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When the first magic lab for Miss Cheerilee’s class doesn’t go the way it was supposed to, they are definitely going to learn something.

An entry for Aragon’s The Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest. Set during Season Three.

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From what I remember from elementary school, the kind of science experiments we did were about as unimpressive as the ones in this story. I remember growing plants like peas, and one experiment where we mixed random chemicals (kept safe in cloth packets like a tea bag) into water to observe the effects. But we really didn't do much until middle school, where science classes took place in classrooms with lab tables and real lab equipment.

Do you remember any elementary school science experiments?

I never had any, but a class mate told me once, in the scholl he was before, his teacher managed to blow up a gas bottle. As for Cheerilee, Murphy's law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

for the most part the science experiments we did in class were pretty tame and/or boring...though the teacher told of some of the things he did when he was in high school, one of which involved a toilet and a walnut sized clump of sodium he had liberated from the supply closet.

Georg #4 · Feb 9th, 2018 · · ·

Applejack - "Heck, water pipes are supposed to hold up under pressure, even if'n you put fertilizer in 'em."
Rainbow Dash - "The storm will rain itself out in a week or two, no problem."
Rarity - "I'm quite sure your coat will grow back in time, and besides, you should have told me you were allergic to that fabric."
Fluttershy - "You really shouldn't have made a loud noise around Missus Skunky and her children."
Pinkie Pie - "Of course it exploded. Party Cannon's are supposed to explode. And really cool Party Cannons explode a lot of times. It'll stop soon."
Starlight Glimmer - "Just a minor problem with spell interaction. We'll have those tentacles snipped off your head and the slime dried up with just another spell. Or two."
Twilight Sparkle - "It was only a little bit of antimatter!"
Discord - "Of course it's not my fault. If it were my fault, I'd take credit for it. This was wonderful. Thank you for letting me substitute teach for you, Miss Cheerilee."

“Relax. This is going to be much cooler,” Scootaloo said confidently. “Here. Hold my apple juice.”

(I'm surprised I couldn't find a ponified version of this.)

Ponies are terrifying beings who cause the very heavens to tremble in their passing. This makes elementary school a unique challenge for them.

Incredibly entertaining story. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

We had the standard elementary school lab with D-batteries, miniature light bulbs, and cheap compasses. Deciding the the batteries were too "lame" for the lab, one of my classmates stuck the lead wires to a light bulb into the electrical socket.

That's quite shocking.

The principal pulled the same teacher speech on Cheerilee :rainbowlaugh:

The cascading events was hilarious though. When everyone tries to cheat, everyone suffers!

And I thought there was pony versions of everything!

All the best high school chemistry stories involve sodium (or something else in that column of the periodic table).

Am I alone in wanting to hear the Principal’s story.. My elementary school science experiments were rather lame like those in the story before everyone decided to make them cooler

It was left to the reader's imagination. But figure the foals from forty years ago were just as creative and just as destructive.

8724228. Maybe even worse as things are fine tuned in response to various incidents..

But the biggest cutaway is: It's all Twilight Sparkle's fault! Good Night Everybody!!!

Almost every tale of Equestria comes down to either Twilight Sparkle's fault, Celestia's fault, or Discord's fault.

If this had taken place a few years later, Cheerilee would be thrilled for them.

For one thing, the place wouldn't be quite so much of a mess. For another, two names: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

I should have known Scootaloo would be at the heart of the madhouse. She's got the mentality of gunpowder.

And she might wonder, "Why am I still teaching these foals? It's been seven years!"

It's probably well-acknowledged that Cheerilee is one of, if not the best, teachers in the school.

And that's why she's been given the Problem Class until they're out of elementary school.

“Relax. This is going to be much cooler,” Scootaloo said confidently. “Here. Hold my apple juice.”

Glad this line is being actively being used with these foals in fics. I see a moment later that miss Cheerilee is well versed in its meaning. xD

I never get tired of DT and AB rivalry, cutest stuff. Sealed it with AB’s comeback of playing with DT’s head by trying to imply the teacher saw her doing something while AB was checking her butt/tail.

Cheery on top for the full circle troupe with lessons being learned though. ;3

Man, feels like years since I’ve read anything foalish from ya. My hiatus aside. lol

Great piece.

A fun story that gives equal attention to the different kinds of magical mayhem that each pony tribe can cause.


Did Button Mash get it right? I imagine he surprises everyone by being a secret genius and going off on a tangent about the relationship between earth magic and spacial ray tracing algorithms.

“Relax. This is going to be much cooler,” Scootaloo said confidently. “Here. Hold my apple juice.”

Why do I feel like you're implying that one day she'll be the 'Hold my beer and watch this' of the group?

Well done. Quite humorous.

"Hold my apple juice." Years from now, ponies will gaze in horror upon the smoking ruins of Ponyville and wonder, how in Celestia's name could one group of fillies cause so much damage? The few survivors, with haunted stares and broken tones, will then tell them the tale of three equine monstrosities, the harbingers of doom: the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


“And maybe someday, I'll tell you about the class that taught me that very same lesson.”

There's your Lesson Two.

because she's exactly like rainbow dash.....and rainbow is the type of pony to say exactly that.

Author Interviewer

I kinda wish you'd been able to just stretch the first scene into a thousand words, because seeing the lead-up to that scene wasn't quite as funny as the scene itself. :B

What? No love for a "hold my beer" situation?

Author Interviewer

I will admit that made me snort quite a bit.


Ummm, not really. We didn’t do much science experiments, and we didn’t really do them in middle school. Although one time I made a train that could actually move with magnets. It was for a science fair thing though.
If I ever did a science project though, I’d be most like Scootaloo. “Hold my lasagna.” Instead though.

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