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Scootaloo's Hearth's Warming Eve went something like this: No presents, no family, and for the first time in as long as she can remember, no friends. Now, just as she thinks she's hit rock bottom, a new door opens up in the form of a new friend named Star Struck, a bat pony she's never seen around Ponyville before. The question is: is this the door Scootaloo wants, or even needs? Or is it just another one to hit her on the flank as she walks out?

Either way, his offer is going to be pretty hard to refuse...

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It's about goddamn time you released this gem!

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm probably gonna read this.
I know you and I have drastically different tastes but you've got something that has me interested this time.

Yeah Scootaloo story!:rainbowwild:

.....You need to add another chapter soon. I LOVVEEEE it! I never felt a fic pull me in like that. It was so amazing.

Welcome to Adventures - AU! But please remember the one and only rule: Post in ONE folder ONLY. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

More... mooore! Love it already - and so damn well written!
... and always remember, talk to suspicious strangers to have a good day :scootangel:

This is AWESOME! Can't WAIT for the next chapter!

Very interesting! I shall keep track of this.

Tiny Tip: Try not to use words repeatedly in the same sentence. I noticed it a few times, such as:

His glowing, crimson eyes were the last thing she saw before the light left her eyes.

“I’ll save you from your misery, Scootaloo. I am your best friend…

Please!? I don’t want to die!

I’ll do anything! Please!?

Scootaloo, you and me. Сlose your eyes.

Dear author, you know, that you described a typical scene of rape of the minor?
I suppose, in following chapter Scootaloo will tell investigator about how this pedophile came into her vagina.

First thought of Star Struck:
"Hmm, he seems nice. He'll probably die or suffer some other gruesome fate."

After finishing:
"Okay, that just ended with non-sexual violation. I knew there'd be something grizzly."

I liked the setup of everything, the reasons for Sweetie and AB not visiting Scoots seemed not too far-fetched—which is nice. The end was kind of sudden and... unexpected—rape! There'll be no more hugs for him from Scoots, oh no. I'm looking forward to when Scoots wakes up! :trollestia:

I'm so curious as to what's happening! :flutterrage: Favorited :yay:

At first he was okay, but then I saw those little signs over and over...

As I go back up to the top to favourite the only line I can see is "He came! He came!" not sure if intentional...

Yes, rly. But for more realism, stallion should smack Scootaloo on the face several times, or threat her.

Well, this is really, really different. I have to say, I am impressed by how out-of-left-field this is.

I'll give it a read when I get the chance.

okay, now that's just dark.

I was expecting her to be raped to death, then reincarnated as a black cloud entered her broken discarded body. Not what I was expecting but pretty cool all the same.

>nightmare moon reincarnates into Scootaloo
Luna confirmed for time lord

I have one problem, I understood that he were doing to do something bad once I saw


Buuut he went retarded at the end, why make himself out as the obvious villain instead of making Celestia seem like the villain, and blaming the pain on Celestia?
Urgh, bad guys these days, they don't think for shit. ._.

Edit: I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I know that retarded people are heaps more intelligent than him.

I knew he was bull-shitting the instant he white-washed Luna and villainized Celestia. Luna, the whining brat screaming for attention like an infant, was only good after her trip to the Moon. Before hand, she was just a whiny, attention wanting monster


I'm wondering what he put in that cocoa...

Candy from a stranger is the best kind! :derpytongue2:

So... a body to cleanse the moon's fall. Possession via the spirit of Nightmare? It has to be something more dire than just turning her into a mere batpony since the moment she's back up, she'll kick this guy's flank and rat him out to the guards. Could be a very short story too, Scootaloo able to fly because she's now a ghost, ripped from her body that was used up in some freaky voodoo. Aw well, cliffhanger is too vague to figure out what's gonna happen so we must wait-- hopefully it won't languish in incomplete fiction limbo... forever :pinkiegasp:

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Anymore updates for pedophile story?:trollestia:

3752851 :twilightoops: just :twilightoops: THAT IS JUST RONG, YOU INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Buuut he went retarded at the end

That's rude to people who are retarded.

3839840 True, they're heaps smarter than him, i'll edit my comment and apologize.

When will this be updated? D:

Wow. That was epic! Keep up the good work!

3978058 thank god~ its amazing

Holy shit. I wonder about her spirit now. RD.. its great that your going to update more frequently!

Well what I can say is that Starstruck got what he deserved for tearing a filly apart.

Ooooh... This isn't going where I wanted it to go...
It's still going to RRRREEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY good places. I really look forward to the next chapter of this, hope you find time to release it soon!

Excellent follow-up.


Stupid cultists never learn Evil is not a Toy. :facehoof:

So Scootaloo is the new Nightmare Moon now. I don't really know what to think about that.
This story intrigues me. Please update soon

Stories like this make me wonder, especially what Nightmare Moon/Scootaloo said to Star Struck before she killed him, when someone/somepony is corrupted/possessed due to someone/somepony manipulating them, and that "summoner" is killed by what they create, is it just for reasons such as no longer being useful, or being a liability, or is it also because they had hurt the corrupted character's former self as well? Okay:twilightsheepish:, that was a bit too wordy, my thought is that maybe Nightmare Moon killed Star Struck, not just because he might have become a problem, but because of his unnecessary cruelty on Scootaloo during the ritual.

Too bad this fic is dead, I rather enjoyed it.

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