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What more can I say? I'm a little guy.


The Methods by Which Little Horsies Get Their Drank On · 10:33pm Nov 10th, 2018

Life goes on, the writing continues. I'm thinking of changing my profile picture, but I'm not certain to what.

Anyway, today's hoofnote concerns the production and consumption of alcohol in Equestria. Our pony friends do occasionally drink, some a touch more than others, and I reference bars and taverns occasionally, so I thought I may as well put in some finer detail on this aspect of the world.

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Comment posted by Chaos Blitz deleted Jun 19th, 2019

Hope I didn't rock anyone's world with that revelation.

Six feet. I'm actually not little at all, but I like how the name sounds.


How little we talking? 5'1? 5'2?

Neat. I'll keep that in mind if I'm looking for some ideas on where to go with my own universe. I'm afraid I'm not the person to take off with your, or anyone's, story ideas, however. I'm far too busy with my own affairs. Thanks, though.

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