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After working the day away, Twilight decides that she wants to have fun. What better fun than by playing a prank on Princess Luna? Armed with her sticky notes and quill, Twilight is ready to start a prank war.

Twi x Luna shipping story.

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One: This story centres around best pony and Purple, who's in a distinct 2nd/3rd place.
Two: This story contains Twiluna.
Three: It's adawable and so incredibly Twilight.
Four: Me likey. :pinkiehappy:

Just one gripe here, where it says
'Twilight made a mental note to test the sound of alone trees falling later as she snuck up to the door and tested the knob.'
I'm fairly sure, though I may be wrong, that it should be 'lone' not 'alone' there. Just sounds awkward like that:P

Twi x Luna


Although they were together before this, right?

And lol, twilight, quality alone time in her room, means something else...

This was quite fantastic, dude!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Forsooth! The raw adorkableness has vanquished me, once again.
But alas, I shall use my mystical ability to revive myself and await another TwiLuna story!

Have an upvote and off to my TwiLuna folder this story goes!

This is so adorkable! I love it! :twilightsmile::heart:

A bit confusing at the end. It almost seemed like she was awake at the beginning, but then she was dreaming, then she was awake? :derpytongue2:

Too adorable!


Because I am FimFic.

You discovered the horrible secret of knighty's.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was lovely :D


I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely one shot. Always a fan of TwiLuna, and this was a great one. Well written, as usual.


All my win!

A gorget. That thing on the neck is called a gorget.

That's one type of sandwich that makes its own mayo.


I think, for a horse, it's a peytral:


It's the part that sits at the chest, and could get quite fanciful, apparently. I couldn't find another image of one actually being worn by a horse, so... that's probably pretty close to what it actually is. Though it may be a torc or a collar, too, depending on it's purpose.

Without bothering to read the description until just a few seconds ago, I got such a wrong idea about this story's title and picture.

"Don’t leave adhesive quadrilaterals on the floor"

Don't. It's for your own safety.

This was adorable :twilightsmile:


In the picture it's literally called "I don't know what this is" xD

This, sir, made me rofl rather hard. Have a :moustache: good sir.

I'm sorry, man. I normally support your work (including non-clop) but I couldn't get into this. The passive voice in the first few paragraphs just isn't working for me.

I think this story was cute. Granted, I also thought it was a little flat and superficial, but depth really isn't the point when writing the short, happy, adorable fluff that I adore, such as this. Well done!

5118920 This dude. This dude gets it.


Raincoat is not for mares, HA !

Twilight contemplated speeding up her escape by using her magic to rip the suit off of her, but decided that the sound that came with levitation could tip her off.

Cause, you know, a suit of armor falling over is just really quiet.

5119985 5120171 5120226 5120617
It could be a peytral, it could be a torc, it could be a necklace or even a yoke.
The point of writing "I don't know what this is" on that note was because Twilight was not sure.
It's too big to be a necklace, too small to be a torc and too ornate to be a peyrtal or yoke.
So, even Twilight with all her mental prowess would not know how to exactly classify it.

Ask 5118985 if you want to know, she drew the picture after all...

Just like Luna's note said: Adorkable. :rainbowkiss: And TwiLuna is nothing but adorkable. :twilightsmile:

And SilFoe's art is the best example of that! :heart:
Am I right?

Watch out... Twilight will use the Rainbow Power on you!

It's like regular power, just a lot more fabulous.

Whats with all the TwiLuna stuff? I can see one or two stories, but this many? Why? Does the show ever suggest that or something?:rainbowhuh:

A cute story to say that the least, I do however like this story i just wish it was longer. :yay: :heart:

5123740 Nope, but TwiLuna is BEST couple. :twilightsheepish:

You certainly have quite the problem with passive voice, and rightly so. However, passive voice is the determining factor here?

Hmm . . . :trixieshiftright:

You could have made this a clop fic so easily with a title like that.

fimfiction has informed me this story is hot. Since I've never seen this feature before, I'm forced to assume that either A) the site has a sexual attraction towards this story, which seems unlikely, or B) the story is on fire.

Anyone wanna help me make one of those old-timey bucket passing lines?

I enjoyed this fic far too much to see it burn to the ground!

It started a loooooooong time ago, but it got widely popular after Luna Eclipsed aired.
It might have been the similar personalities, social awkwardness and generally "ship because they looked good together on screen".

5124794 it means that the story is popular, liking, reading, etc. adds "heat" to a story which dissipates with time (heat = popularity)

"long horn"
"pretty mane"
"adorable ear"
"bib thing" :twilightangry2:
"pretty wings"
"cute hooves"

And now I'm imagining Twilight listing all these out in the cutest voice ever.

*Reads title*:rainbowhuh:....*reads description* :twilightblush: oh my such a misleading title

So this is a cute story..... With Twilight and Luna perfectly in character..... No clop......


Nice job! I really enjoyed this story, even if I do not support the luna x twi ship:twilightsmile:


Your contribution to the discussion is invaluable.

I must own up to this:

That is a fake account that I made.
Now before you get mad at mean; I'll tell you my reasoning.

I wanted to see how long it takes to get banned.
It takes about 5-10 Minutes depending on how much violations you make.

Also faggot means a bundle of sticks.

Please no hard feelings :fluttercry:



I found the actual, real world entity that we refer to as 'Anti-Joke Chicken'!

You were doing really really good up until Twilight went to bed, but then the fic quality dropped like a cannonball. it could have been a 7/10, but instead I have to give it a 4/10.

You realize you can uncheck 'view mature' and the Feature box will be pure every time?

Fluffle for be aimin' her O.P.C now....:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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