DT says, which hints at things to come. And why is DT stealing Sweetie Belle's line of Dodo? Not that Scootaloo would likely still know the definition of since apparently she hates books. Course, this is AU Scoots, so maybe she learned it already. :P

Anyhow, got bored. Ran out of stuff to read. Figured I'd at least comment so not to let people think I'm falling asleep on the job here. Not that I thought it was worth commenting on still, but the effort to lessen the hate in the fic was noted. I just don't seem to see anything in this fic except two characters. DT and Scoot's Mom. The rest have no real purpose and don't do anything. Don't say anything. Nothing meaningful in the least anyways.

You know, for the record, there are ways to write good DT fics where she gets her just desserts, and no not the ice cream sorts. This COULD have been one of them. You do get a point for including Silver Spoon at least in the fic, about as impartial as this fic gets though. Not like those two need to actually learn anything about what makes Scootaloo's mom's job important and make them respect what she does and not just seen as some boring old guard who singles out foals for fun.

“This is the Mjolnir mark IV barding suit.

Really? Really!? Halo reference much?

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