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Becoming an alicorn isn’t a reason to give up on friendly get-togethers. Brunch and a competition to solve the Manehattan Times crossword puzzle is a Sunday tradition for Twilight Sparkle, Cheerilee, and Mayor Mare. As the newest alicorn studies her developing magic, she will learn an unexpected lesson about the power of words.

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Much respect to anyone who can create a crossword puzzle from scratch. Just filling in one corner to match my story took way too long.

This story is utterly amazing!
I was not expecting something like this, I thought it would jut be a small cute little story about Twi solving crossword puzzles but damn... that was wonderfully executed head canon. It fits so well into the show, I can't believe something like this hasn't been written before. It definitely got quite a few chuckles out of me, something I also wasn't expecting. The characterization was very well done, the pacing, and the amount of detail given were spot on.
Liked and faved.

And thus Twilight committed Suicide by Crossword.

A very painful death. :twilightoops:


I'm quite fond of the notion presented here, that the gratitude of the ponies powers their Alicorn Princesses. I'm also a fan of the grouping of Twilight, Cheerilee and Mayor Mare... Those three should do more together.

A very rewarding find! Thanks for writing it!

3508563 Suicide by Sunday Manehattan Times Crossword, to be specific.


Clearly a most hideous fate.

Did Twilight just trap herself in the moon? ...This is the Nightmare all over again...

3508898 I'd like to think one can undo banishing oneself to the moon. Otherwise, some alicorn will just have to rescue her.

The New York Times printed one crossword right before the '94 election, where a number of clues had 2 different answers each. This was to allow "Clinton Elected" and "BobDole Elected" to BOTH be valid answers to a question!

Well this was not what I expected. I personally hate crossword puzzles. Dull. Dull. Dull.

Anyway, this story was really good. Not sure I would classify it as a comedy, but the world building was really well done, and I liked the grouping of Twilight outside of her normal circle. Cheerilee and Mayor Mare make sense.

Sometimes, you just needed a four letter word with three vowels

OREO, ETUI, and EPEE show up a bunch, too. (That last one's tricky, though, sometimes it's actually E LEE [as in Robert {not applicable in Equestria (yay nested parentheses!)}])

3509808 and don't forget ESAU

I don't really see that one very much, actually.

3508583 Pfft, that would only be true if that lazy flank Celestia was still in charge of the moon. Now that Luna is in charge again she put the magical atmosphere back on the moon.

For the confused, which should be just about everyone, Luna and Celestia actually have a conversation about this in one of my stories. This is important because Luna regularly banishes ponies to the moon who annoy her. She then brings them back later. I decided to mention it because I think it's one of the funnier things I've written.

I liked this story a lot, but it felt a little unfocused. I'd be very curious to learn about these 17 other alicorns. Is queen whitemane one of them?

3517504 It's not particularly important to the story. I'm positing, as a general background for the universe, that there's an alicorn born roughly once a century, but Twilight Sparkle's apotheosis was unique. I'm not basing that on any statements from the show's writers, Hasbro, the comic books, or anything official; I'm using the tried and true method of pulling it from my butthammerspace.

In a future story I plan on writing, that background will be relevant, but for now, it's just the theme for a crossword puzzle.

This is a wonderful story, I am really glad that Hammerspace caused me to look at more of your fics.

The 17 mortal alicorn idea was interesting, I'd love to see that explored more.

My only criticism would have to be the constant use of the full Twilight Sparkle as her name in the non-dialogue text. I listened to this story on a long drive (text-to-speech for the win), and it stuck out very noticeably. With the possible exception of the scenes with her mother, I'd recommend dropping Sparkle and just calling her Twilight most of the time.

Hah! I'm a fan of crossword puzzles myself, so this was a delight. :twilightsmile:

Does this story remind anyone else of the Animaniacs episode where Dot was searching for a quiet place to read?

3589796 I don't remember that one off the top of my head. Maybe I should pull my Animaniacs DVD set out and look for it!

3589906 I'm a tad late here, but I found the episode in question if you're still searching. Love the story!

*Laughs and applauds* Very well done.

This is brilliant. Very amusing, and interesting, now I wish there were more to read.

Princess of the Sun
Princess of the Moon
Princess of Love
Princess of... Crosswords

Hmmm, I think I enjoyed this more the second time through.

That's beautiful animation :) - I'm surprised not to have come across it before.
I suppose it was before my time!

Well, I'm sure she will add more to her semi-divine portfolio, but it is probably for the best that she start off relatively small and work up. I mean just what she had drove her to the moon...

Twilight, Cheerilee and Mayor Mare do crosswords together. Headcanon accepted.

3508576 if that is true and luna comes to earth...oh boy, we be in some trouble!!

Did ... did Twilight just banish herself to the Moon?

Yes, yes she did.

Few ponies could tell you how the fast-paced minotaur sport of jai alai was played,

As a Basque... this amuses me to no end.

I imagine Celestia and Luna’s reaction will be priceless.

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