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University student. Hoping to write a few pieces, and meet fun and like-minded people. Not an expert on the fandom, so feel free to point out any canonical flaws in my writing that look unintentional.

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  • Monday
    Two Stories Featured in Three Days?

    So, this happened again:

    I seriously don't know what's going on. A massive thank you to everyone who read and commented on this, you've all made me very happy!


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  • Sunday
    So, I Wrote a New Story.

    Get it while it's hot!

    T Important Wizard
    Sunburst has a new, unofficial title. He doesn't like it one bit.
    All Art Is Quite Useless · 5.2k words  ·  205  10 · 1.8k views



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  • 6 days
    Well, Wasn't Expecting That.

    So, this happened:

    I wonder if it will last?


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  • 1 week
    I Can Get a Lot Written in a Day Sometimes.

    So, I just posted this:

    T Ship Mist(ake)
    "I've thrown some pretty super parties in my time, but this one must be off the charts, cause two of my besties are finally trying to hook up! Wait, four of them are! Ohmygosh, they're all trying to hook up! ...Maybe this isn't the best party ever."
    All Art Is Quite Useless · 8.6k words  ·  43  8 · 554 views

    It's my direct response to the frequent portrayal of rushed romance in stories.

    ...I'll just wait patiently for the shit to hit the fan with this one.


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  • 1 week
    A Hundred Thousand Words (And Other Things!)

    So... Yeah, I'm stroking my own ego a little with this one, but I realised earlier that I've published over 100,000 words of pony fiction on this site in the last six months. Considering that this is my first writing venture (like seriously, before Fimfic the closest I had got to creative writing was lyrics) I'm quite pleased with my progress. When I started, I didn't expect things to go this quickly, especially considering the quiet months between March and May (where I posted like two

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Two Stories Featured in Three Days? · 1:39pm Monday

So, this happened again:

I seriously don't know what's going on. A massive thank you to everyone who read and commented on this, you've all made me very happy!


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<"useless" art quote>

That reminds me of one of Lord Dunsany's short "stories", The Songless Country

The poet came unto a great country in which there were no songs. And he lamented gently for the nation that had not any little foolish songs to sing to itself at evening.

And at last he said: "I will make for them myself some little foolish songs so that they may be merry in the lanes and happy by the fireside." And for some days he made for them aimless songs such as maidens sing on the hills in the older, happier countries.

Then he went to some of that nation as they sat weary with the work of the day and said to them: "I have made you some aimless songs out of the small unreasonable legends, that are somewhat akin to the wind in the vales of my childhood; and you may care to sing them in your disconsolate evenings."

And they said to him: "If you think we have time for that sort of nonsense nowadays you cannot know much of the progress of modern commerce."

And then the poet wept for he said: "Alas! They are damned."

Are you currently in Europe and if yes where is your next reading? And will it feature a scene of Bleak House?

If I were to say no, would you believe me?


I'm sure I saw you hit number one! I wish I had taken a screenshot now... Thanks very much though, dude! It's a happy feeling.


I think my reply's taken just as long, I'd call us even! But honestly, it's no problem. Congratulations on getting hired, by the way! I hope you enjoy whatever it is you're doing. (As well as the extra cash!)

Don't worry, I can totally understand that! Those thoughts are very similar to the ones I had when I first came across the quote, and it took me actively searching for a different perspective for me to understand what exactly it did mean. But that's another thing, right? We're limited by how we're conditioned to think, what we've already learnt. I'd agree with you in an instant though, art is definitely important, even if it has no intrinsic use, it has value in other ways. (Not gonna get into the paradox of value here.)

Well, thank you very much! While I can't pretend that it's entirely original, considering the fact it's sourced from a novel, I like to think I uphold the values of the statement to some degree! Thanks for giving me a chance to explain, I always enjoy discussing such things.


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