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Wow, that ending is actually really brilliant. I did not see that coming. Good job :rainbowlaugh:

...That punchline is gold, just because you really don't see it coming.

<insert Persona 5 meme>

i did not see that coming

Love the ending!

I love it! :rainbowlaugh:
Haven't seen any molepony Scratch since... ever. xD

I didn't see that ending coming!

Pfft. XD

You’re clever. I like that.

Unexpected ending is unexpected!

So, uh, what exactly is Vinyl suppose to be in this story?

She's a mole pony, just like what she told the fanboy. He just thought that she was joking because of their earlier conversation.

It kinda felt meta, did it not?

Anyway, fun twist.
8511038 Spoiler maybe?

Going by the cover, she's actually Vinyl Scrapidatsh.

"You're always wearing those shades. I was wondering if it was a blind thing, or something."
"Am I freakin' blind. Oh yeah, of course I am. I Just left my guide dog around the corner, that's all,"

Here's your sign

So she's a mole pony?

What a twist at the ending! :rainbowderp:

That ending had me in hysterics; I was not expecting that. Great job, man!

She said it. She's a mole pony.

Her horn is actually a powerful drill for digging through hard earth.

You should make a sequel with octy. octy the octopus...

powerful huh? well, is it powerful enough to piece the heavens?

Hilarious ending. Aside from that, this is "Fame and Misfortune" done right!

Well then a mole pony that's new better then a vampire

Tell people ponies the truth; they will never believe you.

I should have seen that ending coming. That was great

"Listen to me. I'm not a fuckin' vampire, alright?

Sounds like something a vamp would say.

Moral of the story; don't fuck with mole ponies, they don't tend to like that.

I love your shit, keep it up

As always,

She must be deaf than.

...Not sure if this is supposed to be mocking innocent fandom trends for seemingly no reason but the author's fatigue with running into them, a supposed rebuttal to people who try to apply those fandom trends to the show, or just an angry 'pony responds to a fandom thing lazily inserted into the pony world' fic written for the sole reason of such fics getting clicks.

Nice cover, though. I really like her mane.

its probably none of those, except they all made convenient inspiration to answer the question "We have mole men, Why not mole ponies?"

Y make 1 joke when u can make 5

Not gonna lie... after she started digging through the dirt under the bed, I was beginning to think she was some kind of ZOMBIE pony, and that the shades were magically enchanted to make her LOOK like she's still alive.

Ah, well. Mole Pony seems like a much brighter twist, anyways... or would it be considered darker since, y'know... underground?

Okay, that ending caught me off guard. Nice :twilightsmile:

See, if it was actually about mole ponies, it would be about mole ponies.

Like seriously, that has to be the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard,

I take it nobody told her about the theory that she and Octavia are actually the same pony and have Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Nah, that's Pinkies Mane.

Assuming that pony heaven is Elysium, famously underground, then potentially.

(also, 10/10. Well memed, friend.)

Very clever ending! It got a good chuckle out of me. :twilightsmile:

Hilarious! At least moles (unlike poor bats) aren't seen as evil, dangerous, or sinister.

The funny thing is that before this story got into the featured section, there actually WERE two stories about Vinyl, one of her being a mute, and the other about her being a vampire, so if that wasn't impeccable timing I don't know.

Hah, that's just what a mute wou- oh... nvm.

I was worried this would just be a "your headcanon is bad and you should feel bad" author mouthpiece rant, and there are elements of that, but you still make it work beyond that scope. Especially the ending. All told, nice work.

Ooohoho... you got me author, that was clever! Very clever.

Not gonna lie, I've gone down both the Vampire and Mute route before,

Okay, now THAT I did NOT see coming! O.O

There's nothing new under the sun. *reads fic* I stand corrected.

She prefers action over words, yadda yadda. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

You know, tbh, my idea is that, given how much she annoys Octavia, they have a “system” per se. Enough favors called or mistakes made, and the loudmouth Vinyl has to repay Octavia with something invaluable:

A day with no speaking.

Crazy coincidence that those are all the days she appears on the show, eh?

Hmm. Mole pony. Can't say I've heard of that one before. :rainbowlaugh:

Or that she and Rarity were the same.

lol i thought was only joke, but was good joke

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