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What?` · 10:04pm May 27th, 2013

Hi! This blog post is pointless. Have a nice day!!!!!!! Yay!

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Thank you for the fave of An Earthbound Journey! I hope you enjoy it :twilightsmile:

A sequel(made by one of my readers) based on Mother 3 will be out eventually

Hey thanks for the fave! Glad you liked it :raritystarry:

Hey! Thanks for the favorite! :yay: You wouldn't mind voting it up if you liked it, would you? :scootangel: *bighug*

Definitely let me know your thoughts! I love feedback! :heart:

I appreciate the Fave!:rainbowdetermined2: I hope you enjoyed the rest of the Observations series just as much!

Thanks for the fav :D

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