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This story is a sequel to Midday Munchies

It's that time of year again: Hearth's Warming Day is here, and Shining Armor is going to bring his marefriend to dinner!

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You know what? I've always said Christmas should happen in July. Upvoted to start the revolution.

I don't even celebrate Christmas, but your contribution is appreciated all the same.

Christmas, Hearthwarming, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever. Free gifts are free gifts. :moustache:

That aside, good story.

Thank you! I'm glad that Stonderdance was enjoyable. She's certainly fun to write.

Oh god, this story was hilarious. I can only imagine what's in the brownies :rainbowlaugh:


Moondancer is more cream-colored than white. And it physically hurt to see how crushed she was by Twilight skipping out on her. She deserves more episodes. Also, I ship Moondancer with Sunburst. Glimmer can go off on a lezzer threesome with Sunset and Trixie.

yaaay!! have 10!! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This idea wouldn't leave me alone so now y'all have a sequel.


She needs something chaotic in her life.

I think Cady jinxed it.

Shining grins. "You're a romantic."
"I'm the Princess of Love," I say with faux stuffiness. "It is my job."

Pretty much.

"Cadance, dear, what did you bring?"
I looked at the box, and so did Shiny, suddenly curious to exactly what I brought. I flipped the lid open and smiled broadly, showing my culinary masterpiece off to everypony.

Damn, now I want some.

I don't know what to put here to summarize my feelings for this story without saying something I've said before or sounding cheesy, so I'm just gonna leave it at this.

Most likely stoner brownies.

Eeehh, prolly now that I'm thinking about it

What a cute story. It's nice to see that Shining/Cadence shipping is still alive. =3

Thank you! I really do like these two as a couple, and their banter is fun to write.

Maybe someday the show will canonize it!

Stoner!Cadance is totally unlike my internal Cadance, and is absolutely adorable and engaging to write read (fixed) Thank you for sharing this!

I was trying to think of what this reminded me of, and I eventually decided she comes across like Cayden Cailean from the Pathfinder mythos.

Oh lord, she brought magic brownies. :rainbowlaugh:

I love the interaction you have going on between Shining and Cadance; this is a fun version of them. :pinkiehappy:

Only one minor complaint: I think my tense-transmission is burnt out from all the tense-shifting. :twilightsheepish:

Cute! Deserves an updoot.

Thank you!
That's the real question.
By calling her 'white' I was giving the impression that Cady only met her once or twice, and probably at a distance. She didn't remember the correct color and had to have her memory refreshed. Twilight didn't bail on Moony either, she just kinda ended up being in a really awkward sleepover. Stilted conversations and such would ensue.

I don't personally ship them either, but I think it's very likely that Moondancer could have a crush on Twilight. Since I've never written her in any other story to date, this was a little way to sprinkle some indirect development on her.
Here's to hoping, eh? :P
She is! And did you mean 'to read'? This incarnation of her appears in many of my other stories, sometimes a bit younger, other times in during the show stories, and as one of the main characters in my larger adventure stories. Her internal voice is just as amusing, but some of her stoner-ness is turned down a little as she gets older... not that she won't bust out a joint from time to time. She's largely portrayed as a hipster '90s kid type gal, with 'stoner' being one facet of this that I like to explore in fluff like this where she isn't off doing crazy things and kicking flank. I mean, a stoner comedy Christmas special that's super fluffy? I couldn't resist that! So if you want a ton of more first person hipster Cady, I have it.

I'm not familiar with Pathfinder, but that does sound a little bit like her, and a little like how I write Luna too. I usually like to think of Cady as a sort of interesting everyman, who is engaging but easy to identify with (the latter being something I usually avoid writing into my characters) like Marty McFly. Shining, who appears alongside her in one other story so far, becomes very much a Protective Big Brother and Last Only Sane Man type next to his silly stoner wife.

Anyway, thank you for reading! The story that kinda served as inspiration to my silly girl from the sticks type Cady was this one right here, but that's a little more obvious in my more serious stories, and the inspiration did diverge into the stoner gal that you see here.
Are they or are they not? That's the real question here.


Typo fixed, yes. :twilightblush:

It happens, but gosh I always hate when it does!

Going by how you described their aroma, I'm going with "yes, yes they are." :rainbowlaugh:

What kind of brownies hmmmmm?:pinkiecrazy:

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