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Audrey Azura

Absolute yuriiste, Twilight fan to the core.


After a pretty animated night, Starlight wakes up and discovers Trixie by her side. It probably was a good night, but it could have been a way better morning.

This story was inspired by an art by Dilarus and that is the cover for the story "An advanced lesson in Friendship".

Rated T for language and evocation of sex.

Many thanks to Onyz and Javarod for their help editing the text.

The original French text is available here.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

This was good and funny :rainbowlaugh:

Rated M for language and evocation of sex.

Yet it's T-rated. How does that work exactly?

Anyway, this story was short but kinda funny, and I'm a huge Startrix fan, so...have a like from me.

Thanks =).

Small error on my part, I did a lot of back and forth with the rating, and it seems like I forgot to change one part. It is corrected, thank you for pointing it out. And thank you very much for the like ^^.

Doubt #4 · Sep 28th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Meh... The payoff at end isn't really worth the buildup.

Well this needs a sequel if there isn't one already.

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