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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.


A Twilight Thought · 7:25pm October 18th

So, if Princess Celestia lowers the sun and Princess Luna raises the moon, abruptly moving from day to night, just what the heck is Twilight Sparkle named after?

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MLP: FIM writers are reading my stories! · 11:58pm May 29th

First, I write a story where Apple Bloom has been sneaking around with other fruit, specifically pears, and then we see an episode where we learn that her father embraced pears, in more ways than one.

Then I write a story where Spike gets wings, and then we see an episode where Spike gets wings.

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Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo · 2:19am April 26th

Not an actual competition this time, but I wrote a story for the Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo, where each participant was given the name of another participant, and asked to make a story based on one of their stories. I was pleasantly surprised to see my submission make the feature box. You might say it was... no joke.

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Season 7 Finale, Season 8 Opener · 1:22am April 4th

I avoided spoilers last season, so I found myself pleasantly surprised by the Season 7 finale. I wasn't expecting all of those historical figures mentioned throughout the season to be part of some proto-Elements of Harmony, and be in part responsible for the creation of said Elements.

Twilight Sparkle doing the wrong thing? It makes sense, because it was a plan created by her idol! Starlight Glimmer calling her out on it? It made perfect sense.

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Featured Article · 2:17am March 23rd

The daily featured article on Wikipedia earlier this week was this one.

Capella, also designated Alpha Aurigae, is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, the sixth-brightest in the night sky, and the third-brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere after Arcturus and Vega.

That just happens to be from where I pulled the names for Blueblood's future wife and mother-in-law, in the epilogue of A Royal Pain.

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An idea for Wallflower Blush · 6:59am February 26th

(I assume, by this time, you've seen Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship; spoilers follow.)

The character of Wallflower Blush is an interesting one. A shy person with a history of awkward and embarrassing social interactions, she finds a magic stone that lets her erase these bad memories. But that erases all the memories from those encounters, which means every day she has to make these same initial awkward introductions.

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New story · 12:14pm February 9th

I learned about Aragon's comedy contest when an extension to February 9 was announced. And I decided to give it a try.

I managed to waste the time I had over the weekend, which meant most of the story was written yesterday. But it's done, and posted.

The story involves Cheerilee's class, in particular the Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon, and I got to write Scootaloo saying "Here. Hold my apple juice."

Give it a look!

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How I'd fix the movie · 4:43am Oct 17th, 2017

The MLP movie left a lot to be desired. So, since everyone's had a chance to see it (right?), I thought I'd discuss my thoughts.

The Mane 6
Twilight Sparkle: Season 1-2 neuroticism
Pinkie Pie: Season 1 zaniness
Rainbow Dash: Chaotic Stupid
Rarity: Actually decent
Fluttershy: Unused
Applejack: Unused

To start, the main cast struck me as being stuck in the series' past. And there was also talk about four alicorns, when there are five now. Can we please be consistent?

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AOL Instant Messenger going away · 9:18pm Oct 7th, 2017

Yes, I used it, and dialup with my 56k modem, back in the day.

I mention this here because in one of my stories, AIM was the bridge used to open a portal to Equestria. So we'll now have to find other ways to get there.

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Such terrible news · 1:47am Jun 29th, 2017

It turns out I live in a racist town.

I went out for a walk along one of my city's fine walking trails, and what do I see but this sign?

Now, I can see wanting to keep motorized traffic off the trail; it is a walking and biking trail, after all. But why ban our pony friends? They're certainly not bringing cars!

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