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Vinyl Scratch challenges Octavia to a pie eating bet and wins. As per the stipulations of the bet, Vinyl dares Octavia to work at Wubway for a week. Shenanigans ensue.

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Some were turned over, some were on their side, but Octavia knew that every single dish in their house was probably inside of this sink. Dishes were piled on the counters to the right and left of the sink, along with a collective amount of dishes behind her on another counter. Used pots and pans from Octavia's previous dinner were stationary on the stove.

The first sentence says that all of the dishes are in the sink. Then, the next two sentences state that there are some on the counters and stove. The wording seems contradictory.

“If throwing away a few pie tins is so easy for her, why couldn't she clean her own dishes?” Octavia thought as she turned back to the dishes.

You don't need the quotations since the thought is italicized.

and the Behind the glass unit were two ovens for hot sandwiches

the behind*

Vinyl dashed behind the glass unit and with the sleight of hand that she possessed,

sleight of hoof*

Octavia followed and quickly washed her hands before she moved back to the bane with a new set of gloves.


“Buck me.”

Don't need the quotations.

Good story so far. An... interesting concept, though I wouldn't expect Octavia (or almost anyone) to so quickly agree to go help with someones job, without pay (I'm assuming), directly after they are woken up, after knowing the pony for only a week. Maybe had the bet been personal assistant for a week or assist with the winners job for a week. But it is still good and I await your update.:twilightsmile:

It's been a while but only thing I saw was. lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, pickle, bell pepper, olive, banana peppers, jalapenos, and spinach.
She also didn't explain the order of sauces. Vinyl is just setting her up for failure :derpytongue2:

But it's nice to know someone else worked there to.


lol I loved my job when I was there.

Then again having all the best co-workers ever goes a long way to making you enjoy a job.

Bravo sir, bravo i can this this fic go a long way:pinkiesmile:

I can see one way (that the story probably won't take) that this can go: Octavia snaps, a gore tag is added, and Wubway suddenly starts serving real meat.

As a former wubsway employee, I can say it was the best job ever, and I can still eat their sadwiches, even after making them,lol:yay:

OH , haha, I work at subway, not a bad job (quite good actually). but rush hours are horrible, I remember once, we sold like 70 or so sandwiches in an hour. my brain died.


Wubway, a Cupcakes spin-off; now with 20% more DJ. :twilightsmile:

Should happen.

This is just AWESOME, while not with as much humor as I hoped, it really had a lot of information with Subway, I'm guessing at least. Poor Octavia:rainbowlaugh: I really wished this could have been made into at least another chapter but oh well, great job:twilightsmile:

Dank beats mixed fresh on the spot, yo.

Fun story! :twilightsmile:
I'd love to read the ending though.

I'm the Manager at Wubway Cuz I'm always superior!

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