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After arriving in Canterlot, Cadence joins her Aunt Celestia for some good 'ol fun pranking Luna and Twilight, Canterlot's newest love birds. However, in the midst of their good fun, it all goes bad. Cadence ends up getting more than she bargained for.

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Got another like and fave from me for this!
Noticed one thing; ' invading by dreams to talk.'

Utterly adorable on the TwiLuna front! Perfect awkwardness. The end does feel abrupt. I was half expecting CelestiDance there.


Yeah... I had trouble ending it. I wrote an extra seven hundred words or so, but realized I was just rambling on and on about nothing. So I deleted it and tried to be more succinct about what I wanted to say. Perhaps I hit the pacing wrong.


Thanks! And fix'd :P

Excellent, new reading material to satisfy my TwiLuna needs!
I shall read it as soon as possible!

Holy beast core what in the world brought this on? I got confused halfway and I'm not even sure what was going on. I may like twiluna but I'm a bit at a standstill trying to figure what Celestia was talking about.:rainbowderp: in other words what the.... I just don't understand.:unsuresweetie:

4125918 Noooo! I missed something! Really enjoyed it, thanks for letting me have an early look.


Hmm, that's no good. So, what confused you? Was it why Celestia wanted to do this? Or why Twilight and Luna were in love?

I'm just curious, because I don't want people to not understand D:


Hey, it's fine. We all make mistakes, so no biggie. Also, no problem!

4126781 basically how it all started and the various encounters Celestia talked about. You could use flashbacks to help us readers to get a better image of what made Celestia do what she did with cadence. And here's something I realized during the royal wedding. If cadence is now twilight's sister in law wouldn't that make Luna and Celestia twilight's aunts? Yes I know I picked up something no one notices usually.


Hmm. I'll give it a read-through again and check up on those points. Thanks!

Also, it's an in-law thing. Aunt wouldn't work as well as "my brother's aunt-in-law" which gives a more appropriate sense of connectivity (or lack thereof). Because of that I don't think many people see it as an issue.

Well, this was different that I had expected. But in a good way. :pinkiehappy:
Although now I want to see at least one chapter where we could learn at least bit about what exactly went with Celestia? And does it SOMEHOW connect to Blueblood?

Latter half seems a little rushed. Also, was there a perspective change there? Because it got a little confusing.

Other than that, solid story!

Yes that was brilliant! It was so adorable! :rainbowkiss: insta fave! Why is everything you write so damn good?! :pinkiehappy:

Excellent! A healthy dose of adorkable TwiLuna with a smidgeon of a possible future... triangle...

I think Celestia might be just like Luna and harbours a small crush on Twilight... or Cadence...

Oh, Celestia. You'll just have to ask Luna to share! :moustache:

I like but it seemed a bit too... hmm... not sure... i didn't like the fact too much that there is such a strong focus on sexuality when it comes to love... i think more authors should try to avoid this issue and make it more like sexuality doesn't matter when it comes to real love. unless ofc it has a specific reason like homophobia or such as the plot. Beside that i found the stereotypical cake-eating-celestia etc. a little too "meh". just like how Lyra's hand fetish is showing in almost all Lyra fics.


There is a focus on sexuality as a barrier to love? Where? As far as I'm concerned, Cadance and Celestia both know Luna and Twilight are interested in each other. They appear fine with it within the text. The only reason they ask Twilight what stallion she's interested in (as opposed to a mare) is to draw out the fact that she is, in fact, interested in a mare. Thus, to make it clear to Luna that maybe, just maybe, Twilight has feelings for her.

Hm? I might have commented on the wrong story then (cruse you multiple tab bars)... I was talking about the one where Celestia marries a mare (even though she doesn't like mares) in order to make it acceptable for a mare to marry another mare when Luna came back again...

Oh man, too funy and cute......

My mind has broken................................ I need a sequal :twilightoops:

It surprises me how often I favorite something, then go to look who the author is and it turns out to be you. I can't get a read on you, man. You do happy and sappy and comedy and sad and dark all so well its crazy.

As for this, it was awesome and I hope you do a sequel for Celestia

I'm not gonna lie. While reading this (and from the summery) I was kind of expecting Twilight and Luna to reveal that they are already be in a heated relationship and were just trolling Celestia and Cadance the whole time.

The fic was still great (I gave it a like) just wasn't what I was expecting.

Poor celestia, she must be pining for pinkie pie :p

"her mind sufficiently rendered to the ability of a newt".....Priceless ha ha :rainbowlaugh:

Also i need a sequel.


stuffing her face with cake.


Great ending, if a lil abrupt. Although I would have gone with a hint at DisLestia for extra giggles as then Cadence would really have been in for a shock.

But the TwiLuna was immensely satisfying :twilightsmile:

What I took away from the end was that while Celestia really wants Twilight her sister to be happy, the truth is she also had a massive crush on Twilight. She was hoping for a slow build up so she could take her time letting go...but ends up having to watch them make out like teenagers. Cake is her coping mechanism right now.

Hmm. Downer ending for Celestia. I think it would have been better to have ended on a cute, happy note. Though for most of the story I was expecting a LunaDence Twilestia twist.

See, it's problems like this that TwiLunEstia is for.

As long as your headcanon has the Diarchs being "Sisters" in the metaphorical sense, rather than the literal (or not I won't judge).

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