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All Art Is Quite Useless

When I'm not writing stories, I'm writing essays. My keyboard sees fairly frequent use. University student, high functioning Rainbow Dash enthusiast, and satirical activist.


When Rainbow Dash loses her cloud home, she is forced to take up temporary lodging in a Ponyville house.

But why is that so difficult for her?

For a pony that spends their entire life in the sky, sleeping on the ground might take some adjusting to.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

Dude, I'm psyched for this bad boy. When you pitched the idea, I could tell you were excited about it.

Great work on getting it out in such short order.

You got me interested. Now I want to know what happened to her house! Have an upvote and a track! Look forward to reading more. :eeyup:

You have piqued my interest. Looking forward to more

Consider my interest piqued. I'll be awaiting the next chapter. Definitely solid writing.

Most of this is like an exposition dump, of sorts. I know telling is good in moderation, but this is multiple levels of feeding us information. On the other hand, I like the set-up, and the way you describe the inner workings of Rainbow's life. You're great at details, but sometimes it just becomes too much.

Looking forward to the next chapter non-the-less.

P.S: Much like Famous said, I admire how fast you work. Art may be useless, but you sure do make a lot of it.

Hum....if it was somepony in the Weather Team that did that I would force them to have Rainbow Dash move into their house until she can be back on her own....wings? Eh.

That would be hilarious and awkward considering how mad she is atm.

Someone is going to be fired. Possibly after being asked if they like mmm! bananas.

No, the weather pony should get a class 1 moon banishment :P

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