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It seems that no amount of stalling, negotiation, or bargaining will stop the council.

Since Princess Twilight's coronation, the Royal Council have insisted that she be tied to a Canterlot noble, so as not to lose their hold over the lands south of Canterlot.

Tied in marriage, that is, and they've got just the pony in mind, whether he's got a say in it or not.

A commission for Dusk Raven. Cover art here.

Chapters (3)
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:rainbowderp:... well, can honestly say I don't know where this is going. But I'm eager to see.

Cheers! I'm glad I was able to grab your interest!


Setup's contrived as hell, but at least it didn't take very long and is all out of the way now. We'll see if something comes of it.

I'm sorry to hear that you think so, hopefully you'll enjoy the future chapters a little more!


I always love BlueLight shipping especially when Blueblood is a stuck up jerk with just a few redeeming qualities to him and get forced to to mingled with the common ponies. So far I think Blueblood's characterization would need some work as I feel that he is too subdued in his reaction about the situation even if he know it would be expected going through that. I wonder why Twilight in this story apparently never never interacted with him in the past seeing how close he apparently is to Celestia? Looking forward to the next chapter.

That particular calm of Blueblood's is probably learned from Celestia. It's also the result of some alternate character interpretation that I'd heard and that me and AAIQU discussed. Without going into spoilers, the idea is that he's meant to be very composed, as befitting of a relative of royalty.

Yes! Another bluelight shipping story! I love this! I have high hopes for it. Keep going in the direction your heading and this will be the best story ever!


Without going into spoilers, the idea is that he's meant to be very composed, as befitting of a relative of royalty

ohh I get you.

Been a while since I've seen a story involving BlueLight shipping. I think the only other one I've ever read was by Aegis Shield. You have my attention.:moustache:

You have a line to correct at the end, where you both made a new paragraph, and misspelled "sun" as "soon".

"... splendor of Canterlot's gardens in the radiant afternoon sun."
^ Is what it should be.

have to agree. considering what the alicorns can do. Seriously why should Twilight obey this at all. BUCK the council, hell work to disband it. Also a Republic is not a bad thing .Pure Democracy is.

Welp, time for Twilight to have a magical "accident" aimed approximately at the Royal Council chambers. Oops! :twilightsheepish: :rainbowlaugh:

Will keep an eye on this, but the setup is painfully contrived. I hope there's some actual flesh given to the members of the Royal Council and what they're trying to get out of this - shipping these two won't carry the story.

I don't see much of Twilight and Blue ships here in the site. Though I wonder why they are against the Republic and Independence ideals? :rainbowderp:

Twilight's a stickler for rules, I don't think she'd even consider using her status to violate the law of the land like that. Celestia... well, from my conversations with the author, it sounds like that'll be addressed in the story. But my headcanon is that if she started enforcing her will, she'd become a tyrant, and she knows this... so even though her little ponies would probably let her do whatever she wanted, she holds back.
Whenever I check on my own most popular story, one of the suggested stories is something about Twilight's "possess a doll" spell becoming permanent. I have not read it, because I can't help thinking, "Why would you write something like that?" But it also makes me think that the fandom just doesn't care about contrivances. Not to mention, all the crossovers resulting from a magic experiment gone wrong... at this point, I don't think the premise of a story is important, but how you tell it.

I mean, yeah, I guess an arranged marriage is a bit contrived (though I think it's an interesting setup), but I've seen so many zany excuses to ship ponies that it never struck me as odd, and I trust AAIQU to make it well-reasoned.
Well, a "Republic," technically, is any government in which the position of head of state is not hereditary. ...While, now that I think about it, it is odd for Celestia to oppose that, given that her pick of student and newest Princess is not related to her, I guess she's used to traditional forms of government. It's something interesting about FiM's setting - when you've had the same beloved ruler for a millennium, ponies aren't going to have the same views regarding democracy as we do.

I think the bulk of ponies would be against a forced pairing like this. And it's their tyranny she is opposing.

I've always been interested in TWIxBLUE stories like this though they're aren't that many

Unfortunately for Twilight and Blueblood, the minority who don't mind arranged marriages are the ancient nobility of Canterlot. Marriage amongst the upper class, even today, isn't always about love... but of course, Twi and Blue are the ones it's happening to, so they'll be finding ways to oppose that!

Honestly, this was too shallow and trite to really leave an impact. Celestia comes across as pathetic and cowardly, the plot is already painfully contrived, and there aren't any narrative hooks to keep me wanting to read. :applejackunsure:

I have to know now before choosing to invest. Is this an actual Bluelight shipfic, or is this the story of how Twilight and Blueblood manage to get out of this mess without being shackled by any council or romantic interest in each other?

I look forward to seeing where this goes. Also I hope that Meadow Springs doesn't make a big deal about the situation, or that she otherwise doesn't end up as a source of conflict.

Then again, that WOULD be a relatively easy source of early conflict I suppose.

Well the Royal Council just BUCKED up on this one, I can see only TWO ways for Twilight to get out of this. One would be to go all MIDNIGHT Sparkle on them, of course I wonder what pony Midnight would look like, and for Two, she would just have to find a way to de-ascend herself back into that of a Unicorn, thus giving up the title of Princess.

Mostly because it takes forever for anything to get done and it usually devolves into petty partisan bickering.

Sorry but I'm in full agreement here. And you're portraying Celestia as backing down from the very ponies who enjoy trying to find loopholes in her rule so that they can take over. She's been rebuffing them for over generations, and in a few short paragraphs, you not only made Celestia out to be pathetic and weak, but to have absolutely no power or say in the matter. Which is also known as, making her a pure figure-head and NOT a wise ruler with experience.

Out of fear of a REPUBLIC, no less. That is incredibly stupid. A republic is one of the best forms of government their is! The Romans, the Greeks, and most modern day countries would like to have a few words!


She is an autocrat with a messiaha complex. Benevolent or not, no autocat would ever willingly give up power for the sak of the people.

" me and Luna "

Multiple occurrances. Should be "Luna and I"

"Please listen, Twilight. Me and Luna are fully aware that there may come a time in future when we are no longer fit to rule, or when we may no longer want to, and we will not wish to leave Equestria in the hands of a republic if we can avoid it.

Oh no! Democracy!


I seem to have offended a lot of Americans. I feel, uhh, accomplished... I guess? But honestly, this was a mix up and completely unintentional, I'll try to explain why here.

I eschew political talk so I'm keeping this short (plus I'm tired as all hell).

First of all, let's talk about the word 'republic'. North American definition versus mine is a little different, which is probably causing a lot of the confusion (and animosity).

By my definition of the word, a republic refers to a country which is considered to be a matter of the public, rather than privately owned. Representatives for the people are elected or appointed, not necessarily by the people.

In other words, republics by my definition aren't exactly always wonderful things. Examples may include the Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the old Soviet Union, and the Republic of China. As you can see, the definition is very loose.

North American definition is different. When you hear the word, representative democracy and constitution is implied. I'm not saying the American definition or connotation of the word is wrong, just that it's taken differently here.

To put it simply, Celestia wishes to avoid a republic (by my definition of the word) because she believes that would likely dissolve into a bunch of power hungry squabbling nobles employing every tool at their disposal to get a leg up. She also believes that the nation isn't ready for it. She doesn't trust the council to wield supreme power.

For people saying that she's a coward, I'll say this: Celestia has ruled for a very long time, yes, but there's not really any higher an example of tyranny as changing a law that you probably helped to approve yourself because of nepotism. Changing the law around to help out her student and nephew would be considered a grievous abuse of power, and that's just the kind of thing the council needs to start to change more and more public opinions.

I doubt that Celestia would continue to rule indefinitely if the general consensus was no confidence in her ability to lead, but that's my opinion. Unfortunately, the council have the ability to twist her words and manipulate the public, Celestia has the power to disband them but wouldn't do it. (Consider the UK for a moment. Queen Elizabeth has the ability to dissolve parliament whenever she wishes, just as parliament is able to put abolishing the monarchy to a vote whenever they feel like. Both have remained stagnant for years and years. The reason for this is that despite the fact that both would likely rather do without the other, public perceptions of whoever the catalyst of the change was would go through the floor. In other words, if Celestia does anything to dismiss her council, it looks like she doesn't even let 'the little ponies' have a say in her rule any more.)

By the way, the council isn't some faceless entity with nefarious intentions. It's a representative of real world aristocracy, and of course includes the benevolent, the political climbers, the selfish, and the idealists alike. We'll be getting a closer look at the council in the future, they aren't just a plot device I plucked out of thin air to spring this concept into action.

As for it being contrived, well, what can I say? I'm bringing you my own creative interpretation of an idea that I've been asked to carry out, an idea that in my opinion is a good one. Is it convenient that Blueblood and Twilight are being forced to marry? You could say so, but the impression I'm getting from multiple readers is that they think the pair are just going to take it lying down.

I think I've said enough on this now. Sorry for any confusion, I hope this clears at least something up for you! It was never my intention to offend, honestly, nor to imply that an American system of government is incorrect or negative in any other way.


There are reasons for Blueblood's subdued reaction, you'll see why eventually!

Thank you! I'll try my best, of course!

Thanks very much, I'll try my best to make it so.

Let's hope I keep it!

Thank you! I was immensely tired last night but saw this comment and corrected it straight away, cheers for pointing it out.

We can hope, right?

I'm looking forward to writing more!

Hopefully I'll keep you interested, eh?

Thanks for making an effort to hold down the fort while I was gone, I know I didn't exactly make it easy for you!

Thanks to everyone for commenting so far! It's nice to see that so many people consider my story worth talking about. (For better or worse!)


Nice reply man. I can't wait to see what happens next and how the relationship between Twilight and BlueBlood goes

the exmples you give are democracies, there is a difference between a democarcy and a republic. the American Foundign Fathers looked at the two and went with a Republic it worked well overall it's only recently we have had issues. Note a republic the nobles wouldn't have power unless sought and considering the common ponies view of the nobility outside ofthe princesses is not good.

This is well thought out and logical. Therefore, it will probably anger even more americans. You one over this one though, and I cannot wait for more!

Seriously though, without this, there would be no book. Some fontriavences are nessecary for a good story.

From what you said it looks like she is trying to prevent the creating a oligarchy. Also the fact that ckuncil does have power and even Celestia is bound to their rulings implies some form of constitutional monarchy and the fact that Ponyville has a mayor implies that democracy does exist if in a limited form.

While I don't like revealing my plans for the future of a story too much in advance, I'd say you haven't much to worry about there. Thank you though!

For some reason the capitalisation of the words just made me laugh more. Interesting ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for mentioning! I'll go back through and check soon.

See the message directly above yours! Made me laugh though, so thanks for that.

Thanks man, glad to see that it was appreciated, and I look forward to showing you!

I respect your opinion, of course mate, but I'd rather the comments didn't begin to deviate from the main point of this story too much, I hope that's understandable! I do agree that the United States have made a republic work well for themselves though, there's no contesting that! You have a good system of government.

Well hopefully I don't anger too many people, this story wasn't created with that in mind, after all! I completely agree with your last line though, we're of the same mind there!

I'd say you're pretty much spot on here, and you've described the situation I've presented very well! Thank you for adding to the discussion!

And thank you all very much for your comments, I'm happy to get the chance to speak with all of you, and I'm glad you have something to say about my story!


For my part, I consider Celestia a coward, not because she bowed to political pressure, but because of her demeanor this chapter. She goes to great lengths to emphasize how not-at-fault she is, and how her hands are tied and there's no alternative, rather than accepting responsibility for circumstances which are ultimately her fault.

As far as contrivance goes, my issue isn't with the setup so much, but the plot so far. The whole encounter with Meadow Springs especially felt like blatant plot-fodder.

You know, you make a well reasoned argument here, I can definitely see your perspective. Thanks for sharing a little more. It's always nice to receive such criticisms, it helps me to learn and improve!

As for Meadow Springs, I can appreciate your opinion here, and I'm sorry if the door scene came across as a little too convenient. I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep this story as organic as possible in its realisation, so hopefully that won't be a lasting opinion!

Thanks mate,


It is interesting seeing Blueblood opposed to the arranged marriage too. Given the "standard" fannon interpretation of him as an insufferable, skeevy, manipulative philander, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this marriage idea was not (or at least it does not appear) his.

I can see the three of them creating some outlandish plan to ruin the nobles' machinations...

Wow, this is exciting already. Here's a thumbs up and I will be waiting for more!

The Romans gave up their republic for an Empire, and they seemed happy with the result... and then Europe basically forgot about democracy for a millennium and a half. Also, there have in fact been monarchs who have given up their power for democracy. It's rare, but it happens.
...You mean the "Examples may include the Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the old Soviet Union, and the Republic of China" list? Three out of four aren't/weren't democratic... and by my own definition, North Korea isn't even a republic.

rather than accepting responsibility for circumstances which are ultimately her fault.

I'm not sure I follow, at least in any meaningful sense. Is she at fault for not illegally stopping it? For being Twilight's mentor and Blueblood's aunt? I don't get it.

I try - I do have a bit invested in the idea, after all. :twilightsheepish: But I also knew the idea would be... controversial at best, so I'm not concerned with that.

This is what i get for not doing my research. and forgetting basic information on the empire that spread Catholicism everywhere XD

I read the message and I understand completely your side. I just wanted to make a little joke.

Wait, I mean, 'MURICA BICHES!

this is going to be fun,
i find it funny fi blueblood is in fact want this cuase he has had a crush on twilight for years,
wonder how twilight friends and family going to react

I feel like this was a pretty slow start to the story, mostly because of Celestia’s prolonged explanation.

I also don’t think blueblood’s previous/current relationship was introduced very well. A “they can’t do this, I’m already in a relationship!” would probably have worked better, that way we would see this thing isn’t just hurting Twilight and we could look forward to seeing how he was to break this to her. As it stance now she is a random maid that kinda likes him because he was nice to her.

Blueblood is just really… meh. where is his overblown drama? He just goes with the flow and the closest he comes to having an opinion is being discouraged that he can’t date the maid.

But, the big thing is that this story has two elephants in the room when it comes to the believability of the concept.

1st. Why would Celestia stand for this?

Celestia practically raised Twilight since she was a child, Twilight returned her sister to her after a thousand years of madness on the moon, Twilight saved the kingdom and is an all-around hero…

So why would Celestia sit back and watch as Twilight is to be raped in the name of politics? – they want her to pop out heirs regardless of her feelings on the subject. That is pretty fucking rapey.

I can’t see Celestia being seen as the bad guy if she abolished forced marriages. I mean, if Celestia and the nobles split up, Celestia moved east, and the nobles moved west. I think most ponies would go east.

2nd. We have Cadence’s marriage.

Cadence becoming an alicorn didn’t force her to marry a noble. Hell, everything Twilight’s marriage was suppose to accomplish has already been accomplish by Shining marrying Cadence. There is already a successor who is going to pop out heirs while Celestia is still in power. – the succession is secure.

I feel like the story hasn’t really started yet, I can’t tell which way this will go. but, the summery already told us most of what we learned in this chapter. :unsuresweetie:

Hey, a legislative body comprised entirely of potted plants might even be an improvement! :pinkiecrazy:


So why would Celestia sit back and watch as Twilight is to be raped in the name of politics? – they want her to pop out heirs regardless of her feelings on the subject. That is pretty fucking rapey.

Well, I feel like that description is sort of unfair to Blueblood, who isn't any more happy with it than Twilight is. Could still call it rape, but I think the expectation with the nobility is that they'll learn to live it with it like ponies have been for thousands of years.

Cadence becoming an alicorn didn’t force her to marry a noble. Hell, everything Twilight’s marriage was suppose to accomplish has already been accomplish by Shining marrying Cadence. There is already a successor who is going to pop out heirs while Celestia is still in power. – the succession is secure.

It's much more complex than "Celestia and Luna needing an heir." Basically, the Canterlot nobles don't care about the succession of Cadance and Shining Armor - they're off in the Crystal Empire, which doesn't help them at all, not when Cadance doesn't control any land near them. There's a lot more to Equestria than that, and the lands they have an actual stake in are unaffected by Cadance.

To that end, they're using some old treaties and laws - possibly back from when Celestia and Luna were new to the throne and needed the support of the elite - to enforce this particular marriage.

And despite Celestia having been Princess for over a thousand years, she can't do everything she wants. Being an alicorn doesn't mean living some kind of power fantasy, you have duties and obligations and things to consider - and both Twilight and Blueblood know that. Of course, that won't stop them from trying to find legal loopholes out of it, possibly with Celestia's aid...

I personally can't wait for more, I wish this had been published with more than one chapter...

I recall hearing about a ficus tree running for governor or mayor or something in the US. Me and some friends had fun with the idea - the tree requires a translator, but he speaks entirely in either matters relating to plants... or, regarding anything else, in plant-based puns.
"Let's get to the root of the matter..."

I can safely divulge that the marriage was not his idea! That interpretation of Blueblood does work, but I'm going for something a little different here, as should be evidenced in future chapters. I know Blueblood isn't exactly a blank slate, but all we know of his character is from his interactions with Rarity, which was anything between two and three years ago.

I won't give away anything else!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I aim to provide more soon, so hang tight!

I think what Shelf was trying to get at was that it could be assumed that Celestia approved that law in the first place however long ago, so what's happened as a result is her fault in some capacity, although I may be wrong. In my opinion, it's a valid way to interpret the events.

'Murica indeed! (I say, not being American in the slightest.)

I wonder how they'll react too. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough!


There's a couple of things I'll add to what's already been said.

In regards to Blueblood's demeanour, for one thing he's in the presence of his aunt and ruler, and for another this isn't 'commoner's food', this is a serious matter, his reactions are going to be quite different. Blueblood may be arrogant, but he is in no way a petulant child. If you were expecting the spoilt drama queen prince I can assure you that's not what I'll be writing!

I feel like actively hooking him up with the maid just so he could crush her later would have been unnecessary and gratuitously dramatic, but that's just a personal opinion.

There's one thing I'd like to add about the Cadence and Shining Armour thing, and that's them having Flurry Heart. Alicorn royal babies are a very scary prospect to those who would wish to see a lion's share of power removed from immortals, and as far as anyone knows Cadence is an anomaly for being able to birth one, that or Flurry was a one in a million chance. All we know from the show is that an alicorn birth is unheard of.

This shouldn't be a problem for Twilight. Of course, arranged marriage in general is a little 'rapey', as you put it, but that's something that still goes on in modern culture today between the aristocracy, royal families, and other members of the upper class, even business professionals and politicians. Of course, the term 'marriage of convenience' is preferred these days. This is without getting into Muslim arranged marriages etc.

Add this to the fact that Equestrian society isn't exactly a great representation of 21st century western culture (nor any century, it's all a bit mismatched) and the idea of arranged marriage being in practice is pretty feasible.

This is the best comment. I completely agree.


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